Black Label Vision Bars with CBD & THC


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The Vision Bars Black Label THC & CBD Infused bar is the most recent and best-selling chocolate product from Vision. The easiest Way to Microdose Psilocybin with a Vision Bar. You may buy Vision Bars – Black Label THC & CBD Infused at our online store.

The Vision Psilocybin Chocolate Bar is a unique micro-dosing chocolate bar with 125 milligrams of psilocybin micro-dosed per square. Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD, and Pain may all be alleviated by Psilocybin Chocolate bar.

The Vision Psilocybin Chocolate bar has 2,500 mg of psilocybin in one piece, so start with a tiny nibble. After 1-2 hours, increase the dose. Each person’s trip with psilocybin edibles is distinct; therefore, take it easy and get the most out of your experience. Between uses, reseal the package. Keep it cool and dry when storing it.


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