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Buying Marijuana Online in Burnaby, British Columbia

Are you looking to buy mail order marijuana in British Columbia, Canada? Well look no further, because we are British Columbia’s best online dispensary of this province. British Columbia’s untamed nature speaks to the soul. Rich with landscape inspires introspective personal journeys and unbridled adventures. People connect explorers with unexpected moments that renew the human spirit. British Columbia cities, set on the doorstep of the wild, make it easy to step further into nature and explore the endless possibilities of the outdoors.

buy Buy Marijuana Burnaby
buy Buy Marijuana Burnaby

Become one with nature when you use mail order marijuana, GG4 Store provides cannabis that will helps you get the satisfactory, relax your mind and enjoy every bit of cannabis you take. We are here to help the residence in Burnaby BC to buy marijuana online easy. But not just any weed, as a premium online dispensary from the west coast of Canada whose owners are 3rd generation cannabis producers. We are finally able to share access to the amazing local craft cannabis of British Columbia with the rest of the country.

Here in GG4, we love the world of Marijuana. To us, it’s more than a hobby – it’s even more than our business. We know all the good that can be accomplished with the medicinal strains, and all the fun that can be had with the more recreational ones. We know how renewable it is as a resource and the benefit to our environment if we could all shift towards cannabis and hemp products. From the flower to the concentrates, and the edibles to the topicals, we’re proud to carry a wide selection of products that represent only the best our industry has to offer.

Marijuana Laws in Burnaby

The federal government’s Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) provides legal access to cannabis and controls and regulates its production, distribution and sale. Under the Cannabis Act, each province has the ability to set its own rules for cannabis. In British Columbia, anywhere you’re not allowed to smoke or vape, a person won’t be able to spark up some marijuana either.

“We have our bylaw and we simply layered cannabis onto our smoking bylaw which also includes vaping. Sporting facilities, every civic facility is smoke-free so those areas would be prohibited,” said city Coun. Darren Hill.

Here is the list of restrictions related with marijuana:

  • Legal age in BC for cannabis use is 19
  • Cannot possess illicit cannabis
  • Cannot have more than four plants total in a residence
  • No organization can possess cannabis – only individuals
  • No person shall possess, consume, or distribute cannabis in a vehicle
  • No individual shall consume cannabis in a public place
  • No individual shall consume cannabis at a school or on school grounds or at a childcare facility
  • Any police officer may arrest, without warrant, any person whom he or she finds committing an offence against this act or the regulations

Marijuana Possession in Burnaby

Adults aged 19 and above, are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of non-medical cannabis in a public place, which aligns with the federal government’s proposed possession limit for adults.

B.C. also align with the proposed federal legislation and allow adults to grow up to four cannabis plants per household, but the plants must not be visible from public spaces off the property. Home cultivation of non-medical cannabis is banned in dwellings used as daycares. In addition, landlords and strata councils are able to restrict or prohibit home cultivation.

  • 1 g de cannabis séché = 5 g de cannabis frais
  • 1 g de cannabis séché = 15 g de produit comestible
  • 1 g de cannabis séché = 70 g de produit liquide
  • 1 g de cannabis séché = ¼ g de concentrés solides ou liquides
  • 1 g de cannabis séché = 1 graine d'une plante de cannabis

Where to Go in Burnaby After You Got Your Marijuana

Burnaby is more than just a suburb of Vancouver, it is also a city in its own right, and a thriving one at that. In fact, it is the third largest city in the province! It is sandwiched between the Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River, with the Canadian Rockies as a backdrop. In short, Burnaby is a stunning city. Due to its close proximity to Vancouver, Burnaby is often missed by many. But it is a city with loads to offer and makes for a great day trip from the larger city. It is also worthwhile to spend a few nights here to truly enjoy all that it has to offer.

Here are our top 3 places to visit in Burnaby while you are stoned:

1. Go back to the Roaring Twenties
A famous era all over the world, the 1920s is known for its music, culture and architecture. Burnaby Village Museum is a great example of this and depicts what life was like then in the city. The open-air museum is a 1920s village that features 31 buildings spanned across four hectares of land. Some are original heritage buildings that have been moved to the site, while others are replicas. Stroll along the streets and admire buildings like Tom Irvine’s House, Central Park Theatre, Bell’s Dry Goods and Vorce Tram Station. Afterwards, take a ride on the famous C.W. Parker Carousel.

2. Take in the views
Burnaby Mountain is a 370 metres high mountain that overlooks the Burrard Inlet and downtown Vancouver. Spend an afternoon at the top of the mountain and take in the spectacular views. Bring a picnic lunch and find a quiet spot to enjoy the scenery, or dine at Horizons Restaurant and admire the views from there. There are also mountain bike trails and hiking trails.

3. Watch birds
Great blue herons, osprey, bald eagles and green heron can all be spotted at Burnaby Lake. The glacial lake is a must for all birdwatchers, although any nature lover will enjoy spending time here. There are over 70 species of birds that live around the lake, many of which can be seen while walking along its 19 kilometres of trails. You will also see other wildlife and vegetation when you hike around the lake. You can also go kayaking, canoeing or rowing on the lake.

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