Grabba is the standard in the Roll-Your-Own sector, and it sets the bar for all comparable goods. Grabba Leaf is tested and chosen from the best tobacco available to ensure a pleasant smoking experience from first puff through to last. You can buy Grabba at our online store.

For all of your smoking requirements, it’s ideal and dry. It’s not too dry, so you may roll it up into whatever size and form you need. All the blunts you like to smoke, or break some apart and mix them in with your flower of choice. We’re only here to supply Grabba for you; we don’t intend on telling you how to utilize it.

Grabba is a form of tobacco indigenous to Jamaica and other Caribbean islands that is cultivated in enormous quantities. Once properly dried and cured, the leaf may be readily rolled and ignited, resulting in a wonderful, chocolate-y vapor. The Fronto leaf is also known as Fanta, so whether you smoke Fronto, Fanta, or Grabba

Typically, Fronto refers to the entire leaf, whereas Grabba refers to the broken-down form of the leaf that may be smoked alone or used as an enhancer when combined with other smokable materials. This is usually done in order to change the flavor and give a slight tobacco buzz to whatever you smoke with the leaf. Most of the time, I’d wager it’s going to be cannabis.

In North America, the most popular leaf variety is Fronto, which is the ideal size and thickness to break up and smoke or wrap. Fronto leaves need more work than other types of full leaves (unless you want to make a huge blunt) and don’t roll as nicely. If you use too much leaf, the blunt will not burn properly, so you’ll have to re-roll it.

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