In Canada, numerous individuals buy edible treats for the same purpose they seek other types of edibles: discreet access to cannabis remedies. Edibles infused with THC offer therapeutic benefits like pain relief, appetite stimulation, and better sleep. For those seeking relief without the psychoactive effects, CBD-infused candies are available for purchase online, catering to the high demand for CBD-rich options across the country.

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Why Cannabis Candies?

Many seniors find themselves unable to smoke marijuana due to breathing difficulties or legal restrictions at home. In such cases, measuring cannabis tincture droplets can be challenging compared to doses of marijuana oil. Opting for half a gummy or a mint offers a simple and enjoyable alternative for ingesting cannabis medicine, particularly when discretion is necessary. However, it’s crucial to approach cannabis-infused candies with caution, ensuring a proper dosage for a healthy self-care regimen.

Weed Candy: A Great Alternative To Smoking Cannabis

For those unable or unwilling to smoke, cannabis-infused candy offers a compelling alternative. Individuals reliant on supplementary oxygen can still reap the benefits of marijuana without risking a gas explosion or fatal consequences.

Similarly, those grappling with anorexia nervosa, digestive ailments, or chemotherapy-induced nausea may find relief through high-CBD/low-THC cannabis confections, which deliver controlled doses of cannabidiol (CBD).

Moreover, consuming cannabis in cannabis candy form offers discretion—no smoke, scent, coughing, or fire hazards. Enjoy your dose discreetly anytime, anywhere, without concerns about lingering odors or smoke.

One intriguing perk of ingesting cannabis via sweets—favored by many—is the prolonged duration of effects compared to smoking. This stems from the weed candy and its constituents needing digestion before absorption, unlike the swift uptake of smoked or inhaled methods that bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream directly.

Cannabis Candy Guide

Explore the novel realm of cannabis edibles, revolutionizing the consumption of cannabis. Throughout history, cannabis has been ingested in various forms, and now, the array of options is expanding. From delectable baked goods to tantalizing gummies, luxurious chocolates to refreshing sodas, the possibilities are endless. Indulge in these delightful treats today, experiencing convenience and flavor like never before.

Discover the pinnacle of cannabis-infused confections in Toronto through GG4.Store, offering weed delivery to order cannabis candy. If your journey with cannabinoids has been limited to smoking, let us introduce you to an exciting new dimension. Embark on this adventure today with our exclusive guidebook, tailored to elevate your experience.

What is cannabis candy?

Individuals who prefer not to smoke yet still crave the euphoric effects of cannabis can turn to marijuana-infused candies as a delightful alternative. These treats, adorned with a sugary coating and infused with THC for easy consumption, offer a tasty pathway to experiencing a high. When cannabis is consumed in this manner, it’s commonly referred to as “edibles.” At GG4.Store, an online cannabis retailer, we take pride in providing top-quality THC and CBD candies sourced from Canada.

From brownies and cookies to chocolates and lollipops, the popularity of cannabis-infused confections is steadily rising. Both patients managing various medical conditions and their healthcare providers find medicinal cannabis candies appealing for their convenience and discreetness in treatment. For those who prefer a more relaxed approach, edibles offer a potent and long-lasting high, albeit with a slightly delayed onset compared to smoking. The experience is known to be exceptionally intense, making it a favored option for leisurely indulgence.

What types of cannabis candy are there?

Similar to the conventional sweets found on store shelves, edible cannabis candies come in a wide array of choices. Let’s explore some of the top-selling options in this category to buy cannabis candy online!

Hard candy

Cannabis-infused confections like rock candy, lollipops, and shaped sweets offer a delightful blend of flavor and convenience that cannabis enthusiasts cherish. These treats not only tantalize the taste buds but also come in handy, discreet sizes, perfect for discreet enjoyment during various activities.

Cotton candy

Experience an enhanced version of the timeless carnival favorite! With its airy texture and sweet taste, this cotton candy is a true delight. Who knew such a basic treat could bring so much joy? Innovators have elevated cotton candy by infusing it with marijuana candy balls and spinning it into a fluffy confection! Our Toronto-based online cannabis dispensary offers top-notch mail-order marijuana (MOM) service with same-day delivery. Indulge in this upgraded cannabis-infused treat at any fair for an unforgettable adventure.


