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What are the benefits of incorporating cannabis into your self-care routine? Cannabis is rich in cannabinoids like CBD and THC, known to enhance mood and optimize bodily functions. With its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, cannabis promotes balance across various bodily systems, including digestion, reproduction, and neurological functions. To order cannabis self care, consider GG4, a premier cannabis-based product.

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The medical community was unaware of the endocannabinoid system until the 1980s, and its exact mechanisms remain a mystery. Nevertheless, increasing research highlights its significance in maintaining twelve critical bodily functions, prompting some experts to refer to it as the “ninth system.” Unlike basic self-care practices like mindfulness and relaxation, which are backed by some evidence, cannabis boasts a more robust scientific foundation. Have you considered trusting the endocannabinoid system? Here are five activities you can enjoy on a Sunday that your body will thank you for.

The importance of weed self-care

Bubble baths and spas are often linked with self-care, and while they are significant aspects (especially since we love cannabis bath bombs), there’s more to the concept. To maintain well-being, cannabis self care needs to be a consistent part of your routine. This doesn’t mean you need a spa day every time you’re stressed. Instead, it involves engaging in activities that bring you joy. Self-care can be anything that supports your emotional, mental, or physical health, such as taking a leisurely walk, journaling, or chatting with friends.

The essence of weed self-care lies in prioritizing and nurturing yourself. This includes setting boundaries, declining tasks when you’re exhausted, and listening to your body’s needs.

We believe that cannabis and self-care complement each other perfectly. Cannabis can provide the relaxation needed to unwind, elevate your mood, and calm your mind. It fits seamlessly into nearly any self-care routine.

Visit our GG4 marijuana dispensaries today and buy weed self care! We offer a wide range of products, from topicals to flower and concentrates, to help you create the ultimate self-care experience.

How do you incorporate cannabis into your self-care routine? Share your tips in the comments!

Cannabis Self Care Topicals Guide

Topical cannabis products have a long history, though they remain relatively unknown to many. Some might consider them uninteresting, but these products, available in lotions and creams, offer relief for aging, sports injuries, and menstrual cramps. While they may not be as popular or easy to market as other cannabis items, their benefits are undeniable. You can even create your own topicals at home! For more information, explore this comprehensive guide on topicals.

What is a cannabis self care topical?

Cannabis-infused self-care topicals are products meant for direct skin application. Unlike other cannabis forms that are smoked or ingested, these topicals must be applied externally to be effective. They do not work if used in any other manner. At GG4.Store weed dispensary, we provide same-day delivery to all customers aged 19 and above, ensuring you have access to the finest cannabis self-care products at your convenience. Additionally, ingesting topical products is highly ineffective and rarely yields any results.

Searching for the ideal cannabis product? At GG4.Store, we are committed to ensuring our customers enjoy the finest cannabis self-care products at their convenience. That’s why we provide same-day delivery for all orders to individuals aged 19 and over! There’s no need to look beyond your local dispensary. Our selection ranges from classic creams and balms to modern body oils and sexual lubricants, catering to everyone’s needs. Whether you’re seeking a skincare boost or an invigorating experience, we have you covered. Choose from sprays, cannabis-infused transdermal patches, scented bath salts, and bombs – whatever helps you achieve your desired effect!

Incorporating topicals and weed self care into your routine allows you to benefit from THC or CBD. However, if you want to elevate your wellness regimen, consider trying the latest formulas available. These products feature CBN, THCV, CBDA, and THCA, all of which offer distinct therapeutic advantages when applied to the skin.

How do topicals work?

Topical marijuana products differ from other cannabis items because they are not inhaled. When THC and CBD are inhaled or consumed, they become active and can make you feel “high.” However, topicals do not induce this effect because they remain on the surface of your skin.

The human body has a complex system known as the endocannabinoid system, which regulates various functions such as digestion and immune response. THC primarily interacts with CB1 receptors located in the brain and nervous system, often leading to feelings of euphoria or intoxication. In contrast, CB2 receptors are found in various parts of the body, including organs and skin cells. When cannabinoids interact with these receptors, they can produce different effects.

