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Cannabis Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil Guide

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an innovative cannabis oil created by a passionate Canadian medical marijuana activist. Its THC content is significantly higher than other oils available, providing those seeking relief from their conditions with invaluable aid. No other product on the market can match its potency and effectiveness!

Despite the lack of scientific proof, proponents of RSO are adamant that it can alleviate cancer symptoms. Despite the consistent pressures placed on him by law enforcement, Simpson did not waver in his mission to assist others.

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, those advocating for this cause can now conduct their work with more ease and comfort. Luckily for Canadians living in Toronto, GG4.Store is proud to offer some of the RSO available in a cannabis dispensary near me  through our weed delivery! As a result, this article will be illuminating everything there is to know about Rick Simpson Oil— its purpose as well as every relevant detail regarding this miraculous remedy.

Who Is Rick Simpson?

In 1997, Rick Simpson faced a harrowing task – covering asbestos on boiler pipes in a hospital with duct tape. Unfortunately, the fumes from the aerosol glue were overwhelming and caused him to become dizzy after descending from his ladder- resulting in an eventual fall that required medical attention. It’s important to note that this mini-biography was based on stories told by those close to Simpson or second hand accounts heard about him through other individuals.

With a despondent hope that his symptoms would never resurface, he resumed his daily duties – only to find himself yet again in the ER. If you’re 19 or older, GG4.Store weed dispensary can provide same day delivery of distillate, Rick Simpson oil and more – making it easier than ever to get your favorite products! As time progressed, these episodes intensified and occurred with regularity. His ears were consistently filled with a ringing noise known as tinnitus; nothing seemed to alleviate this symptom or any of the others which included dizziness and worsened reactions from medications.

After exhausting all possible treatment options, Simpson was granted an unexpected stroke of serendipity one day when he stumbled across a documentary on television which outlined medical marijuana’s potential as therapy aid.

Looking for Alternatives

Dismissing the warnings of his physician, Simpson decided to give medical marijuana a go as an attempt at treating himself since traditional medicine had failed him. His relief was immediate and profound; he could hardly believe how different he felt! Unfortunately, his rejoicing came to a halt when three bumps appeared on one of his arms in 2003 that made him worry. After consulting with his doctor and undergoing a biopsy, Simpson was officially diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma – a type of skin cancer. With an urge to seek out alternative treatments instead of the traditional medical route, he found cannabis as his answer.

When Rick Simpson was informed of his skin cancer diagnosis, he remembered the curative qualities of medicinal marijuana and determined to utilize it in an even more powerful form – cannabis oil. Come to GG4.Store online cannabis dispensary today and enjoy our selection of Distillate and Rick Simpson Oil! With quality products, competitive prices, and great customer service – there’s no better place than here for your medicinal oil needs. Stop by now before supplies run out! Vibrant with anticipation to trial the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids, Simpson examined a study from years prior and decided to put it into practice. Research had already shown that delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC, and CBN could reduce the growth rate of Lewis lung adenocarcinoma tumors in mice. Inspired by this discovery, Rick decided to apply a powerful cannabis oil onto a bandage and place it over his bumps for four days – hoping for positive results from this experiment!

As Simpson removed his bandages, he was amazed – the cancerous tumors were gone! Despite the doctor’s doubt, Simpson now firmly believed that cannabis had a miraculous healing power.

Rick Simpson and His “Healing Cannabis Oil”

After his life-altering experience, Rick developed and produced the powerful concentrate oil now known as Rick Simpson Oil in his house. Despite its potency and worth, he didn’t seek monetary gain from it; instead he graciously gave it away to those who were experiencing tremendous suffering – an estimated 5000 people benefited from this remarkable oil due to Mr. Simpson’s kindness.

Since 2001, Canada has been offering medical marijuana access through homegrown cannabis and direct sales from Health Canada. As a result of Simpson’s activities, he quickly became the target of law enforcement with a series of home raids by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who destroyed 2,600 plants! Despite all these obstacles, Simpson continues to persist in his mission with determination.

What Is Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil?

For experienced marijuana users, RSO is an incomparable cannabis oil with a high concentration of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBD, and CBN. Boasting a wide selection of terpenes that work together to provide potent effects on the user – beyond aiding cancer patients’ symptoms as claimed by Rick Simpson Oil supporters – this amazing product has been found to be highly beneficial for many other health conditions too!

  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • MS
  • Infections
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure

Have you ever encountered this thick, mysterious black oil? Sticky like tar and yet so easy to make at home – it’s as if some sort of magic is involved.