Loved by medical cannabis users, soft gummy bears offer a simpler method to manage and control dosage. With a consistent size, they remove the uncertainty of how much to consume. For those seeking convenience and taste, crafting personalized weed gummy candies is an excellent option. You can customize flavors and colors to your liking. Moreover, keeping these treats readily available can save time when regular doses are unavailable. GG4.Store in Toronto offers a variety of tasty candies, but ensure you’re of legal age (19 or older) before ordering in Canada!

Types of gummies

Discover an extraordinary array of cannabis-infused gummy bears at GG4.Store, guaranteed to delight your senses. Our renowned Tangie Gummies blend California Orange and Skunk-1 strains, delivering a refreshing citrus scent and an invigorating experience. Need a boost in focus to buy weed candy? Dive into our specially crafted Raspberry Gummies.

For those seeking the calming embrace of an Indica-dominant treat, indulge in Marionberry gummies, bursting with real fruit flavor to unwind and soothe. Craving grapes? Our Moondrop Grape gummies offer a unique blend of sweetness and tartness that’s simply irresistible.

Explore the perfect harmony of relaxation with our Huckleberry Hybrid Gummies, seamlessly combining mental clarity with physical calmness. Bid farewell to the dilemma of choosing between Sativa or Indica effects—these delightful treats offer the best of both worlds.

Satisfy your cravings and elevate your mood with our tantalizing selection, available exclusively at GG4.Store. Treat yourself to these decadent delights, providing blissful relief for both body and mind.

Chocolate bars

Explore the latest culinary sensation for food enthusiasts: indulge in the delectable world of candy bars and chocolates infused with cannabutter. Treat yourself to these delightful creations and experience a new dimension of flavor. Unleash your creativity with cannabis-infused confections, crafting THC-rich treats in various shapes, sweetness levels, and combinations of cannabis and chocolate. Alternatively, opt for the convenience of melting down pre-made chocolate slabs. The possibilities are endless, offering a tantalizing adventure for your taste buds.


Looking for cannabis-infused treats? Discover a diverse range of edibles at GG4.Store, your nearby dispensary. From gummy bears to decadent chocolates, and even freshly baked brownies and muffins, we’ve got you covered. Browse our online selection for top-notch cannabis candy options. Elevate your culinary creations with cannabutter, the ultimate ingredient for unlocking a world of delicious possibilities. Let your creativity soar as you explore new cannabis candy recipes in your kitchen!

Is cannabis candy high in THC or CBD?

Crafting cannabis-infused candies demands meticulous attention due to the intricacies involved. These delectable treats are crafted from various strains of marijuana, catering to both recreational and medicinal purposes. However, regulating temperatures during the production process is paramount, as improper management can lead to the degradation of THC into CBN, thereby reducing the potency of the final product. Therefore, being vigilant and implementing precautionary measures are imperative.

Heat poses a significant threat to CBD, as excessive warmth can degrade its essential compounds. Depending on your intended use of CBD, the levels of THC and/or CBD may vary to suit your preferences. At GG4.Store, we take pride in offering Mail Order Marijuana services to Toronto and all Canadian provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and beyond.

For recreational purposes, cannabis candies typically contain high concentrations of THC to deliver the desired effects. Conversely, medicinal marijuana treatments require careful consideration of various options based on the symptoms being addressed and individual preferences. Some users report better outcomes with higher CBD content, while others prefer products with elevated levels of THC.

For a balanced experience, opt for products with equal amounts of THC and CBD.

Consumption of cannabis candy

When considering consuming cannabis-infused edibles, it’s crucial to keep certain factors in mind. When shopping for these products, opt for items containing 2 mg of THC or less, with gummies being a particularly convenient choice for their easy dosage management. Additionally, bear in mind that the effects of edibles take longer to kick in compared to smoking, often requiring up to two hours before feeling any noticeable effects. Therefore, it’s important to consume them gradually and in moderation.

