Explore GG4 for a wide array of premium cannabis accessories tailored to meet all your green needs. From grinders to rolling papers, filters, and even clothing, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re searching for top-notch cannabis accessories or other related products, GG4 boasts the most extensive collection available online in Canada.

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Showing 13–24 of 74 results

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If you’re in search of top-tier cannabis goods, look no further than GG4 Store. We offer Canadians an unparalleled range of marijuana paraphernalia, from rolling papers and filters to apparel and grinders, not found elsewhere. Our pride lies in our vast selection, unrivaled by any other dispensary. Whether you seek the essentials or something unique, rest assured, you’ll discover precisely what you need at our store.

Smoking cannabis offers an unparalleled experience, unmatched by edibles or tinctures, making it a timeless method of consumption. Moreover, there’s a plethora of incredible weed accessories and tools available to elevate your smoking session to new heights!

Looking to elevate your cannabis experience with premium accessories? You’re in luck! Our store is brimming with everything you could possibly need, from sleek vapes to intricate bongs. Conveniently buy weed accessories online from GG4 Store, Toronto’s premier online dispensary offering mail order marijuana services. Once you have your favorite strain on hand, you’re all set to indulge in lavish relaxation at a moment’s notice! Don’t hesitate any longer; delve into true luxury by exploring our collection today. But before you make your selection, remember that every smoker has their preferences, so take the time to research what suits you best – whether it’s one of our offerings listed here or something entirely different.

  • Smoking Devices
  • Odor-Concealing Solutions
  • Wraps
  • Smell-Proof Bags
  • Ashtrays
  • Rolling Trays
  • Grabba
  • Bong Cleaning Accessories
  • Grinders
  • Storage Solutions

If you’re new to the cannabis scene, navigating the array of equipment can seem daunting. But fear not! This guide will walk you through all the essential items and how they can enhance your enjoyment. Get ready to discover the multitude of benefits these products bring to your cannabis experience!

What Are The Best Marijuana Smoking Accessories? 

Given the extensive array of cannabis accessories Canada available, it can be daunting to select the ideal one for your needs. To ensure you make the most informed choice, we suggest thoroughly examining each category and conducting side-by-side comparisons of various products. This proactive research will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and certainty as you make your decision!

Marijuana Smoking Devices

Are you on the lookout for fresh ways to elevate your cannabis journey? Well, look no further because a treasure trove of accessories awaits! Whether you’re into bongs, blunts, or the latest in smoking gear, the possibilities are endless. Dive in and explore a selection of today’s hottest must-haves – these goodies are guaranteed to spice up your smoke sesh! Check out:

  • Bongs
  • Chillums
  • One-Hitters
  • Dab Rigs
  • Vaporizers
  • Vape Cartridges

What Are Bongs?

Prepare yourself for the epitome of natural gratification with bongs! Indulge in a seamless, hassle-free smoking experience, courtesy of cutting-edge water filtration technology. Just pack the bowl with your preferred ground cannabis and ignite for an unparalleled high that promises satisfaction. At GG4 Store’s digital cannabis emporium, discover an extensive array of bongs. Not only are they effortlessly user-friendly, but they’re also a breeze to maintain – could anything be more ideal? Keeping abreast of the latest cannabis trends necessitates a solid grasp of bongs, commonly referred to as water pipes.

  • Are you in pursuit of the ultimate smoking experience? Your quest ends here – this brand’s exceptional filtration system is the solution you seek! Each puff of their premium-grade product promises an enduring impact and ensures complete satisfaction.
  • While traditional bongs are typically crafted from glass, if durability is what you seek, then silicone might be the ideal choice.
  • To ensure a pleasurable and swift smoking session within the confines of your home, it’s crucial to have water readily available. Undoubtedly, these items are indispensable when indulging in home cooking!
  • Possessing such paraphernalia could lead to legal repercussions as they are associated with drug use. This renders them a risky option for travelers or individuals aiming to steer clear of legal trouble in countries where their use is prohibited.

What Are Chillums?

