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Buy Psilocybin Online in Canada

GG4 has long been a top-rated online marijuana store. We truly believe in the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and we take great pleasure in offering it to our clients in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. It makes perfect sense that we, too, are strong advocates of the therapeutic, mental, and recreational advantages of psilocybin as purveyors and defenders of natural medicine.If you want to buy psilocybin mushrooms in Canada, why not go with a trustworthy supplier that has been providing top-notch marijuana goods to customers for years? We are equally dedicated to providing the magic mushroom community with the greatest quality products attainable, just like marijuana.

What are Psilocybin?

Many of the species look similar, and not knowing what you’re eating can have unpleasant outcomes. Given that magic mushrooms induce a altered state of consciousness in the user, it is recommended to entrust their collection to experts.

How do You Consume Psilocybin?

There are several methods to take magic mushrooms, much like cannabis. Many people dislike the flavor of raw, dried magic mushrooms, however this is a legitimate technique to obtain the desired results. You may also crush the required amount and mix it with water to make a tea, take pre-made pill capsules that generally equalize to a micro-dose (consisting of approximately 0.5 mg), or eat an edible like a brownie or chocolate (which can range from half-an-hour to forty-five minutes). The effects last approximately half an hour to 45 minutes on an empty stomach, and they are more powerful and faster.

Psilocybin: Effects and Dosage

Mushrooms containing psilocybin, such as P. cubensis and certain strains of more potent mushrooms, are commonly called magic mushrooms because of their psychedelic effects. Magic mushroom doses have a wide range of benefits. Users have control over their experience, and each person will respond differently to the drug. In general, a micro-dose is defined as eating .05 –.25g of magic mushrooms and will not cause psychoactive effects, but it will usually lower stress, boost your mood and mindfulness, treat depression/anxiety/PTSD, and improve attention and creativity. A modest dose of 2 – 3.5g is associated with increased euphoria, mystical experiences, enhanced senses, a strong body high, visual imagery

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