Always adhere to the dosage instructions provided on the packaging when consuming cannabis edibles, as they can be quite potent. Overindulging, especially for recreational purposes, can lead to an overwhelming experience and a longer-lasting high than anticipated. Avoid the temptation to consume excessively to ensure a positive and enjoyable outcome. For those seeking premium THC-infused candies, GG4.Store offers a selection of top-quality products through their online cannabis store. Remember to consume responsibly and patiently await the desired effects.

THC edible dosage chart by milligrams

When used responsibly, infused edibles like gummies, brownies, cookies, mints, and tinctures provide subtle and prolonged effects. It’s crucial to determine your ideal dosage to fully appreciate the benefits of these items. Consuming an edible without proper knowledge can be risky, so it’s wise to proceed with caution before indulging.

Enjoying cannabis safely is entirely possible when you know your limits and stick to them. This approach minimizes the risk of experiencing adverse effects from consuming too much.

How many milligrams of THC should you eat to get high?

Since every individual’s body is unique, determining the perfect dosage of edibles can pose a challenge. It’s not solely reliant on tolerance or weight; factors such as personal chemistry and desired effects also significantly influence the dosage. To assist you in navigating this process, here are some valuable pointers for measuring doses in milligrams (mg)!

1 – 2.5 mg THC edibles (microdose)

  • Benefits: Enhance the healing benefits of alleviating symptoms like reduced discomfort, exhaustion, and stress. Unleash your capabilities with enhanced focus and creative problem-solving. Revel in a dosage that induces no intoxicating effects!
  • Target Audience: Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned shopper, this is the perfect starting point for your micro-dosing adventure.

3 – 5 mg THC edibles (low)

  • Experience enhanced feelings of happiness and well-being, but exercise caution – even a small dose of five milligrams could tip the balance between a pleasant experience and feeling overly intoxicated for certain individuals. Moreover, improper usage may lead to both physical and mental discomfort. Hence, it’s crucial to approach with mindfulness and care.
  • This solution is tailored for those in pursuit of relief from persistent symptoms that haven’t responded to lower doses, individuals desiring restful sleep, or anyone simply seeking a pleasurable recreational option. Your quest ends here.

10 – 15 mg THC edibles (moderate)

  • Discover swift and lasting alleviation from discomfort, queasiness, nervousness, motor skill challenges, and changes in perception through this remarkable remedy.
  • Target Audience: Individuals who regularly utilize THC for recreational or therapeutic reasons typically encounter few adverse reactions. Nevertheless, newcomers should exercise caution and limit themselves to a single dose when consuming edibles like cookies, gummies, mints, or chocolate bars.

20 – 30 mg THC edibles (high)

  • Impact: Profound happiness capable of causing decreased physical dexterity and altered perceptions.
  • Target Audience: Individuals with a high THC tolerance and digestive issues find edibles ideal. These treats offer a tasty means of ingesting cannabinoids while delivering essential health advantages to the body.

50 – 100 mg THC edibles (very high)

  • Impact: Users may notice a reduction in movement abilities, potentially leading to cognitive challenges. Additionally, they may face symptoms such as queasiness, nervousness, or an elevated heart rate.
  • Target Audience: This product is tailored for individuals who regularly consume potent THC, especially those grappling with severe ailments like cancer or inflammation, where substantial doses are necessary for relief.

100mg – 500 mg THC edibles (extremely high)

  • Impacts: Noticeably reduced coordination and perception; potential for adverse reactions such as queasiness, vertigo, and accelerated heart rate.
  • Target Audience: This item caters well to seasoned cannabis enthusiasts accustomed to higher THC levels, as well as those coping with conditions like cancer, inflammatory ailments, or similar health challenges.

How to pick your cannabinoid

The wonders of nature are truly remarkable and diverse, encompassing elements within our bodies that mirror those found in cannabis plants. These naturally occurring substances are known as endocannabinoids, while those extracted externally from plants are referred to as phytocannabinoids. This revelation underscores nature’s provision for our well-being, both internally and externally. Explore a range of cannabis-infused treats available for purchase at the GG4.Store dispensary nearby. Recent research indicates that phytocannabinoids, compounds produced by cannabis plants, may offer a wide array of benefits, including reducing inflammation, enhancing sleep quality, and alleviating anxiety. While further investigation is necessary, the potential of phytocannabinoids appears promising and could offer significant advantages to many. Unraveling the complete effects of these compounds remains a key focus for future exploration in this field.

