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Backwoods Vanilla Cigars are a cigarillo-shaped cigar wrapped in an all-natural Connecticut Broadleaf. The wrapper of this Homogenized Tobacco Leaf blend is prepared, while the filler is from the Caribbean Basin and Cuban Seed regions of Cuba. Unfinished head and frayed extremities distinguish these vanilla cigars. A Backwoods Cigar has a ring gauge of 27 and is about 4 inches long. You can buy Backwoods Vanilla Cigars at our online store.

Backwoods Flavors are rich and varied, with a complexity that adds depth to the taste. Backwoods Vanilla has a unique flavor profile that is both robust and mild at the same time. It also includes delicate notes of pine in addition to its main vanilla tones.

Vanilla Cigars are strong and sweet, with a quick onset and long duration.

Backwoods Vanilla Cigars have a powerful blend of cigarillos, vanilla, and pine. The THC level of Backwoods Vanilla Cigars is approximately 22-23%.

Backwoods Vanilla Cigars are an excellent night-time smoke or a smoke that you may enjoy any time you want to relax. Simply take a puff and you’ll be swept away by waves of soothing relaxation.

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  1. Taddy Brown

    good stuff

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