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Buying Weed Online in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Since weed is now legal in Saskatchewan the demand for online weed services has been growing fast. No big surprise in this amazing province known for its chill vistas, especially if you love snowy Winter landscapes. The province is also known as the province of hundred thousand lakes and the sunniest in Canada, everything you need to enjoy some of our fine weed products. In Saskatchewan, people would prefer you not smoking in public areas that is why it is safe to say that you should smoke out of the public eye and if possible, privately at home. This is another good reason to buy your weed online with GG4.

buy Buy Weed Saskatoon
buy Buy Weed Saskatoon

We offer our clients quality weed products with fast and reliable delivery anywhere in Canada. We have developed long term relationships and have years of expertise in the marijuana business. We now have one of the broadest selections of cannabis products on the internet with our offerings of sativas, indicas, weed edibles, CBD and cannabis topicals, cannabis tinctures, popular favourites like Purple Kush, Blue Dynamite and Death Bubba and more. You get exactly what you see from the product pictures.

That’s why GG4 is one of Canada’s most regarded online weed dispensaries. We deliver high-quality weed products everywhere in Saskatchewan. You can order various cannabis goods without leaving your home and we will deliver your package within 1-3 business days — right at your front door.

Weed Laws in Saskatoon

Any kind of smoke is harmful. In fact, studies have shown that cannabis smoke contains many of the same harmful substances as tobacco smoke. Like smoking cigarettes, smoking cannabis can damage your lungs and can cause bronchitis-like symptoms, coughing and wheezing which can, for example, affect athletic performance. While the effects of second-hand smoke from tobacco are well known, more research is needed to better understand the health effects of second-hand smoke from weed.

The decision to legalize cannabis was made by the federal government, but provinces and territories have the responsibility of regulating certain areas.

Minors are prohibited from possessing cannabis. Possession of less than five grams is a provincial offence and can result in a fine. Possessing more than five grams can result in a criminal prosecution that is subject to The Youth Criminal Justice Act.

  • Legal age in Saskatchewan for cannabis use is 19
  • Cannot possess illicit cannabis
  • Cannot have more than four plants total in a residence
  • No organization can possess cannabis – only individuals
  • No person shall possess, consume, or distribute cannabis in a vehicle
  • No individual shall consume cannabis in a public place
  • No individual shall consume cannabis at a school or on school grounds or at a childcare facility
  • Any police officer may arrest, without warrant, any person whom he or she finds committing an offence against this act or the regulations

Weed Possession in Saskatoon

You can possess up to 30 grams (about 1 ounce) of dried cannabis, or an equivalent amount of cannabis oil. Also, you can have 30 cannabis seeds for personal home growing (limit 4 plants per household).

You can grow your own cannabis strains at home for personal use in Saskatchewan.

  • Limit of four plants per household from seeds bought from licensed cannabis retailers
  • Plants must be hidden from public view
  • Landlords may limit or ban growing

Where to Go in Saskatoon After You Get Some Weed

Canada’s fastest growing city, Saskatoon, is often referred to as the “Paris of the Prairies” for its beautiful brass-colored bridges. And it’s catching up to the French capital with its rich historical and cultural offerings. With Saskatonians returning home from big cities, this Saskatchewan city has recently grown in population and popularity without sacrificing its charm. Street signs of the revitalized Riversdale neighborhood have little red hearts next to the names, cafes buzz with tourists and locals, and riverside paths offer scenic vistas of the skyline and quaint neighborhoods. In this city you will definitely find where to go while stoned!

Here are our top 3 things to do in Saskatoon stoned:

1. Visit Remai Modern Museum
The Remai Modern Museum, overlooking the South Saskatchewan River, houses the largest collection of Pablo Picasso’s linocuts, about 406 pieces in its permanent collection. The building, opened in October 2017, pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style, similar to Fallingwater with its glass and wood stacked facade, and a subtle copper-colored grid encompassing it to moderate indoor temperature. The atrium features a long fireplace with the museum named etched in native languages and a large, permanent installation of hanging cubes crafted from venetian blinds by artist Haegue Yang.

2. Explore Wanuskewin Heritage Park
The grounds of the park contain the country’s longest-running archaeological dig, where 6,000-year-old relics are discovered daily. Among the major archaeological finds is a 1,500-year-old “medicine wheel” used in the hunting of bison upon which the First Nations people depended.

3. Visit Western Development Museum
Saskatoon has grown into the thriving industrial center it is today because of its rich railway roots. In 1908, a railway line brought European immigrants to the Western prairies and soon changed the essence of the region. The Western Development Museum transports you back in time with a life-size replica of 1910 Boomtown, with buildings including a school, church, laundromat, and feed store, decorated with actual artifacts. Vintage streetcars, ancient tractors, and carriages line the sides of the road that begins at the railway station, with an actual train you can board.

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