For your self-care needs, you can purchase products from GG4.Store, which offers same-day weed delivery and mail-order marijuana services.

Our skin acts as a barrier against harmful substances, making it difficult for cannabinoids to penetrate. While most commercially available topicals won’t cause a high, they do activate the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Unlike other products, these topicals offer targeted relief for conditions such as inflammation, nerve pain, arthritis, muscle cramps, and migraines directly at the affected area.

Best Infused Products for Cannabis Self Care

We’ve curated a list of our most popular infused cannabis products to make self-care easy and accessible for everyone. For your convenience, this extensive collection is divided into five distinct categories, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs!


Everyone encounters pain at some stage of their existence, but our response to it defines our experience. When faced with achy muscles or stiff joints, consider employing a topical infused with CBD and THC. These creams offer varying levels of these compounds for maximum relief, alongside conventional topical features like warming or cooling effects.

Bath Bombs

Kush Queen introduces a duo of opulent bath bombs, Relax and Relieve, designed to elevate your bathing ritual to new heights of relaxation. Crafted with an ideal blend of THC and CBD, each bath bomb boasts 25 mg of both compounds, promising a truly indulgent sensory journey. Unwind and luxuriate in your bath as you immerse yourself in the sublime experience offered by these extraordinary Infused Bath Bombs!


Enhance your intimate moments with Foria’s Pleasure THC-infused lubricant, designed to elevate your sexual experience! Sometimes it can be challenging to get into the right mood, but this product offers a solution. Ideal for enhancing intimacy, this lubricant has garnered praise for its ability to heighten pleasure and facilitate a smoother experience.

Available in two sizes, you can conveniently select the one that suits you best. Purchase this cannabis-infused topical from Toronto’s premier online dispensary, GG4.Store, where we offer same-day delivery to all customers aged 19 and above. The 10 ml bottle contains 147 mg of THC, providing approximately 50 servings, while the larger 30 ml option boasts 513 mg, ensuring a more extensive and fulfilling experience.

Muscle Freeze

For those seeking a lavish self-care indulgence infused with cannabis, look no further than Mary’s Medicinals’ Muscle Freeze. Renowned as a top medical marijuana label in Canada, this lotion lives up to its reputation without fail. What sets it apart is its unique blend of full-spectrum cannabis oil, massage oil, and menthol. This harmonious fusion of cooling and warming sensations, coupled with authentic marijuana properties, delivers remarkable results. Packed in 1.5 oz containers, each holds 146 mg of CBD and 5.53 mg of THC, ensuring a truly enriching experience.

Body Oil

Body oils offer a distinct advantage over conventional topical treatments, which often focus solely on addressing pain or inflammation. They serve as an excellent choice for massage therapies, effectively easing tension and soreness that naturally accumulate over time. Moreover, incorporating them into your cannabis-infused self-care regimen can enhance its benefits significantly.

Explore the remarkable benefits of Papa & Barkley Relief Body Lotion! This exceptional lotion boasts a potent blend of THC and CBD, delivering superior relief. What’s more, it is fortified with jojoba oil and shea butter to nourish and hydrate your skin. With this all-in-one product, you can indulge in premium cannabis self-care and experience ultimate comfort. Don’t miss out – seize the opportunity to feel your absolute best today!

Ways to Use Cannabis for Self-Care in High Stress Times

In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing self-care is crucial. This involves carving out time for ourselves to recharge and rejuvenate. It’s perfectly acceptable to prioritize our own needs occasionally. Neglecting self-care can lead to exhaustion, frustration, or even illness. Incorporating cannabis into our self-care routine can be beneficial.

Amidst the challenges of the modern era, such as the ongoing pandemic, social unrest, and political upheaval, taking care of ourselves is paramount. Treat yourself to a convenient and stress-free shopping experience for top-quality CBD-infused self-care products in Toronto at GG4.Store cannabis dispensary. It’s your go-to destination for all your online cannabis essentials during these turbulent times.