For an unparalleled experience, explore the wonders of THC. Recognized as the foremost cannabinoid in cannabis, THC stands out for its capacity to induce euphoria, enhance creativity, and promote relaxation or alleviate pain. Discover the finest marijuana-infused candies in Toronto through GG4.Store’s convenient weed delivery service, available at a nearby dispensary. Each individual may have a unique response to THC, adding to its allure with its diverse array of benefits. To prevent any confusion or adverse effects such as memory impairment, altered time perception, increased heart rate, impaired coordination, and heightened anxiety, it’s advisable to begin with a very low dose when experimenting with cannabinoids.

Combining different cannabinoids offers a strategic approach to achieving your desired effects without encountering any negative repercussions. Opt for CBD for a calming and serene sensation. Despite common misconceptions, CBD does possess psychotropic properties, albeit distinct from those of THC. As per the FDA’s classification of psychoactive substances as agents that alter brain function, they have approved Epidiolex, which contains CBD, owing to its psychotropic effects.

However, it’s important to note that consuming a large amount of CBD won’t induce the same euphoric feelings as THC. It’s like hoping your house key could start a car! So, if you’re aiming to avoid feeling high and instead seek relief from anxiety, opt for CBD-only edibles. Research shows they’re more effective in reducing anxiety compared to other consumption methods.

For a balanced and calm experience, it’s advisable to choose products containing a mix of THC and CBD. This combination is ideal, especially for beginners, offering a pleasant high without overwhelming effects. When these two compounds work together, the result is a gentler experience compared to THC alone, with a lower risk of feeling paranoid from excessive consumption. Seizing this opportunity for relaxation is almost irresistible!

How much of an edible should you take the first time?

If you’re new to the world of cannabis-infused treats, here’s some straightforward advice: ease into it! Begin with a small dose, like half a dose or even just 2.5mg, to minimize the risk of feeling too high or experiencing any unwanted effects. Typically, a full dose is around 5mg, so keep that in mind.

For those embarking on their first journey with edibles, here are some tips to make the experience enjoyable and manageable:

  • When shopping for cannabis-infused goodies at dispensaries, opt for products like gummies or mints that allow for precise dosing, usually in increments of 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg. This way, you can control your intake more accurately.
  • Always check the packaging for detailed dosage information before making a selection. This will help you make informed choices about how much to consume.
  • Take it slow and start with a small amount. Remember, you can always increase your dose later, but once it’s consumed, you can’t decrease it. Wait at least an hour after consuming an edible before deciding whether to take more. If you don’t feel anything after an hour, or if you’re looking for stronger effects, consider adding another 2.5mg to your dose.

How long do the effects of a weed edible last?

Discovering the duration of the high from edibles relies on various factors such as individual tolerance, biology, metabolism, and the amount consumed. Explore the convenience of GG4.Store’s cannabis delivery services in Toronto today! Typically, for the average user, consuming edibles with 5mg of THC results in a high lasting between 2 to 4 hours, with peak effects occurring approximately an hour after ingestion. Individuals with higher tolerance or faster metabolism may experience a quicker decline in effects, whereas those with lower tolerance or slower metabolism may enjoy the effects for up to 6 hours.

For individuals who favor edibles, it’s crucial to be mindful of both dosage and timing to avoid disrupting sleep patterns. Experimenting with smaller doses or consuming earlier in the day can help align desired effects with regular sleep schedules. Precision and attention are essential when consuming edibles to accurately gauge potency and duration of effects. This cautious approach allows users to find the optimal dosage for their body, ensuring satisfying results with each intake.

Understanding the effects of CBD and THC content in weed edibles

Combining THC and CBD in cannabis edibles can enhance their medical advantages, offering relief from pain and anxiety while maintaining a low level of intoxication to avoid impaired judgment or increased heart rate. It’s crucial for consumers to understand the CBD and THC content in these edibles to ensure both safety and effectiveness. CBD stands out for its ability to interact with our endocannabinoid receptors, enabling individuals to benefit from marijuana’s medicinal properties without experiencing excessive intoxication, as it partially counteracts THC’s effects. Edibles with a balanced CBD to THC ratio of 1:1 not only provide greater therapeutic benefits but also result in less impairment compared to those containing THC alone.