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

Even though medical marijuana may be legalized in your state, do NOT take the necessary steps to make RSO oil if it is still illegal. Moreover, avoid any online retailers that advertise Rick Simpson Oil for sale as its content cannot be trusted without Mr. Simpson’s approval! Buy distillate and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) in Toronto from the dependable GG4.Store online cannabis store using same day delivery. With confidence, you can produce your own RSO if you observe all relevant laws. Additionally, with stringent adherence to safety protocols, your results will surely exceed expectations!


To make the most delightful batch of cannabis with Simpson’s tried-and-true method, you will need a pound of Indica dried cannabis, two gallons of 99% Isopropyl alcohol (or alternative solvents such as ethanol or butane), an expansive 5-gallon bucket and deep bowl, cheesecloth and wooden spoon set up, in addition to a trusty rice cooker. With these items in hand – your perfect concoction is soon to come!

Steps on How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

  1. For the most advantageous result, fill your container with dry cannabis matter and slowly pour solvent over it until thoroughly surrounded. As you proceed, mix and press the cannabis for roughly 3 minutes to make sure that all of its THC has been blended in – up to 80%. After this time passes by, an unmistakable boost in extracted cannabinoids should be noticeable!
  2. Carefully strain the solvent from your mixture using a cheesecloth, transferring it into a bowl for safekeeping.
  3. After you have mixed the ingredients for three minutes, pour the contents back into their original container and add more solvent. Continuously stir until your arm aches – another three minutes or so – then empty everything from the bucket to a bowl. Finally, make sure to discard any residue left in the bucket before you are done.
  4. To start, fill your rice cooker up to three-quarters with solvent. Make sure you switch the appliance on and carefully supervise it as it warms – keeping temperatures under 300 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. If the temperature goes beyond this mark, then unfortunately the mixture must be thrown out and cannot be used again.
  5. To ensure optimal decarboxylation of your cannabis, it’s important to keep the temperature in your rice cooker within a steady range of 210-230 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so guarantees maximum effectiveness and potency for each session!
  • Once your rice cooker has heated sufficiently and the liquid gradually reduces, don’t forget to stir in more of your concoction.

When you’re through creating your Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), ensure that the solvent has evaporated before pouring it into a syringe. With RSO’s thick viscosity, getting it out of the syringe can be hard but don’t worry – if you find yourself stuck in this situation, submerge your syringe under warm water to thin down the mixture so dispensing is easier and more convenient.

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

Before beginning a regimen of Rick Simpson Oil, we highly recommend that you consult your doctor first. GG4.Store weed dispensary is proud to offer the highest quality distillate and Rick Simpson Oil. Enjoy our convenient mail order marijuana service for all your needs! We cannot guarantee its effectiveness; however, Simpson proposed a dosage amount over the course of 12 weeks at 60 grams to be taken in gradually increasing increments for optimum tolerance. To find out more about how to use RSO safely and correctly, let’s dive into the details below:

  • Week 1: To make sure you receive the most out of RSO oil, take small doses three times a day at 8-hour intervals. This will allow your body to evenly and effectively absorb each dose while experiencing all its marvelous benefits.
  • Weeks 2 –5: To make the most out of RSO, boost your dosage twofold for a fortnight with four days in between. Afterwards, simply consume three doses daily constantly to keep an ideal routine.
  • Weeks 6 –12: By Week 5 or at the outset of Week 6, you should be taking in an entire gram per day. Stay consistent to ensure that all sixty grams are used up over time – this amounts to approximately eight to nine drops every 8 hours which is about the size of a grain of rice!

The powerful effects of RSO are undeniable, yet its taste can be off-putting for some. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice the strength of your medication; simply mix it with other ingredients like spices and food items to make it easier on the palate. Dabbing should always be avoided as cannabinoids are typically extracted using ethanol or other solvents. It is common for individuals to feel fatigued during their first few weeks of use, but these feelings will eventually dissipate once your body becomes used to the product. At GG4.Store weed dispensary we offer mail order marijuana services and same day delivery for all customers at age off 19 in Canada. Make sure you take a break from high doses after 13 consecutive weeks of oil consumption so that you can still reap all its advantages without overdoing it!

Does Rick Simpson Oil Get You High?