A century ago, in Canada, the landscape was marked by prohibition of alcohol and women’s suffrage movements. Over time, both of these societal norms evolved. Fast forward to today, as we navigate through one of the most pivotal and challenging presidential elections, another pressing issue emerges: the need to abolish cannabis prohibition!

In the spirit of self-care, let’s embrace cannabis this year. Recognized for its potential to nurture both mental and physical well-being, here are nine strategies for incorporating cannabis into your self-care routine:

Meditate on Marijuana

Misconceptions about marijuana abound in Canada. While some believe it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana, scientific evidence debunks this notion. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize the potential for psychological dependency. Contrary to the “gateway drug” myth, research indicates that marijuana doesn’t lead to experimenting with more dangerous substances. Surprisingly, alcohol poses a higher risk of encountering drugs like cocaine. Furthermore, in cultures like the Rastafarian community in the Caribbean, marijuana holds sacred significance, diverging from mainstream perceptions.

Even with prior knowledge, there’s always value in deepening our understanding of marijuana and its complex history. Exploring this subject might reveal surprising insights previously overlooked, easing any lingering guilt through increased awareness. At GG4.Store, we take pride in offering mail order cannabis services across Canada, from the western province of British Columbia to Alberta and Saskatchewan, spanning to Manitoba in the east. Wherever you reside, we’ve got you covered! Let’s embrace cannabis without hesitation this year, drawing from our historical insights to drive meaningful change and advancement.

Experiment with Dosing

If someone mentions experiencing anxiety from cannabis, I suggest trying a small dosage of an edible containing 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD, followed by a relaxing bath. It’s important to approach THC experimentation with caution, considering its illegal status until 2020. Once you’ve determined your ideal dosage, observe how it alleviates symptoms like social anxiety and headaches, while also enhancing experiences like listening to music or appreciating colors. Keep in mind that larger doses of cannabis can induce psychedelic effects, potentially leading to what some describe as an “ego death” experience if microdosing proves ineffective.

Use Cannabis Bath Products

Explore beyond mere data; immerse yourself in the incredible advantages of cannabis firsthand! Indulge in a luxurious bath infused with CBD oil or a cannabis-infused bath bomb to experience the soothing and pain-relieving effects of marijuana. Whether it’s soothing tired feet or managing epilepsy, the undeniable anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis offer a plethora of benefits. Fully embrace its advantages by allowing them to envelop you completely!

Keep a Topical at Your Desk

If you’re frequently at your computer, your wrists might feel the strain, possibly leading to issues like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. CBD topicals offer a great solution, calming inflammation and tension. Keep them nearby for quick massage breaks during work or breaks. Incorporating this medicinal balm into your routine can provide much-needed relaxation throughout the day, easing the demands of your job.

Use Cannabis as a Nutritional Supplement

THC, once the reigning star of cannabis, has now taken a backseat to the rising popularity of CBD. While THC used to dominate, CBD is now in vogue, boasting its own unique appeal. When cannabinoids and terpenes join forces, they produce a diverse range of compounds packed with various nutritional benefits. These include protein, fatty acids, and essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. As you seek inventive ways to integrate cannabis into your daily routine, consider blending hemp milk or seeds into your morning smoothie. It’s time to break free from conventional health approaches and explore fresh alternatives.

Explore Different Intake Methods

Have you fallen into the routine of preparing your THC vaporizer or CBD tincture before bed? Why not elevate your self-care game and delve into the myriad benefits of cannabis? Ever contemplated trying a vaginal suppository tailor-made to ease menstrual cramps? Trust us, it surpasses any other remedy out there. Embrace a deeper connection with this plant beyond the usual and venture into uncharted territory—we promise, its therapeutic prowess will astonish you!

