GG4 is an excellent choice for purchasing concentrates in Canada. We offer a wide variety of concentrates available for online purchase. Before you buy concentrates canada, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Cannabis concentrates.

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About concentrates

Concentrates have a rich and extensive history, with their origins tracing back to 10,000 B.C. in China’s Steppe Mountains. Although modern concentrates are now crafted using advanced technology and sophisticated extraction methods, their use dates back millennia. With the legalization of marijuana, the demand for and popularity of concentrates have surged significantly. The rise in cannabis use has prompted substantial advancements in extraction techniques to meet the growing consumer interest. Concentrates offer a compelling option for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts aiming to amplify their experience and for flavor aficionados seeking to explore intricate terpene profiles. Additionally, medical marijuana patients often prefer concentrates for their quick, cost-effective, and potent therapeutic benefits.

Cannabis Concentrates Guide

If you’re new to the cannabis scene and want to buy concentrates online, exploring concentrates can feel overwhelming. Each type of concentrate offers a unique chemical profile, which can guide you in choosing the one that best matches your desired effects and benefits. Don’t be afraid to dive into this intriguing world!

Understanding the production process is crucial to finding the right product for you. GG4.Store offers same-day delivery of premium marijuana in Toronto for customers 19 and older. Familiarizing yourself with the complexity of each concentrate type will help you manage your THC intake and stay within your limits.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Looking for an intensified cannabis experience? Cannabis concentrates are the answer! These potent resins provide a powerful mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, often boasting four times the strength of typical cannabis buds. Available in various forms—from small, lip-balm-like containers to flat plastic bags—cannabis extracts offer a range of consumption options. For the ultimate selection of weed concentrates, visit GG4.Store cannabis dispensary online. Discover a new realm of cannabis possibilities today! The texture and potency of a concentrate are influenced by the extraction method used, affecting both its consistency and compound profile.

How to smoke and dab concentrates

Want to elevate your cannabis experience? Dabbing is the way to go! This method involves specific tools and techniques such as rigs, vapes, and nectar collectors. Begin your dabbing adventure with GG4.Store weed delivery in Toronto, your one-stop shop for all necessary equipment and concentrates. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through every step, ensuring you start your dabbing journey on the right foot. Prepare for an amazing experience as you explore the diverse ways to enjoy your favorite cannabis concentrates effortlessly!

Dab and rig

When it comes to enjoying cannabis concentrates and hash in canada, dabbing is the preferred method. To get started, you need to set up a filtration system using glass or silicone components similar to those in bongs. A key step in this process involves using an open flame torch to heat one side of the filtration system. This allows the concentrate to ignite, ensuring optimal consumption.

Elevate your smoking experience by incorporating a dab nail into your setup. This accessory, made of metal or glass, is a game-changer. Simply heat the surface of the nail, then apply your chosen malleable concentrate. As the substance contacts the heated nail, it vaporizes, enabling you to inhale flavorful smoke akin to using a traditional bong. Treat yourself to this upgrade—why wait?

Nectar collector

Make dabbing effortless with the innovative Nectar Collector. Resembling a glass or silicone straw, this tool simplifies the process. Heat one end with a torch flame, then touch your concentrate to the heated tip while inhaling through the other end. This method not only makes dabbing straightforward but also offers superior convenience for storage and preparation. For the best weed strains and concentrates, consider using mail order services from Toronto’s top online dispensary. Each session with your Nectar Collector promises a highly enjoyable experience—so why wait?


The popularity of vaping cannabis concentrates is on the rise, and for good reason! This method of dabbing involves using cartridges filled with THC or CBD extract, paired with batteries to heat them. When combined, they create weed pens or vapes, which have their own unique advantages: they’re compact for easy concealment and simple to use. From my experience, vaping remains the top choice for consuming marijuana extracts.

Pros and cons of smoking concentrates

Opting for cannabis concentrates offers numerous benefits, but it’s crucial to be aware of potential risks associated with smoking them before you order hash online. Solvent extraction can expose weed smokers to chemical contaminants, necessitating caution when considering this method. Selecting a reputable dispensary is key to ensuring quality and safety. Our Toronto online store offers top-notch mail-order marijuana services with same-day delivery, prioritizing convenience and quality. To maintain health and safety while enjoying a satisfying high, researching effective smoke filtration methods is essential.