Absolutely! RSO is a powerful delivery system of THC, with levels often reaching or surpassing 20%. In fact, some have attested to consuming two full syringes and feeling its effects for over 24 hours. When smoked in the typical manner, delta-9 THC typically lasts up to four hours; however due to its exceedingly high potency when ingested through decarboxylation and conversion into 11-hydroxy THC by your liver can lead to extreme intoxication. For all Canadians 19 and older, GG4.Store Toronto weed delivery service provides the most premium distillates and Rick Simpson Oil for your convenience. We advise exercising caution if you choose this route.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Legal?

RSO oil is not a single product, but instead an umbrella term used to describe cannabis oil produced using a specialized process. Rather than being found in dispensaries like other products, it stands for something more – the technique of producing this type of medicinal marijuana-based oil.

Depending on where you reside, creating RSO may be legal. If recreational marijuana is allowed in your state and you are above 21 years of age, then it can be made legally; similarly if medical cannabis use has been approved with a valid MMJ card. But keep in mind that even then the legality will depend entirely on whether homegrown weed cultivation is permitted by law within your jurisdiction or not. At GG4.Store online cannabis dispensary, we provide only the highest quality distillate and Rick Simpson Oil for purchase – so shop today! It’s important to remember that each state holds different laws and regulations for cultivating cannabis.

As an example, you may be able to purchase a THC oil concentrate for instance RSO from a dispensary in your area that is authorized by the authorities. Note this does not mean it’s legal for you to start growing cannabis plants or producing your own version of RSO at home.

To make sure that you are compliant with the law, it is imperative to be knowledgeable of your state’s marijuana laws and any changes or updates. For instance, in California, individuals can legally possess a maximum of 8 grams worth of cannabis concentrates. Before starting your business venture involving this type of product within your jurisdiction, ensure that you have conducted full research on all related legislation – so as not to run afoul with local statutes. Staying informed about up-to-date regulations will help secure success for your enterprise in the long term!

CBD & RSO Oil – What Are the Differences?

Recently, there has been immense interest around both RSO and CBD products. However, it is wrong to think that you can make Rick Simpson CBD oil. Even though they have some similarities between them, RSO needs a high potency of THC (up to 60%). On the other hand, CBD only contains minimal traces of THC; consuming RSO leads to intoxication whereas consuming CD does not cause any noticeable psychotropic effects at all.

When it comes to CBD or Rick Simpson Oil production, hemp and cannabis offer viable options for businesses. With its low THC concentration of less than 0.3%, many organizations choose hemp as their cannabidiol source over the other option. If you wish to experience their therapeutic benefits, order cannabis online for access to the best weed and Rick Simpson Oil in Toronto! On the flip side, RSO may contain up to 6% CBD along with complimentary cannabinoids like CBG or CBN – making it a more potent choice!

For those living in the United States, CBD products are generally accepted almost everywhere. However, RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is only available within predetermined boundaries. To guarantee that everyone has access to these services, GG4.Store Toronto weed delivery allows customers over 19 years old to purchase top level distillate and Rick Simpson Oil here in Canada!

Medical Research into RSO Oil

Despite not being officially acknowledged by the FDA for its alleged therapeutic characteristics, RSO has sparked a lot of interest in recent times. However, researching cannabis can be quite difficult to start with and attempting to prove the healing powers of this homemade remedy is even tougher. Fortunately in 2013, Simpson and his organization made an immense contribution to medicine when they aided with formulating an extract for evaluation which was featured in a groundbreaking case report published in Case Reports Oncology.

This discovery was especially noteworthy for its stunning success in treating a 14-year-old girl’s aggressive form of leukemia. Fortunately for those residing in Toronto, our online cannabis store offers an easy method for both mail order marijuana service as well as same day delivery – making access easier than ever before! Thanks to their contribution, this groundbreaking study revealed the tremendous potential cannabinoid resin extracts have in eliminating cancerous cells from the body.

A report revealed that a mix of CBD and THC could be advantageous for cancer treatment, however two months into the experiment – an unrelated gastrointestinal issue ultimately claimed the life of this girl. Hence, it is essential to carry on evaluating if cannabis has any long-term impacts on those with cancer or not.

Other Research

To truly understand the complexity of cannabis and THC, it is critical to explore the numerous studies that have been conducted on its medicinal effects. Even though research on RSO may be scarce at this time, there are many investigations focused on examining marijuana’s medical properties and components. Examining these scientific breakthroughs can offer invaluable insight.

Exploring the interactions between CBD and THC, Scott et al. presented their findings in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: combining these compounds can significantly elevate outcomes of radiation therapy – a revelation tested on rodents! If you’d like to experience this for yourself with quality cannabis products, turn your attention towards GG4.Store Toronto weed delivery service.

