Chanel Pink*Indica*

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The Chanel Pink high is a very smooth and cheerful experience, making it ideal for new or inexperienced users. It begins with a modest mood boost that leaves you feeling happy and carefree without being overwhelming or nervous in the least. This is complemented by a mild burst of energy that gets you ready to face the day, yet you may want something else to really get you going.Because of its relaxing, euphoric effects and low THC level of about 10%, Chanel Pink is a great strain for treating problems such as chronic stress or anxiety, minor depression, moderate pain, and moderate tiredness. The fragrance is described as being extremely sweet with a rich musky fruity undertone that’s very pleasant and luxurious. Sweet flowers and dirt are notes that come through on the taste, which has a touch of fruitiness on exhale. Due to its scarcity, little information exists regarding its coloration or hair color; however, it has been reported to be dark in hue and have amber locks. You can buy Chanel Pink Indica at our online store.

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