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Buying Weed Online in Vaughan, Ontario

Located north of Toronto, Vaughan is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. It is home to the biggest amusement park in the country, as well as one the country’s largest shopping centres. Whether you are looking for relaxed solitude or an exciting adventure, you will find it in beautiful Vaughan. One great way to spend you days in Vaughan is with some weed. Cannabis is legal in this city, and offers you a great way to reap the many benefits of this powerful plant. You can easily order weed online from the many online dispensaries serving the city, including the GG4 Store.

buy Buy Weed Vancouver
buy Buy Weed Vancouver

If there is one thing we know about Vaughan – it’s that a whole lot of people here really love to smoke weed, dab extracts, eat cannabis infused edibles… and we know that a huge proportion of those cannabis fans prefer to buy weed online. It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to putting your faith into a weed online dispensary – so reputation and word of mouth is important when you can’t see the product, smell the bud, talk to a budtender. When you come to us here at GG4 for the convenience of online weed delivery, you also have the luxury of knowing you aren’t sacrificing quality for convenience.

GG4 is the best weed delivery store located in Canada. We offer a variety of top grade cannabis products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, prerolls, oils, CBD, tinctures, topicals and more. We are sharing our beautiful flowers with you, our pricing only reflects on the admin fees, packaging and delivery of a safe quality product.

Weed Laws in Vaughan, Ontario

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 and the Cannabis Act, 2017 amended to clarify where the smoking and vaping of medical and recreational cannabis is permitted as well as where it is prohibited, such as in enclosed public places and enclosed workplaces, vehicles and boats. The City does not regulate where the smoking of recreational cannabis can take place.

People 19 years old and over are able to purchase recreational cannabis online through the Ontario Cannabis Store. Since Oct. 17, 2018, the Ontario Cannabis Store website is the only legal option for purchasing recreational cannabis. The legislation established the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) as the provincial regulator authorized to grant store licenses. The Ontario Cannabis Store is the exclusive wholesaler to these stores. Private stores are introduced with strict controls to safeguard children and youth and combat the illegal market.


“We have actively engaged and listened to citizens about the issue of recreational cannabis and the presence of cannabis retail stores in the city. Members of the public have been clear. Families do not want greater access to cannabis in our community. There are far too many unanswered questions and the people of Vaughan have demonstrated to us that they are not comfortable with opting-in. The health and safety of Vaughan’s children, youth and all citizens remain of paramount importance. Vaughan, and all municipalities, needs dedicated, predictable and substantial funding from both the Canadian and Ontario governments to help ensure the administration and consumption of recreational cannabis is done in a safe, informed and responsible manner. This is not the current situation.” – Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

Weed Possession in Vaughan, Ontario

  • You can have up to a maximum of 30 grams (about one ounce) of dried cannabis in public.
  • You can grow a maximum of four plants per residence (not per person).
  • Additional information on possession limits for cannabis products is available from the Department of Justice.

Where to Go in Vaughan After You Get Some Weed

Vaughan is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is located in the Regional Municipality of York, just north of Toronto. Vaughan was the fastest-growing municipality in Canada between 1996 and 2006, achieving a population growth rate of 80.2% according to Statistics Canada and having nearly doubled in population since 1991.

Not only is Vaughan a cultural melting-pot, it is also filled with things to do while you are high. It is home to the largest amusement park in the country, one of Canada’s largest shopping centres and an open-air heritage museum. In short, it is a city well worth visiting.

Here are the best things to do in Vaughan:

1. Ride rollercoasters
Canada’s Wonderland is the most visited attraction in the city. The 133 hectare amusement park is split into six different areas, one of which is an eight hectare waterpark! If you are visiting with the kids, there is an area designated just for them, with rides to appeal to various ages.

2. Go shopping
Located right next to Canada’s Wonderland is one of Canada’s largest malls; Vaughan Mills. Over 13 million people visit the massive shopping mall each year. Vaughan Mills has over 200 retail shops, 16 of which are anchors. There are also more than 35 places to eat in the 120,000 square metre mall.

3. Visit an art gallery
If you are a fan of the famous Group of Seven, then you must visit the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. This small art gallery features an extensive collection of paintings by Tom Thomson, as well as other works by other artists from this renowned group.

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