Are you in need of a convenient and inconspicuous solution for enjoying your herbs? Consider trying out chillums! These compact pipes, also referred to as bowls, are available in various materials like glass, much like bongs. At GG4 Store, the premier online cannabis dispensary in Toronto, we offer a diverse selection of top-quality pipes. Despite their smaller size compared to larger smoking devices, chillums function similarly to traditional tobacco pipes, providing both convenience and simplicity. Take advantage of everything chillums have to offer today by learning more about them:

  • Experience the sleek design of a chillum for an incredible price of just $20 with just a few clicks! Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!
  • Whether you prefer glass, stone, or silicone, you’ll find a wide array of options right at your fingertips.

In search of a discreet and portable smoking option? Look no further than bowls! Their compact size makes them the perfect companion for on-the-go smoking, fitting effortlessly into any bag. Whether you’re on a journey or simply in need of a quick break from work, bowls provide instant satisfaction without taking up much space. Enjoy worry-free puffing anytime, anywhere!

What Are One-Hitters?

Looking to enjoy the benefits of cannabis with minimal effort? Look no further than one-hitters! These sleek pipes, resembling cigarettes, are designed for single-use convenience. Paired with unique dugout boxes for secure herb storage, they’re incredibly user-friendly—no prior expertise required. Explore this exciting world with us today; we’ve got all the details you need:

  1. One-hitters offer an excellent, budget-friendly option. Even top-tier models rarely exceed $35—a remarkable deal!
  2. Not only are one-hitters highly portable, but their size and shape can easily be mistaken for a cigarette, ensuring discreet use.
  3. Discerning smokers prefer stone and glass quartz one-hitters for their unmatched durability and reliability—other materials simply don’t measure up!

What Are Dab Rigs?

Prepare to transform your smoking adventure with dab rigs! Crafted specifically for shatter or wax, these tools require only a blowtorch, heat-resistant glassware, and your chosen material. At GG4 Store, our online cannabis emporium boasts a diverse array of dab rigs. To extract maximum flavor with each draw, glide your material across the heated surface, inhale deeply, and relish every hit like never before. Let’s delve into some crucial points on approaching dab rig usage:

Be cautious: investing in a dab rig can be a pricey affair! These rigs rank among the most luxurious cannabis setups available, often commanding prices well into the hundreds of dollars. Thus, it’s wise to keep a close eye on your budget when shopping for one of these premium devices.

For a truly unparalleled experience, dabbing is the way to go. This method guarantees an unforgettable journey!

Seeking an incredibly revolutionary encounter? Crystallized THC atop wax is bound to take you on an extraordinary expedition. Prepare yourself – a heavenly escape awaits!

Transporting these hefty and delicate items is nearly inconceivable without specialized protective containers, while their colossal size makes concealing them a challenge.

Dab Rig Accessories

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of dab rigs or just embarking on this journey, there are three indispensable elements to enhance your enjoyment: dab tools, protective mats, and torch lighters. Continue reading for detailed insights to refine your setup!

For those who demand perfection in their wax experience, settling for anything less than top-tier equipment is unacceptable! A high-quality blow torch is paramount to ensure smoothness and impeccable results – something regular lighters simply can’t deliver. Make the investment in a reliable model today and secure success with every session. Reject mediocrity and embrace excellence by acquiring a dependable blow torch now!

To take your vaping escapades to new heights, a dabber is a must-have accessory. These metal implements not only shield your skin from heat but also enhance the flavor profile of your wax vapor. It’s undeniable that integrating a dabber into your routine is crucial for optimal enjoyment!

Choosing to invest in a dab mat is a wise decision – not only does it safeguard your surfaces, but it also mitigates the risk of burns or damage. The investment is unquestionably worthwhile!

What Are Vaporizers?

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the concept of vaping; vaporizers are simply sophisticated tools that utilize heat to transform cannabis into vapor, allowing you to fully appreciate each inhale. Unlike traditional smoking methods that burn your herbs, vaporizers gently warm them without combustion, offering a whole new sensation. At GG4 Store’s online cannabis dispensary, we provide a diverse range of vape pens. Before deciding on a vaporizer, it’s crucial to consider these key points:

Vaporizers are incredibly versatile and advanced; they can vaporize herbs, waxes, and various forms of THC! Whether you prefer single-strain options or multi-flower capabilities, each vaporizer is meticulously designed for specific oils or strains. With these groundbreaking products, you can elevate your smoking experience like never before.

