Premium Flower

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What Is Premium Flower?

You may hear people asking for “top-shelf weed,” but what exactly does it imply? To explain premium marijuana buds, it’s necessary to first discuss all cannabis flower. The quality of the bud varies depending on the dispensary. Bottom-shelf, mid-tier, top shelf, or premium are all examples of terms commonly used to categorize alcoholic beverages.

The Premium flower is the rich, pungent, brightly colored cannabis buds trimmed to perfection offered at legal medical and recreational dispensaries. It’s produced by a meticulous blend of master growers, high-quality cannabis seeds, and cutting-edge indoor and outdoor growth facilities. Premium flower cultivators keep close track of and maintain nearly ideal conditions for each marijuana plant, ensuring that everything from temperature to moisture to wind is maintained at optimal levels for excellent growth. Premium flower is the trichome-rich, big buds you typically find on dispensary shelves near you.

What Are the Advantages of Premium Marijuana Buds?

Premium marijuana buds are a type of cannabis flower that is sought after by cannabis aficionados. What do they want and why? Here are some of the reasons that consumers may request this sort of bloom:

  • Most Appealing: Premium flower is any cannabis product that has been handpicked, meticulously trimmed, and cured. You’re getting the best of the cannabis provider, a sticky, spongy flower bud coated in trichomes that is fragrant, delicious, and stunning. If you want the finest flower available, you’ll want premium flower.
  •  Higher Terpenes and Cannabinoids: Premium flower are the portion of the plant that is richest in terpenes and cannabinoids, as we’ve previously said. This may be a significant detail to consider depending on your goal for smoking marijuana.
  • Hard-to-Find Strains: If you want to try different strains, particularly ones that are difficult to obtain, premium flower is the way to go. That’s because most dispensaries will want the best version of anything unique that comes their way.