Research published in the Journal of Cannabis Research suggests that isolating compounds from cannabis offers an exciting avenue for crafting concentrates tailored to the diverse preferences and needs of marijuana users. Through isolation and extraction techniques, potent compounds responsible for desired psychoactive effects are extracted, resulting in purified concentrates. This refinement process enhances the user experience significantly, ensuring top-notch quality.

Compared to traditional flower consumption, concentrates boast a more distinct chemical composition. This understanding of the ingested compounds empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.


While concentrated cannabis products offer heightened potency, they pose a potential risk, especially to inexperienced users. Excessive consumption can lead to adverse effects such as panic attacks, heart palpitations, and paranoia. It is crucial for new users to exercise caution when experimenting with concentrated products to avoid such undesirable outcomes.

Concerningly, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that 80% of tested cannabis concentrates contain contaminants like fertilizers, pesticides, and solvents from cultivation and extraction processes. These residues can persist, posing health risks.

Maintaining awareness of torch heat levels during dabbing is paramount. Even minor errors can result in injury to oneself or others. Prioritizing safety during concentrate consumption is essential to prevent accidents and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Different extraction methods 

Through the process of extraction, we delve into cannabis extracts to unveil their potent therapeutic and psychoactive elements. With advancing technology providing deeper insights into marijuana’s composition, we now possess the ability to produce diverse forms of cannabis concentrates!

Exploring the chemical composition of cannabis opens doors to numerous potential benefits. In Toronto, customers aged 19 or older can conveniently order marijuana concentrates through the GG4.Store delivery service. Leveraging different extraction methods allows us to identify the most beneficial compounds for our purposes, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and beyond. With this incredible plant within reach, let’s embark on an exhilarating journey filled with endless possibilities!

Understanding the nuances between extraction methods enables us to tailor cannabis extracts to our specific preferences in terms of flavor and potency. With a plethora of extraction techniques available, these concentrates come in a myriad of options. For newcomers to concentrate consumption, familiarity with each process, along with its pros and cons, is crucial for selecting the ideal fit for individual preferences.

Solvent extractions

The emergence of solvent extraction techniques has revolutionized the cannabis experience for consumers, offering a profoundly enjoyable journey. Through meticulous processes involving ethanol, propane, hexane, and butane, cannabis isolates are meticulously crafted. By concentrating these extracts through solvent evaporation, consumers gain access to a treasure trove of desirable compounds previously inaccessible.


For those seeking a robust cannabinoid dose, Isolate Concentrates stand as the ultimate solution. Our cutting-edge extraction methods ensure the elimination of any undesirable elements, resulting in unparalleled potency and effectiveness. With Isolate Concentrates, rest assured of premium-grade potency that delivers results. By adhering to this rigorous process, our concentrates remain free from additives, containing only pure CBD or THC. At GG4.Store, we offer same-day delivery and mail-order marijuana (MOM) services to all customers over the age of 19. Subsequently, heat and agitation facilitate crystallization, guaranteeing the highest potency possible upon consumption.


Distillate production mirrors isolated extraction methods, albeit without complete cannabinoid isolation, leading to slightly less potent products than isolates. However, this approach offers consumers a more balanced experience, as it retains multiple cannabinoids instead of isolating just one.

Live resin

Live resin extraction diverges from traditional methods by promptly freezing cannabis to retain potent elements like terpenes and cannabinoids. This technique, employing hydrocarbon solvents like butane or propane, ensures the preservation of the plant’s essence before oxidation occurs. The heightened potency of live resin extracts has fueled their popularity, making them favored among consumers. Explore a selection of concentrates at GG4.Store, an online cannabis emporium.


Butane hash oil, abbreviated as BHO, denotes cannabis concentrates extracted solely with butane. This method yields a product of exceptional potency and quality compared to alternative techniques.

In response to concerns about residual contaminants in solvent-based extracts, cannabis enthusiasts are embracing solventless extraction methods. Techniques such as heat and pressure, ice and agitation, or sifting offer cleaner alternatives, aligning with consumers’ preferences for safer practices.

Solventless extractions

Cannabis enthusiasts are increasingly opting for cleaner extraction methods over solvent-based ones. Methods such as heat and pressure, ice and agitation, or sifting are gaining popularity due to concerns about residual contaminants in solvent-based extracts. This shift towards safer practices reflects consumers’ growing awareness and preference for purer cannabis products.


