300K *Indica*

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The strain‘s name, 300K, was derived from the street location where it was grown in an industrial park. This indica-dominant hybrid has a complex and rich aroma. Originally developed in Colorado, this cross of potent genes from Chemdawg and Pre-98 Bubba Kush is a blend of powerful genetics. What you get is a bud with a soothing yet functional high that smells fruity and earthy at the same time. 300K’s THC concentration has been measured between 18% and 26 percent.

300K flowers are on the modest side, clustering together in tight, popcorn-shaped clusters. These buds, which are thick and roughly spherical in shape, have the solid interior construction of other indicas. The tightly curled leaves are a mossy green with many phenotypes displaying deep purples as a result of pigment called anthocyanins in the plants’ genetics. Finally, from afar, the presence of a sprinkling of translucent white trichomes gives these blooms an icy look.

300K flowers have a strong citrus-tinged fragrance after being properly cured. Some toasty, nutty undertones are also detected on a closer olfactory examination. Grinding, on the other hand, liberates earthy and pine notes. 300K produces a smooth and easily palatable smoke when burned in a pipe or a joint. The flavor of this smoke is sweet orange with a subtle aroma of wet soil on the exhale.

The physical properties of the cannabis strain’s mental components increase in potency, producing a progressively powerful sensation of bodily relaxation. The nape of the neck can start tingling as it works its way down the core and limbs, reducing any long-standing muscular tightness and making deep and easy breathing easier. This relaxation may soon become so strong that users are forced to sit down where they are, removing any past stress from the forefront. ‘300K’ may provide a nice sense of ease and leisure, but you might want to enjoy this deep and exquisite high alone. 300K is best consumed at night or during the day when the user has no other pressing responsibilities because of its very sedative effects.

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