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The Super Skunk is a potent Indica-dominant strain that has powerful bodily effects. Skunk #1, the parent of Shiva Skunk, is a trustworthy and legendary variety that was created by Skunk #1. Super Skunk was the third generation, and it came three years later. The breeder of Sensi Seeds refers to Super Skunk as the first hybrid breeding project involving Afghani heritage. According to the breeder, Super Skunk adds more potency, weight, and taste to Skunk #1 and Shiva Skunk.

The business isn’t finished experimenting with Afghan mixes, as other businesses in the United States and abroad are also doing. Breeders are on the lookout for a perfect Afghani genotype that matches Skunk #1’s features. Their excitement is fueled by Skunk #1’s worldwide influence since the 1970s, as well as its offspring from previous generations, such as Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold.

The Super Skunk strain was bred after the parent, Super Skunk, had been crossbred with other strains. Its fragrance is comparable to that of its parent, earning it the name “skunk.” Some people describe it as cheese or a fungus under a rock’s damp underside. Others note on the light aroma and pleasant taste of the smoke.

The color of Super Skunk is green, although some consumers have noticed undertones of orange and brown. The plants are thick with tiny trichromes, outgrowths, or appendages. Some people feel that the skunky odor reminds them of ammonia; others notice pomegranate and cranberry fruity notes in Super Skunk. The pleasant effects last for around 90 minutes at medium intensity.

The thick, Indica-style body buzz is relaxing for medical users. It may be utilized at any time of day to alleviate pain. Use it at night to help you relax and fall asleep. People who have migraines or cramps use the relaxing cannabis strain.

The strain with the distinctive skunk odor may put you in a spaced-out or euphoric state, making it popular among recreational users. Regardless of your tolerance levels, this strain has something for everyone.

This is a potent strain with 19% THC and 2.4 percent CBD that’s great for treating more serious medical issues like epilepsy because it contains a high amount of both cannabinoids. This plant is recognized for increasing hunger, which may be beneficial to those who are nauseous as a result of chemotherapy-induced nausea.

The Super Skunk strain was originally bred in the early 1990s and has a poor reputation for being extremely potent. Because of its big, robust leaves, Super Skunk is recognized for producing big, dense buds.

Indoor cannabis plants produce more buds (15 ounces each square meter on average) and blossom in an average of 8 to 9 weeks. When cultivated outside, this strain is ready for harvesting in mid-September, yielding around 21 ounces per square meter.

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