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Canadian marijuana laws are well known for being quite relaxed, so long as you’re in possession of a small amount. That being said, the level of enforcement of the laws is generally determined by the type of cop you may run in to, and how you handle yourself in the situation.

buy Buy Weed Mississauga
buy Buy Weed Mississauga

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Weed Laws in Mississauga

Following Oct. 17, 2018, people who are 19 years of age and older will be able to purchase, use, possess, and grow cannabis for non-medical purposes.

Medical cannabis is subject to different rules in recreational cannabis. Its production and sale is regulated by Health Canada.

Four cannabis plants are allowed to be grown per residential premise (indoors or outdoors). This is a household limit, not four plants per person in a house. If you rent a property, landlords will have the authority to ban growing cannabis, this will include tenant boards for owner-occupied units.

How Much Weed You Can Keep in Mississauga

The production, sale and use of recreational cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018 under the federal government’s Cannabis Act, 2017.

  • Adults 19 years and over can purchase up to 30 grams(g) (about one ounce) of cannabis online through the Ontario Cannabis Store
  • Adults can have 30 g of dried cannabis in their possession
  • Cannabis can be used by adults in a private home or on private property and in places where it is legal to smoke tobacco
  • Condominiums/apartments can have their own rules around cannabis use/growth
  • Adults can grow up to four plants per household in their residence or in their outdoor space

Where to Go in Mississauga after You Get High

Mississauga has a lot of parks, forests, bridges, and paths that can lead you to great smoking spots. City parks are “closed” between 11pm-7am so cops often patrol and even drive along the paths in the parks looking for people who are there late. There are many paths and places down by the lake that are great to smoke at, and there are many places that are hotspots. Use your judgement, and find a relatively secluded place and you should be fine.

Stay away from the Yonge st. strip, there is nothing but bush weed, and counterfeit weed believe it or not. It is saturated with street transients who, regardless of what they claim, are only looking to rip you off. There have been many instances of pocket lint being sold, coloured green.

Kensington is a great spot, as most every summer day there are numerous people smoking throughout the day, particularily in the park, south of Augusta. Be friendly and approach your fellow bong heads, and rejoice in the commraderie that is a tasty doob, and a righteous game of hacky-sack. Enjoy!

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