Consider this scenario: someone who notices subtle side effects after consuming 5 mg of THC may experience little to no impairment when they consume the same amount of THC alongside 20 mg of CBD. If you’re in Toronto and looking for quality cannabis products, consider checking out GG4.Store, the city’s premier online cannabis shop. They offer a variety of cannabis candies that can help you unwind. Nowadays, dispensaries offer a wide selection of edibles with different THC to CBD ratios, ranging from 2:1 to 20:1 or more. Increasing the CBD content in an edible reduces the risk of undesirable intoxication, making these treats more accessible to a wider range of people.

Furthermore, edibles may contain other cannabinoids like CBD, which are non-intoxicating, as well as semi-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBN. However, it’s crucial to remember that even if an edible has high levels of CBD, consuming too much THC can still lead to unpleasant effects. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check labels for accurate dosages and consult with a knowledgeable budtender or healthcare professional familiar with cannabis effects before consuming any product.

Can you overdose on weed edibles?

Despite common misconceptions, overdosing on cannabis is not fatal. Even with excessive consumption of edibles, the worst you might experience is discomfort, as opposed to opioids, which can suppress breathing even in small doses.

While many may not need immediate medical help, it’s wise to monitor your intake of cannabis edibles. Find the top cannabis-infused candies in Toronto through weed delivery at GG4.Store, conveniently located near you. Overindulging in marijuana can quickly lead to overwhelming sensations, so it’s important to approach consumption with caution.

What type of weed edibles get you the highest?

Various types of edibles contain different ingredients and compositions, leading to varied effects. Consuming a cannabis brownie, for instance, may not result in the same experience as drinking a cannabis-infused beverage. The onset of effects typically ranges from 15 to 60 minutes after consumption, depending on factors such as absorption rates.

Edibles like hard candy, lozenges, lollipops, and gumdrops, as well as drinks, are absorbed quickly through the tissues in the mouth, resulting in rapid effects. On the other hand, gummies, caramels, and isolates have a moderate onset time due to the digestion process, though their simple ingredients facilitate swift digestion.

Baked goods, known for their dense composition, require more time and energy for digestion compared to other foods. Consequently, they have the slowest onset of effects, taking longer for the body to break down and process the nutrients they provide.

More tips for safe weed candy dosing

If you’re waiting for the effects of cannabis to kick in after about an hour, there’s a simple trick to ease any concerns. Snacking on something light, such as fresh fruit, can aid in digestion and absorption of edibles. Remember, when it comes to cannabis, it’s always wise to start small and adjust gradually if needed.

If you find that even with regular consumption, your tolerance to THC remains low, it might be time to make a change. Consider turning to GG4.Store, an online cannabis dispensary in Toronto known for its top-notch cannabis candy, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

For newcomers, it’s advisable to start with a modest dose of 2.5 mg of cannabis edible and wait at least an hour before gauging the effects. Should a stronger experience be desired, incrementally increase the dosage by no more than 2.5 mg until reaching the desired potency level.

For those new to cannabis, it may require up to three doses before experiencing its effects. To ensure effectiveness, start with a low dosage and wait at least 8 hours before considering more. Gradually increase dosage as you become familiar with its effects. It’s advisable to abstain from additional doses within a 24-hour period between trials for optimal results.

Individual reactions to THC vary, so experiencing different effects from friends is common. Those sensitive to THC may benefit from consuming 50-200mg of CBD, which contains minimal to no THC, alongside high-THC edibles to enhance the experience. With GG4.Store’s same-day delivery service, individuals over 19 in Toronto can conveniently access top-quality marijuana candy.

Where Can I Find Edibles Near Me?

When it comes to choosing the most potent edibles, rely on a reputable dispensary for your needs. Properly dosing these items is crucial, making it vital to opt for products with clear labeling and expert craftsmanship. Explore GG4.Store’s diverse selection of cannabis-infused edibles, including quick-acting THC beverages, ensuring top-notch quality assurance that meets your standards.