Shatter Canada represents a potent cannabis extract derived from strains rich in THC or CBD, meticulously processed to concentrate its effects. It manifests in diverse textures, from glassy shards to crumbly wax, commonly known as “shatter.” Extraction techniques like BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and CO2 oil are frequently employed, particularly in THC vape production. Dabbing stands out as a favored technique for ingesting cheap shatter among enthusiasts.

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What is shatter? Cannabis shatter, an exceptionally potent cannabis extract derived from strains such as THC or CBD, undergoes meticulous extraction and concentration processes, resulting in glass-like or crumble/wax formations commonly referred to as shatter. Extraction techniques like BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and CO2 oil, notably prevalent in THC vape products, are employed in its production. Dabbing remains a preferred method of consumption.

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