In 2019, Sharafi, He and Nikfarjam comprehensive review revealed that cannabinoids may possess anti-cancer properties for those suffering from pancreatic cancer. After thoroughly examining past studies, their research suggested how these compounds could provide much needed relief to patients enduring certain treatments for this condition.

Despite the few clinical studies on precise doses and formulations of cannabis as well as a lack of understanding about THC’s physiological effect, our Toronto cannabis dispensary is ready to offer you quality same day delivery service. Don’t hesitate to give yourself the chance to try RSO today!

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil – Side Effects & Risks

When exploring the potential of THC, it is critical to be aware that its impact can cause intoxication. People who use RSO oil may face amplified sensitivity due to its high levels of CBD and THC – leading to these possible side effects:

  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Impaired memory
  • Dry eyes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

It cannot be stressed enough that minors must abstain from cannabis use; recent research has illuminated the looming long-term implications of marijuana usage in children. A study published by Current Pharmaceutical Design indicated that teens using this substance regularly may face a heightened risk of cognitive impairment compared to those who rarely indulge in it. Additionally, an array of studies have concluded that cannabis can adversely affect brain development during adolescence, further amplifying its dangers for underage users.

The story behind RSO is an interesting one, with its creator supposedly using it to cure his skin cancer in four days. At weed delivery GG4.Store, customers aged 19 or older may order distillate and Rick Simpson oil online in Toronto. While these results are undeniably impressive, we ought to remain skeptical – without further studies and research on cannabis oil’s potential health benefits, any claims of its use in treating medical issues such as cancer would be premature and potentially unfounded.

Numerous scientific studies have indicated that cannabinoids can impede the growth of cancerous cells and cause pre-programmed cell death. According to research from the National Library of Medicine, CBD (a cannabinoid) has remarkable anti-proliferative, chemopreventive, antineoplastic, anti-angiogenic and pro-apoptotic properties; thus making it a realistic choice for avoiding or even reversing certain kinds of cancers.

Prior to creating your own Rick Simpson Oil, make sure it is permissible in the zone where you live. Buy RSO online with GG4.Store weed delivery online. What’s more, since RSO has a powerfully concentrated potency level, begin with an infinitesimal dose to guarantee that your body can process it accurately before taking higher doses if required.

Take pleasure in the blissful high you experience after taking RSO oil, but be aware of possible fleeting side effects it can bring. These may encompass drowsiness, red eyes and sometimes even anxiety or paranoia for a few individuals. To make sure your usage is safe and beneficial, use responsibly!

FAQ about RSO

With no prior experience in the cannabis industry, how can I choose the right material for my needs?

For those unfamiliar with cannabis, it’s recommended to take someone who is knowledgeable in marijuana when looking for black market growers. This individual should be able to judge if the bud material will suit your needs. Particularly for Indica strains that often result in a calming experience and tiredness, you can ensure that you have found high-quality material for medicinal purposes.

What Strategies Should I Utilize to Promote Growth?

Want rapid access to cannabis hemp plants? If so, purchasing from a local cultivator may be the best choice for you. But if cost efficiency is more essential than speed, growing them yourself can save you money in the long haul. For newbies beginning their cultivation journey, consult “The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible” by Jorge Cervantes or watch videos online for valuable advice and guidance! The internet is the ideal place to begin your search for cannabis seed suppliers. To ensure the best results and desired effects, opting for an Indica strain with a THC percentage between 20-30 percent will be incredibly beneficial. Furthermore, researching each strain’s therapeutic advantages can be highly advantageous when trying to find the right option for you or someone in need of medical relief.

What is the best way to dry your cannabis buds?

Retrieving oil from the buds of plants needs great care and devotion. When you extract them delicately from their stems, lay them out on screens and leave them to dry over a dehumidifier for around 36 hours – only then they’ll be ready to process! Simultaneously, your product’s restorative resins are vulnerable if not preserved with proper caution in this drying procedure. For the optimum therapeutic benefits, take some time to discover which method is ideal for you! When drying your bud material, there are numerous approaches available that could be suitable for you. Don’t hesitate in exploring and finding something that works best with your needs.

How much oil yield can I anticipate?

You can likely anticipate around 4 to 5 grams of top-tier oil from a 30g package of high-grade bud. However, the exact amount that your buds will generate is impossible to predict until after processing – it varies by strain. But if you are lucky enough to find a pound of superior cannabis buds, you could be looking at upwards of 60 or more grams in refined oil! Certain strains have even been known to yield higher amounts depending on their origin.