Add It to Your Sex Life

Relax your mind and body with cannabis suppositories! When used vaginally or anally, they can enhance blood circulation in the region, easing discomfort without numbing sensations entirely. Moreover, studies indicate that combining marijuana consumption with intimacy can heighten closeness by reducing negative perspectives. Explore GG4.Store’s virtual cannabis boutique and convenient mail-order service to discover a range of indulgent CBD and cannabis-infused self-care items. And for enthusiasts of kink play, consider applying a cannabis-based topical lotion to impact zones after spanking for optimal enjoyment!

Know Your Local Laws

If you have a medical condition, you could potentially qualify for a medical card, granting you legal access to cannabis for medicinal purposes. Additionally, cultivating your own cannabis plants might be an option. However, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your region beforehand to ensure compliance and uphold responsible citizenship, steering clear of any legal issues.

Use Cannabis to Heal

Although smoking while battling a sinus infection may not be advisable, cannabis could offer significant relief. THC and CBD possess natural analgesic properties and promote relaxation. Consider utilizing a cannabinoid tincture to aid your recovery next time you’re under the weather. It’s crucial to have all our revolutionaries operating at their best to make an impactful mark on history!

Use Cannabis to Smoke

Certainly, smoking while battling a sinus infection is not a wise choice. Nevertheless, scientific research has confirmed that cannabis harbors numerous anti-inflammatory properties, which can potentially ease inflammation, a common culprit behind various ailments. THC and CBD, the primary constituents of marijuana, serve as natural pain relievers and might even promote better sleep. Thus, incorporating CBD tincture into your recovery regimen seems like a logical step. It’s important to harness all available resources, especially with the ongoing revolution in health and wellness.

Do Topicals Get You High?

Typically, topical treatments don’t induce a psychoactive effect or register on standard drug screenings. This holds true for most topical solutions because they solely penetrate the skin’s outer layer and engage with receptors in the specific area, bypassing the bloodstream. Consequently, they neither alter cognitive function nor trigger positive results on routine drug tests.

On the contrary, the market for sexual wellness items like lubricants infused with cannabis is thriving. These products aim not only to enhance arousal and sensation but also come in different types, such as water-based or oil-based formulas. Some even feature absorption enhancers that seep into the bloodstream upon application. Given the many permeable membranes in the genital region, these lubricants offer a range of benefits tailored to your needs that you might not have considered before!

Transdermal topicals, such as gels or patches, offer effortless relief when applied to areas like the inner wrist or top of the foot. These products slowly release cannabinoids into the body over hours for long-lasting effects. GG4.Store, a leading cannabis delivery service in Toronto, delivers top-quality marijuana products to eligible customers aged 19 and above across Canada. Research on rats suggests that certain cannabis formula components, like enhanced penetration agents, applied through transdermal patches may allow THC to enter the bloodstream, potentially causing intoxication and failed drug tests.

CBD vs THC Topicals: What is the Difference?

If you’re struggling to decide between CBD and THC topicals, weigh their unique attributes. Opt for a CBD topical if you seek relief from inflammation, pain, or migraines; CBD’s fast skin penetration, ten times quicker than THC, targets these issues effectively. Conversely, if muscle spasms or sleep troubles trouble you, choose a THC-based option; it can provide your body with much-needed relaxation. Consider all symptoms before selecting the most suitable topical. Whether you go for THC or CBD is entirely your choice. If you find one’s effects unsatisfactory, consider switching to the other for potential relief.

How Much Should I Use?

When it comes to CBD in various forms, the general advice is to begin with a modest dose for everyone. However, when it comes to topicals, individual needs vary; some may require more while others less. Begin with a small application and adjust as needed. Effectiveness is indicated by the alleviation of symptoms. Prior to widespread use, it’s advisable to conduct a patch test on a small area such as the elbow or knee to prevent potential allergic responses.

How to Pick the Right Cannabis Topical for You?

Topical treatments offer a convenient and affordable option for individuals seeking quick results. However, it’s crucial to consider several factors before making a purchase. Evaluate your budget, dosage requirements, and desired outcomes to ensure optimal effectiveness from the chosen product.