Bid farewell to unpleasant odors; vaping cannabis leaves behind a pleasant vapor scent, eliminating the harsh smell associated with smoking. Enjoy nothing but pure pleasure with this delightful aromatic experience!

For those seeking discreet vaping, vaporizers are the ultimate solution. Designed to resemble standard e-cigarette vape boxes, they allow you to vape discreetly without drawing attention. Vaporizers offer varying levels of discretion, ensuring you can remain inconspicuous effortlessly.

While investing in a vaporizer may seem initially pricey, ranging from $150 to $400, it’s a worthwhile investment. These devices provide reliability and durability, ensuring enjoyable vaping experiences for years to come. Additionally, adjustable heat settings allow you to customize your sessions to your preference, ensuring consistent pleasure with every puff.

What Are Genius Pipes?

Experience a fresh and inventive way to enjoy smoking? Dive into the world of Genius Pipes, a fusion of bongs, chillums, and vaporizers that promises an unparalleled sensation. With just a flick of your lighter, these cutting-edge devices are ready to go. Fresh to the market, they bring an extra layer of excitement to the scene. Here’s all you need to know:

And if you need a little extra persuasion, just take it from Tommy Chong! His endorsement speaks volumes, emphasizing the undeniable value that comes with their price tag. If that’s not convincing enough, what else could sway your opinion?

Maintenance is a breeze, with these devices boasting impressive longevity. A quick filter change and you’re back in action, ensuring top-notch performance every time.

Drawing on their expertise in nuclear science, Genius Pipes have crafted a cooling technology that rivals even the most efficient reactor systems.

For those seeking the ultimate cannabis flavor experience, look no further! Our exceptional product will tantalize your taste buds, leaving you craving more. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity – seize the chance to savor these unparalleled flavors!

Smell-Proofing Devices

Assuming the responsibility that comes with indulging in marijuana indoors is crucial. Employing scent-proof technology not only ensures a pleasant environment but also shields you from potential legal issues or landlord discontent stemming from lingering odors. Prioritizing this simple precaution will maintain everyone’s satisfaction, particularly your own.

To counteract the potent smell of cannabis, consider utilizing odor-neutralizing candles and Smoke Buddies. At GG4 Store, an online cannabis dispensary, we provide various wraps and rolling trays through our mail order marijuana service. Scented candles effectively mask odors but should be lit before smoking to be most effective.

Smoke Buddies prove invaluable in this regard, offering both odor filtration and a means to exhale discreetly indoors. Despite these precautions, residual marijuana scent may persist, making Smoke Buddies an essential tool for maintaining a scent-free home and ensuring external detection is improbable.

Wraps and Rolling Trays

Perfecting the skill of rolling joints or pre-rolls is essential for those interested in using wraps, such as blunt wraps or rolling papers, to create their own cannabis cigarettes. These wraps are specifically crafted to facilitate DIY enthusiasts in effortlessly crafting their own joints. With dedication and practice, anyone can become proficient in using them!

Find the finest marijuana in Toronto through weed delivery from GG4 Store, conveniently located near you. While wraps may not be the primary choice for those on a tight budget due to their higher product consumption compared to alternatives like one-hitters and bongs, there’s a wide range of styles available at affordable prices to suit every need. Rolling your own blunt wrap is not just cost-effective but also more accessible than other smoking papers, making it an ideal technique for both seasoned users and beginners.

For newcomers to smoking, Pre-Rolled Joints are a perfect option, complete with a filter tip for convenience and a stylish design that adds sophistication. Though slightly pricier than similar products, these joints offer effortless access and convenience that justify the investment. Explore our extensive selection of wraps today and discover the perfect one for you, whether you prefer hemp or clear-flavored wraps, we have something to satisfy every palate. Enjoy top-notch quality with your preferred smoking wrap today!

Do I Need A Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays offer unparalleled functionality compared to alternatives like books or plates, serving as a convenient hub for organizing your wraps and cannabis. Their sleek design adds a dash of elegance to any surface, making them an ideal accessory for various setups.

