Shatter is a highly concentrated extract made from cannabis strains such as THC or CBD that has been extracted and concentrated. Shatter comes in a variety of forms, ranging from glass-like to crumble/wax, and is often called shatter. There are many methods for extracting Shatter, including BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and CO2 oil, both of which are utilized in THC vapes. Dabbing is a popular method of consuming shatter.

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 What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of cannabis extract. Shatter Canada is manufactured using chemical solvents to isolate, remove, and enhance the active components from cannabis. Because shatter is produced with strong chemicals, you should not attempt to create it at home. Rather than attempting to manufacture it yourself, you should purchase shatter online from businesses that know what they’re doing.

Shatter has a unique appearance that makes it easy to recognize. High-quality shatter is typically translucent and varies from a golden honey hue to deeper yellow tones. Amber would look like shatter if it were smokable.

When you’re shopping for shatter online, read the description carefully to understand what to anticipate. Shatter has a delicate, fragile texture that is simple to break. Some shatter, on the other hand, has a taffy-like texture. Shatter with greater amounts of THC generally has a softer, more greasy feel about it.

Shatter is frequently dabbed. Shatter may be smoked using a dab rig, similar to a bong. The major distinction is that a dab rig uses an attachment known as a nail to keep the shatter in place. The nail performs the same function as a bong’s bowl does. While the cannabis is being heated, each compartment keeps it separate from one another. You smoke through the dab rig’s mouthpiece in the same manner you would with a bong.

Dab rigs are useful tools, but you may also utilize them in different ways. Try mixing it with a joint or a bowl. Some vape pens can also vaporize shatter.

Best Places To Buy Shatter Online In Canada

Finding the appropriate store for you may be the most difficult aspect of purchasing shatter. There are a lot of alternatives that shopping online might be overwhelming. If you still need to find the ideal shop, GG4 has gathered a wide range of top cannabis products from across Canada. Check out our list before ordering shatter to discover popular choices, get freebies, and more.