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Buying Weed Online in Burlington, Ontario

Burlington is a stunning city that sits between Toronto and Niagara Falls, located along the edge of Lake Ontario. Canadians have voted Burlington as one of the best places in the country to live, but it also makes a great destination for tourists who want to indulge in the culture of Canada – and, of course, in your weed ordered online. Burlington has so much to offer – from beautiful gardens to high-end dining – that a visit to the city without a certain plan may be overwhelming for first-timers. That being said, while you’re organizing your trip around Burlington, a bag of fresh and pungent sativa may come in handy; especially now that weed is legal in Canada.

buy Buy Weed Burlington
buy Buy Weed Burlington

Let’s be honest, more people than ever are using the web to buy different things, and cannabis is no exception. Buying weed is fast, safe, and easy, not to mention that you can choose from a true wealth of cannabis products if you find a trusted supplier. If you want to save time and nerves when searching for high-quality weed, buying weed online is the best option. Not everyone is lucky enough to live near a dispensary. So if you need weed now, why not order some quality weed and get it delivered, it’s just as easy as ordering a pizza, but sometimes quicker. GG4 has the best Burlington weed delivery services listed. Including weed delivery ordering information you need to get fast and reliable home delivery.

GG4 provides you the convenience of mail order weed with a wide selection of sativas, indicas, kush, weed edibles and weed concentrates. With fast and reliable delivery, competitive prices and excellent customer service GG4 saves you time and money. Shopping online through our online dispensary means you get a great selection at competitive prices. All orders are shipped in plain packaging to ensure every order makes it to your door. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number via email. Typically, you will receive your order within 1-3 business days unless you live in a remote area.

Weed Laws in Burlington

On Oct. 17, 2018, the federal government legalized recreational cannabis in Canada. The minimum age for use of cannabis is 19, the same as for alcohol.

You cannot smoke or vape cannabis, both medical or non-medical, anywhere tobacco use is prohibited, as well as some additional places:

  • Vehicles and boats being driven or under someone’s care or control
  • Enclosed public places, enclosed workplaces and other sheltered areas with a roof and more than two walls (such as bus shelters)
  • Indoor common areas in condominiums, apartment buildings and university/college residences
  • Restaurant and bar patios and public areas within nine metres of a patio
  • Publicly-owned sporting areas, spectator areas, community recreation centres and public areas within 20 metres of those grounds
  • Reserved seating areas of outdoor sports or entertainment venues
  • Schools and school grounds, and public areas within 20 metres of those grounds
  • Children’s playgrounds and public areas within 20 metres of playgrounds
  • Child care centres, and places where an early years program is provided
  • Places where home child care is provided, regardless of whether children are present
  • Nine metres from the entrance or exit of a public hospital, private hospital, psychiatric facility, long-term care home and independent health facility
  • Outdoor grounds of public hospitals, private hospitals, psychiatric facilities and specified Ontario government buildings

Weed Possession in Burlington

Individuals who have attained the legal age of possession in Ontario can legally possess the following:

Up-to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried, or the following equivalents:

150 grams of fresh cannabis

450 grams of edible product

2,100 grams of liquid product

5 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)

30 cannabis plant seeds

Share up-to 30 grams with other adults.

Purchase fresh and dried cannabis, and cannabis oils from authorized provincial or territorial retailers.

Grow for personal use up-to 4 plants per residence (not per person) from licensed seeds or seedlings.

Make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products

The Federal Government has developed the equivalent amounts for other cannabis products to identify what their possession limit would be.

Under the Act, one gram of dried cannabis is equal to:

5 grams of fresh cannabis

15 grams of edible product

70 grams of liquid product

.25 grams of concentrates

1 cannabis plant seed

Where to Go in Burlington After You Get Some Weed

Those who like to revel in picturesque views after a few bowls of an energizing sativa should definitely head over to Royal Botanical Gardens, which are arguably Burlington’s top attraction. The green fields full of gorgeous flowers spread across 900 hectares of land. A greenhouse, outdoor gardens, restaurants, lovely gift shops – it’s all there.

Are you an artistic soul? If yes, then the Art Gallery of Burlington is a must-go place. It’s the seventh largest pubic gallery in Ontario, featuring over 1,000 pieces of art in its collection. The Art Gallery of Burlington was opened in 1978 as a house for artists to exhibit their craft. Now, over 100,000 pass through its doors each year.

For a wild night party or a gentle session with your weed bought online in Burlington, you can join one of its bars and nightclubs to share magic moments with your friends or watch your favorite sports in a good company. Burlington also offers an array of live performances, and as we all know, nothing sounds as good as live music after a well-balanced hybrid.

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