Don’t miss out on the chance to snag a complimentary rolling tray with a substantial purchase from a leading wrap company! Our Toronto-based online cannabis dispensary not only delivers top-notch mail order marijuana but also offers same-day weed delivery. These invaluable trays are included in their gift collection, ensuring you don’t pass up on this valuable opportunity to elevate your rolling experience.

Should I Get A Roach Clip?

Rolling trays stand out from alternatives like books or plates by offering a seamless solution for organizing your wraps and cannabis, making rolling joints a breeze! Not only do they add a touch of elegance to any countertop, but they also ensure everything you need is conveniently in one place.

Don’t miss out on the chance to snag a complimentary rolling tray with a substantial order from one of the top wrap companies! Our Toronto-based online cannabis store offers premier mail order marijuana and same-day weed delivery. These trays are part of their gift collection, adding undeniable value to your purchase. Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip away!

Smell-Proof Bags

Looking to transport marijuana or cannabis accessories discreetly? Look no further than smell-proof bags! These innovative products effectively conceal any odors emanating from your items during travel, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind. Invest in a smell-proof bag today to safeguard your belongings securely and inconspicuously.

In search of the perfect odor-proof bag? Our diverse range caters to all requirements, whether it’s compact sizes for on-the-go travel, spacious options for storage, or specific needs. Explore our top picks now:

Concerned about transporting cannabis discreetly? Fear not – smell-proof baggies are here to maintain your privacy! Available at an affordable price, these small plastic bags offer a reliable barrier against odors and potential issues while on the move. With just a small investment, you can ensure the safety of your belongings wherever you go.

Consider a Smell-Proof Padded Pipe Carrying Case as a must-have for your smoking devices like bongs, chillums, or dab rigs. While it may be a bit pricier than standard backpacks, the case’s durability and superior scent control make it worth every penny. Designed to withstand accidental drops, these bags and cases are perfect for those who are frequently on the move.

What Should I Look For In Smell-Proof Bags?

Selecting the perfect packaging for your cannabis goods is a breeze – regardless of your choice, rest assured of top-notch quality! At GG4 Store, we offer same-day delivery for all customers aged 19 and up. While plastic drug baggies are well-known for their reliability, choosing the right odor-blocking bags tailored for cannabis can be a bit overwhelming. However, rest assured that whichever option you go for, quality remains uncompromised. To help you make an informed decision, consider these crucial factors: whether you need packaging for single items or multiple components, ensure your choice meets all your requirements!

Despite being labeled as “smell-proof,” a backpack might not always effectively mask the strong scent of marijuana – regardless of how odorless you believe your product to be. However, with a “smell-proof” bag, you can be confident that any aroma will be tightly contained and concealed! The labeling provides all the necessary information to keep your stash discreetly hidden. With this backpack, you can say goodbye to worries about anyone discovering the contents inside!

This bag not only offers sturdy protection for your belongings but also features cushioning that effectively blocks out any potent odors from permeating the rest of your luggage. With both padded defense and odor-blocking capabilities, everything in your suitcase – including any unpleasant smells – remains securely contained while you’re on the move!

With its robust fabric, reinforced seams, and unwavering shape retention, this bag ensures reliability regardless of the load you’re carrying! Say goodbye to concerns about flimsy tote bags failing you when it matters most – with this sturdy option, your items are safe and sound.

To avoid drawing unwanted attention, opt for bags with a more subtle design that lack obvious cannabis references like marijuana leaves. This way, you can stay secure and discreet no matter where you are – much preferable to risking legal trouble due to an overly conspicuous bag!


If you’re someone who enjoys smoking joints and wants to maintain a tidy smoking space, you’re in luck! There’s a wide range of ashtrays available in different designs, typically priced between $6 and $15. However, if you prefer using chillum pipes, consider investing in a Poke-A-Bowl ashtray. These ashtrays come with a handy poker tool specifically crafted for removing any built-up residue from your pipe’s bowl. Don’t wait any longer; give it a shot today and discover why it’s such a valuable addition to your smoking routine!