Rosin is the go-to solution for effortlessly crafting premium cannabis extracts. By applying low temperatures and high pressure, it’s possible to extract therapeutic and psychoactive compounds without the need for lengthy processing. Surprisingly, making your own rosin is straightforward—all you need are a few basic items:

  • Cannabis flower, kief, or hash
  • Parchment paper
  • Flat iron


Hash, also known as hashish, represents a potent cannabis concentrate that doesn’t require solvent extraction. Composed solely of trichome resins from the marijuana plant, it contains the powerful cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for its effects. At GG4.Store, we take pride in offering Mail Order Marijuana across Canada, spanning from Toronto on the East coast to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Regardless of your location, we’ve got you covered. Research published in Frontiers in Plant Science highlights the significance of these trichomes in delivering exceptional cannabis products to consumers.

The cannabis plant produces a shiny and sweet outer layer, composed of trichomes and resin. This unique coating can be collected as kief, which is then dried through heat for smoking. When heat and pressure are perfectly balanced, this powdery substance turns into a remarkably strong hash!

Extracting the aromatic trichomes to create hash is quite a task, especially considering the various methods available. Choosing the right one can be challenging, as each method affects the taste and potency differently. To simplify your decision-making process, let’s delve into three primary types of hash extraction methods.

Types of hash

Bubble hash

Bubble hash has surged in popularity among cannabis enthusiasts, emerging as a method that demands attention. Crafting this exceptionally pure end product requires only basic tools and know-how, making it an accessible process to undertake in the comfort of your home. Simply place cannabis buds into multiple filtration bags with ice water, agitate, and watch as trichomes and resin separate from other plant material – presto!

Following a sequence of filtration steps, the extracted trichomes and resin are dried and compressed into hash. GG4.Store streamlines the process further by offering online cannabis ordering in Canada, ensuring access to premium concentrates. After meticulous weighing, the product is primed for dispensary shelves. Rather than settling for store-bought options, why not embark on crafting your own batch and discover the ease firsthand?

Dry ice hash

The production of dry ice hash mirrors that of traditional ice hash, with the added perk of eliminating the need for water in the preparation. As dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide, there’s no waiting period for trichomes and resin to dry before pressing. For the ultimate smoking experience, look no further than dry ice hash – it guarantees satisfaction. Utilizing a process that extracts trichomes and resin from cannabis, dry ice hash delivers a cleaner, more potent result, elevating your bowl to extraordinary heights and providing an unparalleled high.

Dry shift hash

Dry sift hash offers a solvent-free extraction method that’s both efficient and effective. By combining cannabis buds and trim and then breaking them into smaller pieces, you can pass them through various filters to isolate the highest quality ingredients. Once you’ve filtered the trichomes and resin, you can easily press them into hash at home without the need for excessive force. Alternatively, you can enjoy the classic option of unpressed kief for an exceptional experience.

Different characteristics of cannabis concentrates: oil, wax, crumble, & shatter

Exploring different cannabis concentrates such as oil, wax, crumble, and shatter is a significant step in expanding your knowledge. Get acquainted with their unique characteristics and industry terminology, and don’t hesitate to try them out firsthand. Hands-on experience with concentrates can deepen your understanding and appreciation for their effects. Whether it’s adding oil concentrates with THC and CBD to a joint or blunt before sprinkling kief on top for an enhanced smoking experience, experimenting with concentrates can elevate your consumption habits.

Oil concentrates

Oil concentrates, in contrast to various cannabis extracts, feature a notably thinner texture. THC and CBD oils, commonly utilized in weed vapes or dab droppers, vary in color from clear to deep brown and possess a viscosity akin to sap, often dubbed as “sap.” Among my preferred methods of consuming this concentrate is by layering it atop a joint or blunt and then sprinkling kief over the amalgamation. This potent combination guarantees an unparalleled smoking session!

Wax extracts

Crafted through a creaming process that infuses air into the concentrate, wax extracts undergo a transformation from solid to easily spreadable texture. Exhibiting hues ranging from light yellow-brown to dark brown, these extracts bear resemblance to earwax or creamy frosting, enticing the senses with their appearance.


