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Buying Cannabis Online in Kitchener, Ontario

Your excitement and appreciation in Kitchener can be enhanced with some cannabis. Smoking cannabis in this city is perfectly legal. In fact, you will find many online dispensaries like GG4 Store offering high quality cannabis products and accessories for every kind of consumer. If you are looking for another reason to use cannabis, a study found that marijuana makes people more creative, particularly in terms of how they use language. The researchers were able to conclude that cannabis increased the verbal fluency in low creatives so they are now at the same level as high creatives.

buy Buy Cannabis Kitchener
buy Buy Cannabis Kitchener

So, do you want to find out who has got the top marijuana strains in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! GG4 offers the best cannabis delivery service in Kitchener. We have the best cannabis products including indicas, sativas, and hybrid flowers, THC concentrates such as live resin, wax, rosin, budder, and shatter, oils, capsules, edibles, topicals and more! You’ll be smoking the best weed in all of Canada with our store!

With our quick registration process, you will be able to have access to our complete catalogue! Once we have confirmed your information it will only be a short 1 to 3 days until your GG4 products are in your hand! We have worked hard to create a catalogue that caters to all needs — whether you are a recreational smoker, casual edible consumer, or require cannabis for medicinal purposes we have a product for you. As part of our process, we ensure that your information is kept safe and secure on our website. Through the use of SSL encryption and secure server we are able to guarantee that your information can never be accessed from any unauthorized user. We understand that when sharing your data, you want to know it is protected.

Cannabis Laws in Kitchener

La législation ontarienne sur le cannabis est entrée en vigueur le 17 octobre 2018. La législation fixe un âge minimum de 19 ans pour consommer, acheter, posséder et cultiver du cannabis en Ontario.

Conformément à la Loi favorisant un Ontario sans fumée, les consommateurs de cannabis sont autorisés à fumer du cannabis à l'extérieur dans des endroits où la cigarette et les cigarettes électroniques sont autorisées, à moins que des restrictions organisationnelles supplémentaires ne s'appliquent.

À compter du 17 octobre 2019, en vertu de la Loi sur le cannabis, la production et la vente de produits comestibles, d'extraits et de produits topiques à base de cannabis seront légales. Le cannabis peut être consommé de différentes manières (inhalation et ingestion) et comporte différents risques pour la santé et la sécurité.

Le cannabis affecte tout le monde différemment. Assurez-vous de bien comprendre les effets du cannabis sur la santé.

Assurez-vous que le cannabis et les produits liés au cannabis sont entreposés en toute sécurité et hors de portée des enfants, des jeunes et des animaux de compagnie. Utilisez hors de la vue des enfants, en particulier lorsque vous utilisez des formes comestibles de cannabis et soyez conscient de la façon de prévenir une intoxication involontaire au cannabis.

Soyez prudent lorsque vous mangez ou buvez des produits contenant de 2,5 mg à 10 mg de THC. Il est préférable de minimiser les risques en choisissant des produits de 2,5 mg ou moins. Connaissez vos limites et apprenez-en plus sur le THC.

Ne conduisez pas avec les facultés affaiblies. Apprenez-en davantage sur les effets de la conduite avec facultés affaiblies par le cannabis.

Cannabis Possession in Kitchener

You can possess up to 30 grams of dried legal cannabis in public. You are able to grow up to four plants per residence (not per person).

You cannot smoke or vape on a patio of any bar or restaurant, including the public areas within 9 metres of the patio.Drivers and their passengers cannot smoke tobacco or vape anything in a car or other motor vehicle if anyone inside is age 15 years or younger.

You cannot smoke or vape in the entire premise of any child care centre or place that provides an early years program or service. You cannot smoke or vape on children’s playgrounds or public areas within 20 metres of children’s playgrounds. You cannot smoke or vape in the reserved seating area of outdoor sports arenas or entertainment venues. The legislation does not address general admission areas.

Where to Go in Kitchener After You Got Your Cannabis

Now that you have your cannabis products you may be wondering how to enjoy them in Kitchener, well we are happy to tell you that the options are endless! So, if you are looking for activities to do in Kitchener, try going to a museum and learn more about the city, drink beer during Oktoberfest, go back in time at the Doon Heritage Village, or go skiing at the ski club. You can also spend a day at the park, play golf, stroll through the graveyard, or dine in any of their local restaurants.

If you are looking for a relaxing time — roll a joint and check out some of Kitchener’s beautiful parks like Victoria Park or Waterloo Park. Checking out these areas will provide you with a beautiful nature escape.

You may find yourself in the need for trying some new local foods or just checking out the goods that Kitchener has to offer — you will want to visit St. Jacobs Famers’ Market & Flea Market. The options are endless and with a quick hit of your vape, you will have a great time!

Although Kitchener may be a smaller town than the not too far away Toronto — it still has so much to offer the cannabis consumer. We can’t wait for you to enjoy some of our GG4 products while in Kitchener!

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