Roches lunaires

Moon rocks weed is crafted by coating OG Kush buds in hash oil and dusting them with kief, resulting in a potent cannabis concentrate. Optimal consumption methods include using a bong or pipe to avoid losing any of the valuable material. While it can be ignited in various ways, it’s advised to avoid grinding it. Offering a diverse range of flavors, these moon rocks boast an impressive THC content of 52%. Enhance your cannabis collection by purchasing moon rocks online!

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What are moon rocks? Crafted with care, moon rocks represent a concentrated form of marijuana and hash oil, packing a punch with sky-high THC levels. Following a process of coating or spraying the buds with hash oil, they are rolled in kief, typically delivering around 50% THC potency, though results may vary. The high from moon rocks is renowned for its intense elevation, starting with a cerebral buzz before spreading throughout the body. Compared to other highs, it burns slowly, ensuring a prolonged experience.

Effets sur la santé des Moonrocks

Prior to indulging in Moonrocks, readiness is key. Their influence tends to endure, thus it’s advisable to refrain from consuming Moonrocks until you’ve fulfilled all your daily obligations. Productivity is unlikely once the effects of Moonrocks set in.

Given their elevated THC levels, Moonrocks may not be the ideal option for individuals inexperienced with marijuana or cannabis products in general. It’s recommended to begin with traditional buds before advancing to acheter des pierres de lune.

Commander des pierres de lune de marijuana

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