Bong And Pipe Cleaning Tools

For optimal enjoyment during your smoke sessions, it’s crucial to prioritize the cleaning of your cannabis smoking pipe. Maintaining a regular cleansing routine ensures you experience the fullest flavor and smoothest inhalation possible. At GG4 Store, we offer expedited service for same-day weed delivery to all customers aged 19 and above. Accumulated unsanitary residue can taint the taste and hinder your draws, but dedicating just a few minutes between hits will greatly enhance your experience. Remember, maximum enjoyment requires regular upkeep, so embrace the maintenance process!

A pristine living space is essential, and having the right cleaning tools can significantly ease this daunting task. The good news is, these essential products are readily available at your local department store, eliminating the need to travel far from home to acquire them!

Do I Need Pipe Cleaners?

No matter your choice of smoking device, pipe cleaners are a must-have for maintaining optimal condition. Whether it’s pipes or one-hitters, these nostalgic tools come in various shapes and sizes to cater to your needs. At GG4 Store, we take pride in providing mail order marijuana (MOM) services to Toronto and all Canadian provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and beyond. If you’re seeking cost-effective materials to craft enduring pleasures and entertainment, pipe cleaners are your solution! For just $20, you’ll receive a comprehensive set that promises endless hours of excitement.

Do I Need Pipe Cleaning Solvents?

Attention cannabis enthusiasts! If you’re seeking an effective solution to clean your glassware, consider the specialized solvents tailored just for you: Formula 420 and Orange Chronic Cleaner! These innovative formulas surpass traditional household cleaners in their ability to eliminate residue and grime. Prepare yourself for an exceptional cleaning experience only achievable with these revered products from the industry!

For those looking to efficiently and effortlessly clean their smoking devices, specialty cleaners are the way to go. GG4 Store Toronto, a cannabis accessories provider, offers top-quality products for customers aged 19 and above across Canada. While prices may vary, these cleaners can make a significant difference if your smoking experience has been compromised by an off taste—they’re far more effective than alternative methods! Investing in one of these solutions could be the key to unlocking a successful and enjoyable smoking session.

Do I Need Sponges?

Break free from the traditional and choose your own cleaning style for your ashtray! You are in charge of how you want to clean it – no need to stay limited by using just a sponge.

Do I Need Pokers?

Never stress about the cleanliness of your chillum, pipe, or any smoking apparatus again! A poker effectively removes residue and buildup from most items. Alternatively, for a simpler solution, ashtrays are equally effective and simplify the cleaning process for any device, regardless of its type!


Elevate your cannabis game with these exceptionally potent and sturdy grinders. Constructed from premium aluminum or titanium, once you start using these grinders, you won’t want to go back. Equipped with sharp blades and multiple layers, even the toughest herbs are effortlessly broken down – simply load your herbs, give it a twist or two, and presto! Finely ground herb in a flash – it couldn’t be simpler. Plus, not only do these stainless steel grinders collect kief, but their top-notch materials ensure a superior experience. Worried about the cost? Fear not, starting at just $5, these grinders offer outstanding quality without breaking the bank!

Do I Need A Grinder?

For passionate cannabis aficionados, acquiring a grinder is essential. It not only simplifies the process of breaking down buds into manageable pieces but also ensures tidy storage without any risk of spills. This makes it a vital accessory for convenient cannabis consumption. Even if you’re not a frequent cannabis user, investing in a grinder might not cross your mind. However, for regular flower consumers, it should be a top priority, as it’s a crucial tool that shouldn’t be underestimated.

What About Grinder Pens?

Bid farewell to tedious manual tasks and welcome the innovation of the groundbreaking grinder pen! With a simple push of a button, you can swiftly grind your herbs. Moreover, it includes a convenient funnel mechanism for effortless dispensing, ensuring impeccably ground herbs without any fuss. Our online cannabis dispensary offers top-tier, same-day delivery in Toronto, ensuring you receive the finest grinders promptly. While premium products may come with a higher cost and occasional quality concerns, there are still those who see the value in investing in them. This handheld electric device presents an optimal solution for individuals seeking seamless precision without breaking the bank – indulge yourself today!

