Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO


Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that looks like it could be shattered like glass. It gets its glass-like appearance through specialized procedures involving solvents such as butane or other hydrocarbons, which give it its solid and translucent appearance. Concentrated compounds including THC and CBD, shatter provides the advantages of cannabis in a highly concentrated, compact form that is popularly dabbed or vaporized. You can buy Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO at our online store.

The major advantage of dabbing shatter is that it allows cannabinoids to enter the circulation quickly, resulting in near-instantaneous benefits. Users may take a “less is more” approach to marijuana use because cannabis extracts have greater potency.

Dabbing shatter allows you to get the same effects without smoking as much burning plant material. That’s great news. Consumers can dab just a few times or even once to obtain their cannabinoids and avoid breathing in harmful chemicals from smoking entire joints.

Shatter is also more resilient owing to its molecular structure, thus it will endure longer before degrading compared with wax and other similar extracts. Some consumers, on the other hand, find that the hard consistency of shatter is difficult to break up and portion out into individual uses. Before using your dabber to extract a dab from your shard, try heating it slightly.

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