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Buying Marijuana Online in Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is actually one of the most visited cities by free souls seeking winter landscapes. If you’re in love with snow and cold air at below-zero temperatures, Regina is an ideal destination. Marijuana is perfectly tolerated by the citizens of Regina, but it’s not that easy to find high-quality buds locally. Thus, you may want to consider using mail order marijuana delivery in Regina to enjoy your time in the city even more. Citizens of Regina like top-shelf buds and thus the demand for online marijuana services is constantly growing. Here at GG4, you can purchase your favorite strain for both medical and recreational reasons.

buy Buy Cannabis Regina
buy Buy Cannabis Regina

So, if you’re looking to buy marijuana in Canada then look no further. GG4 has an endless amount of strains for all conditions and at the best prices! If you’ve been wondering how to order weed online then you’ve come to the right place, it’s never been easier to have your weed delivered straight to your door. It doesn’t matter how baked you are, we make it so easy to buy weed online, you couldn’t screw it up if you tried. So, take a rip off your bong or pass that blunt and keep your buzz going while you shop our selection of flowers, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and CBD oil products in Regina, Canada.

GG4 provides you the convenience of mail order marijuana with a wide selection of sativas, indicas, kush, weed edibles and weed concentrates. With fast and reliable delivery, competitive prices and excellent customer service GG4 saves you time and money. Shopping online through our online dispensary means you get a great selection at competitive prices. All orders are shipped in plain packaging to ensure every order makes it to your door. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number via email. Typically, you will receive your order within 1-3 business days unless you live in a remote area.

Regina Marijuana Laws

The federal government’s Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) provides legal access to cannabis and controls and regulates its production, distribution and sale. Under the Cannabis Act, each province has the ability to set its own rules for cannabis. Online sales of marijuana products are undertaken by the private stores authorized to sell cannabis to those 19+.

So, you must be at least 19 years of age or older to buy, possess, consume or cultivate marijuana in Saskatchewan. Adults 19 years of age and older are legally allowed to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana. Cannabis consumption is permitted in the privacy of your own home or private residence. Public consumption, as well as consuming within a motor vehicle, are strictly prohibited. Also, the legalization of recreational marijuana has no impact on medical marijuana in Saskatchewan. Medical and recreational cannabis are two entirely different entities and medical cannabis will continue to be overseen by the Federal Government.

Cannabis transportation is legal within Saskatchewan however you must abide by the possession limit at all times. If you plan to transport marijuana outside Saskatchewan but still within Canada, you must be aware of the cannabis laws in the province or territory that you will be traveling within.

Adults 19 years of age and older are permitted to purchase marijuana at licensed online and private retail stores. All marijuana purchases are regulated by The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Marijuana Possession in Regina

Marijuana is a drug that can affect your mind and body. It is important to know about the health effects, the legal issues and ways to lower health and other risks, if you choose to use it. The physical and mental effects of cannabis vary depending on how much marijuana is used, how it is used, and what type of cannabis is used.

The legislation sets a minimum age of 19 to use, buy, possess and grow cannabis in Saskatchewan. You can possess only 30 grams of cannabis. You are allowed to cultivate up to four legal cannabis plants per residence (not per individual in the residence) anywhere on your property.


Class of Cannabis Quantity equivalent to 1 g of dried cannabis CalculationEquivalency Amount 
Dried cannabis 1g 1 g x 30 = 30 g of dried cannabis 
Fresh cannabis 5g 5 g x 30 = 150 g of fresh cannabis 
Solids containing cannabis 15 g 15 g x 30 = 450 g of solids containing cannabis 
Non-solids containing cannabis 70 g 70 g x 30 = 2,100 grams of non-solids containing cannabis 
Cannabis solid concentrates 0.25 g 0.25 g x 30 = 7.5 g of cannabis solid concentrates 
Cannabis non-solid concentrates 0.25 g 0.25 g x 30 = 7.5 g of cannabis non- solid concentrates 
Cannabis plant seeds 1 seed 1 seed x 30 = 30 cannabis seeds 

Where to Go in Regina After You Get Your Marijuana

Regina, the sunniest capital city in Canada, has cold winters and even hotter summers. Take the edge off with GG4 premium marijuana products. Whether you are enjoying a summers day at Wascana Center Park with the family or visiting the Royal Saskatchewan Museum for a bit of marijuana is going to make your adventure all the more fun!

A hybrid cannabis strain is perfect for a quick boost in mood and energy while easing any irritation you may feel from that hot Saskatchewan sun! While in Regina, we recommend checking out the Mckenzie Art Gallery after a few dabs of shatter, but remember to bring your vaporizer because you may be there a while. After a long day of adventuring Regina, we like to head to the Diplomat Steakhouse for a Classic steak and potatoes dinner, but not before we enjoy an indica doobie to boost the old appetite!

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