Similar to wax extracts, budders undergo a slightly intricate whipping process, resulting in an airy mixture ranging from light yellow to dark brown. Resembling the consistency of whipped butter or cake batter, budder finds its way into joints or blunts, thanks to its unique texture.

Crumble “Honeycomb”

Enter Crumble! This crumbly concentrate, with its light-yellow appearance akin to pie crust mix, offers unparalleled smoothness and convenience. Ideal for smokers seeking to elevate the potency of their flower bowls, Crumble is a hit among consumers. Available for online purchase at GG4.Store, this versatile extract can be enjoyed solo or as a complement to favorite buds, promising an amplified smoke session. Whether you seek standalone strength or potency enhancement, Crumble delivers just that.


Experience cannabis in an entirely novel way with Shatter! Also referred to as “glass,” this delicate concentrate resembles hardened caramelized sugar, varying in color from yellow to dark brown. Dabbing has emerged as the preferred method for consuming Shatter, owing to its remarkable potency. Just one dab can deliver effects potent enough for four or five individuals. Immerse yourself in the world of Shatter today and let your senses be enraptured!


From pristine transparency to a golden haze, the spectrum of hues in individual CBD or THC isolates is captivating. These distinctive concentrates often resemble miniature quartz formations, commonly known as ‘diamond isolate crystals.’ Among the array of choices I’ve personally sampled, wizard stones remain my top preference!

Terp sauce

Terp Sauce stands out as a top-tier concentrate renowned for its rich terpene profile and bold taste. Its stunning amber or translucent brown color has affectionately earned it the moniker “sauce.” And here’s the ultimate enhancement: when Terp Sauce meets isolated crystals, behold the magic of “Sauce on The Rocks!” This divine fusion promises both potency and delectable flavor in every drop.

 Consider using a cannabis concentrate smoking filter

Consider utilizing a filter specifically designed for smoking cannabis concentrates. Now that you have a grasp of the various types of cannabis concentrates, it’s wise to consult with a medical professional to ensure safe usage. Prioritize researching the potential risks and therapeutic or psychoactive properties associated with these extracts before experimenting with any form of cannabis. By taking these extra precautions, you’ll ensure a well-informed and safe experience when exploring marijuana products.

Elevate your cannabis enjoyment with The Mouthpiece Filter – an innovative device designed to maximize the positive effects of marijuana while minimizing the risk of lung damage. This filter system not only enhances the benefits of your cannabis but also protects your lungs from potential harm associated with inhalation. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to smoking. Experience the full advantages while safeguarding your well-being!

Where Can You Purchase Cannabis Concentrates?

Looking to buy cannabis concentrates? Our Toronto weed dispensary, GG4.Store, is your one-stop shop! Our knowledgeable budtenders are here to assist you in finding the perfect product or answering any questions you may have. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, we take pride in catering to all your cannabis needs. From popular favorites to essential consumption accessories, we’ve got it all. Come visit us today and discover our fantastic array of cannabis concentrates!


Looking for the latest products and updates in the concentrate market? You’ve come to the right place! Our team of knowledgeable budtenders has listened to our customers’ queries and is here to provide guidance. If you’re considering delving into concentrate shopping, here’s a brief overview of their expert advice:

What’s the distinction between concentrates and extracts?

Certainly! “Concentrates” refer to products derived from marijuana flower and can be solventless or involve solvents that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. Extracts are also part of the concentrate category; however, they utilize solvents to accurately extract cannabinoid and terpene components from the source plant material. While extracts may fall under the category of concentrates, it’s important to note that not every concentrate is an extraction!

How powerful are marijuana concentrates? 

Concentrates represent an advanced form of cannabis products, boasting THC levels reaching an astonishing 90% and beyond!

Why do concentrates surpass flowers in potency? 

While consuming flowers provides a spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes along with other compounds enhancing its effects without inducing psychoactivity, concentrates offer a concentrated form of cannabinoids and terpenes without additional plant material, ensuring maximal absorption. As a result, concentrates consistently outshine flower-derived products in potency.

How many varieties of concentrates exist in the cannabis realm? 

The expanding landscape of the cannabis industry showcases a diverse array of concentrates, with eight of the most sought-after varieties currently in the spotlight. Yet, this represents merely the beginning – anticipate an influx of innovative and captivating concentrates gracing your nearby dispensaries soon!