Red Kashmir Hash



Red Kashmir Hash might like look like Lebonese Red Hash, but it actually hails from the Kashmir Valley in India using potent landraces. When looking cloosely the hash has a dark redish-brown hue. It has a pleasant hash like peppery scent. You can buy Red Kashmir Hash at our online store.

The flavor is minty and slightly charred. Nepalese and Indian hashes are not as “peppery” as many of them are. This would be the second indication that you’re about to smoke something unique.

The taste is somewhat similar to when you’ve eaten something out of a pan that had smoked bacon in it! Your tongue becomes numb, and the roof of your mouth and throat become tingly before feeling fades away.

The finest hash in the Middle East is Kashmir Hash. We are delighted to be able to provide you with this premium quality product. We take satisfaction in being meticulous and thorough throughout the process. This implies that our hash is always potent, fresh, and delicious.

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