Storage Tools

Storing all your belongings in one place can be quite the challenge, but fear not! Here are some fantastic organizational options to consider:

  1. Ensure the safety and freshness of your smoking paraphernalia with a Padded Bong Case. Not only does it shield your collection from potential damage, but it also preserves the aroma and taste of your favorites. Protect and savor what you love most with this essential investment.
  2. Keep your cannabis tasting its best for longer with Cannadors. Think of it as a humidor for your marijuana, meticulously designed to maintain the ideal humidity level. Experience prolonged freshness and flavor with this innovative solution.
  3. When it comes to keeping your items safe and fresh, Vacuum Containers are unmatched. With superior quality and powerful airtight sealing technology, they effectively shield stored contents from external influences. Safeguard your food completely with these remarkable containers.
  4. Discover the versatility of stash boxes to discreetly store your prized possessions. Cleverly disguised as everyday items like cans, books, or coffee mugs, these containers ensure your valuables remain hidden in plain sight, providing peace of mind and security.

What Are Padded Bong Cases?

Padded bong cases serve as a reliable means to safeguard your smoking gear during travel. While they may not always effectively mask odors, their primary function is to ensure the safety of your pipes and accessories wherever you go.

Finding a high-quality bong case can be pricey, with prices ranging from $50 to a steep $150. However, you can conveniently purchase accessories from GG4 Store’s online weed delivery service. Despite the initial cost, these expenses are justified by the invaluable protection they provide. In addition to enhanced security, these durable cases often come equipped with locks, further solidifying their worth as a worthwhile investment.

What Are Cannadors?

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, such as indulging in a superb cigar, the significance of humidors cannot be overstated. Similarly, for cannabis enthusiasts seeking both luxury and convenience, look no further than Cannadors for guaranteed satisfaction! Crafted from various exquisite woods and adorned with elegant glass jars for storing your prized possessions, Cannadors also feature specialized compartments for all your smoking essentials. Treat yourself to the epitome of luxury and convenience by choosing Cannadors today!

If you prioritize proper cannabis storage, then Cannadors are the ideal solution for you. With options available to suit every budget, ranging from $20 to $100 depending on size and wood type, there’s a Cannador for everyone. Regardless of your financial constraints, you can easily attain a high-quality Cannador that meets your needs.

What Are Vacuum Containers?

To ensure your cannabis stays fresh for extended periods, particularly six months or more, vacuum containers stand out as the top choice. GG4 Store Toronto, a weed delivery service, offers premium accessories to customers aged 19 and over across Canada. These containers boast a robust design, snug lids, and durable build, guaranteeing your stash remains pristine regardless of storage duration. Opting for such quality storage solutions assures year-round protection for your cannabis.

For those seeking an economical and dependable storage option, consider Mason jar alternatives as your go-to solution. Priced between $10 to $30 for individual pieces or sets, these containers offer a practical and affordable alternative to vacuum containers. Invest in effective storage that won’t strain your budget today!

What Are Stash Boxes?

For years, stash boxes have been indispensable for cannabis enthusiasts seeking secure and inconspicuous storage solutions. Emerging out of a pressing need for convenience, these innovative contraptions have played a pivotal role in shielding countless individuals from potential legal troubles. Far more than mere symbols within the cannabis community, stash boxes offer indispensable safeguarding that deserves profound appreciation.

These clever storage units provide a discreet and inventive means to safeguard your cannabis, available in various shapes and sizes with cunning disguises. Purchase stash boxes conveniently online, including same-day weed delivery from GG4 Store cannabis dispensary. Ranging from bookshelf designs to airtight containers adept at masking the distinct aroma of marijuana, these compact solutions offer unparalleled convenience while avoiding unwanted attention. In fact, many occupy no more space than a large soda can!

Do I Need A Stash Box?

Ensuring the safety of your privacy is paramount, and acquiring a stash box offers unparalleled security. With exclusive access granted only to individuals you designate, rest assured that whatever you store inside remains entirely safeguarded from unauthorized access. Stash boxes guarantee total peace of mind in safeguarding your possessions.

Do I Need A Locking Storage Container?

Purchasing a secure storage unit equipped with an incorporated locking mechanism is unquestionably a wise investment. Not only will it protect your valuable belongings from prying eyes, but it will also provide an added layer of defense against potential theft.