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Buying Cannabis Online in Ottawa

Ottawa is the latest city to join the cannabis conversation. As of October 17th, 2018, adults aged 19 and over are now able to purchase and consume cannabis in the nation’s capital.

Ottawa joins a growing list of Canadian cities that have legalized cannabis, including Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. And while some residents may be apprehensive about cannabis legalization, city officials are hopeful that it will provide new economic opportunities for the city.

The City of Ottawa has created a website with information for residents about cannabis legalization. You can visit the website to learn more about where you can purchase cannabis, how to consume it and what restrictions are in place.

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Regulations Around Cannabis Use in Ottawa

Ottawa has had a fairly open attitude towards cannabis since it was legalized for recreational use in Canada in October 2018. In Ottawa, cannabis can be used in public spaces where tobacco smoking is allowed, and there are many cannabis-friendly bars and cafes where you can enjoy a joint or vape in peace.

The only real regulations around cannabis use in Ottawa are around where you can buy it. Recreational cannabis can only be bought from licensed retailers, and it’s not currently legal to grow your own plants. It’s also against the law to give or sell cannabis to minors.

Popular Strains Available in Ottawa

When it comes to strains, there’s plenty to choose from in Ottawa. Some of the most popular strains available in the city include:

• OG Kush: A classic strain that’s popular for its strong cerebral high.

• Blue Dream: A relatively mellow strain that provides a calm and relaxing high.

• Sour Diesel: A powerful strain known for its energizing effects.

• Bubba Kush: A potent indica strain that’s known for its relaxing effects.

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

If you are looking to try cannabis in Ottawa, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to consume it. Different ways of consuming cannabis include smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Let’s start with smoking. This is the oldest and most popular form of consuming cannabis. However, it does come with several health risks since it involves combustion of plant material and inhalation of smoke.

Vaping is another increasingly popular way to consume cannabis. Vaping is believed to be healthier than smoking since it involves heating the cannabis instead of burning the plant material, which reduces the amount of toxic chemicals released.

Edibles are food items infused with cannabis and can be a delicious option for those who don’t like inhaling smoke or vapor from vaping devices. When eating edibles, however, it’s important to remember that different types of edibles will have different effects on your body due to the different absorption rates in your system — so always start with a lower dose and see how your body reacts before taking more!

Tinctures are another great option for those looking for an easy way to consume cannabis without any smoke or vapor inhalation. These liquid extracts can be taken orally under the tongue or added into drinks or food items — just make sure not to heat them up!

Finally, there are also topical products such as creams that you can apply directly onto your skin which will give you localized effects without any psychoactivity — perfect for those looking for relief from muscle aches and pains without feeling “high”!

Culture of Ottawa

Cannabis is part of the culture in Ottawa, and has been for decades. It’s no surprise, then, that Ottawa is known as one of the most cannabis friendly cities in Canada. In fact, the city has a vibrant cannabis scene with a number of dispensaries, cafes and lounges.

The culture of cannabis in Ottawa revolves around community events like 4/20 celebrations and meetups. There are also regular networking events like the Cannabis Entrepreneurial Gathering. Plus, there are even cannabis-friendly spaces such as the Higher Ground Café and TOKE Lounge & Bar.

These spaces provide a safe and welcoming environment where people can come together to learn more about cannabis, celebrate different holidays related to cannabis use, and discuss industry trends with fellow enthusiasts. And these events are all rooted in education; event organizers strive to maintain an atmosphere where all attendees can learn about responsible cannabis consumption and the current laws surrounding its use in Ottawa.

History of Ottawa

It’s important to know the history of cannabis in Ottawa before you dive into the world of cannabis. This city has had a long and complicated relationship with cannabis. In 2001, the city became the first Canadian municipality to legalize medical cannabis in response to a Supreme Court ruling. Since then, it has been leading the charge in Canada’s cannabis industry.

The city also hosted several major cannabis events over the years, including Hemp Fest and the Cannabis Awareness Expo, both of which draw thousands of attendees every year. Back in 2017, Ottawa was home to Canada’s first licensed dispensary – CannaGreen – which introduced a new model for regulated and responsible access to cannabis products.

On October 17th 2018, adult-use recreational cannabis was officially legalized across Canada and Ottawa was quick to embrace this new chapter of legality. City officials opened up applications for dispensary licenses back in April 2019 and there are now dozens of storefronts throughout Ottawa offering high-quality strains from local growers and brands from all across Canada.

Climate and Geography of Ottawa

When talking about cannabis in Ottawa, one of the most important factors to consider is the climate and geography of the city.

Ottawa can be quite humid during the summer months, while winters are usually cold with abundant snowfall. This is ideal for growing strong and healthy cannabis plants, as it provides plenty of moisture and a significant amount of direct sunlight. Additionally, due to its northern latitude, it also offers longer hours of natural light during the summer months, making it ideal for outdoor growing.

The geography of Ottawa is also a plus for cannabis production. It’s situated in an area with a large number of agricultural lands, which makes it much easier for local producers to secure land for their own operations. In addition, this area has an abundance of water sources which make it possible to irrigate the crops with ease.

All these factors make Ottawa an ideal place for producing top-quality cannabis products.

Business and Economy in Ottawa

If you’re someone who is interested in learning more about how the cannabis industry is impacting Ottawa’s economy, you’re in luck. With the legalization of recreational cannabis, it has opened up a whole new world of potential for the city.

From an estimated 70 jobs in 2017, the number of jobs related to cannabis in Ottawa has more than doubled. The cannabis industry has created opportunities ranging from research and development to retail and manufacturing. Businesses are also seeing a bump due to increased tourism as people flock to Ottawa to take advantage of its decriminalized recreational use.

What’s more, there’s been an increasing demand for commercial space since many cannabis-related businesses are looking for space to set up shop. This provides a unique opportunity for real estate developers to capitalize on the new market. All these things together create an economic growth engine that will continue to fuel Ottawa’s economy long into the future.

Attractions for Tourists in Ottawa

Cannabis tourism is certainly on the rise in Ottawa. There are now plenty of exciting attractions for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a way to explore the city or a unique experience, Ottawa’s cannabis scene has something for everyone.

For example, many dispensaries offer cannabis-themed tours of the city or special edibles-making classes. Additionally, there are also cannabis-friendly accommodations that allow visitors to enjoy their own herb in the comfort of their own room.

There are also plenty of events centered around cannabis culture, such as organized smoke sessions at parks, music festivals and more. Finally, there are offerings geared towards city sightseeing like rolling joint busses, which offer guided smoking tours through downtown Ottawa.

If you’re itching to experience all that this progressive Canadian city has to offer when it comes to cannabis, there’s no better place than Ottawa!

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