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Banana Milk is an indica-dominant (75% indica/25% sativa) hybrid strain made from Banana OG X Purple Punch F2 plants. When it comes to taste, this bud has a name all its own. The unique flavor of this product is thanks to that creamy, milky chocolate banana taste with ripe sweet banana and exotic candy and fruit undertones. Both have a sweet tropical banana overtone emphasized by spicy grapes and a sugary aftertaste that grows in sweetness as the buds are consumed.

The high from Banana Milk hits fast and lands in the head first, giving you a feeling of euphoria and calm. You’ll feel an increase in your spirits, which will help you feel happier and more satisfied. A soothing physical high follows, putting you into a state of deep relaxation where you become rather drowsy before you realize it. Banana Milk is a one-of-a-kind indica with a relaxing effect. It’s well-known for its high THC concentration, which ranges from 19 to 20 percent. Banana Milk plants have fat, pepperlike forest green nuggets studded with bright orange hairs and sprinkled with tiny milky green crystal trichomes.


Banana Milk is a stabilized Banana strain that’s highly prized for its fruit and dessert-like fragrance. It’s identical to the Banana Milk name, keeping it true to the original. Despite having a compacted structure, Banana Milk buds preserve their own identity owing to their parental line. There are several different types of banana milk available online. As a result, you may get banana milk from the United Kingdom, Canada’s version of this legendary bud, or even bananas!

Taste and Smell

The flavor of marijuana is its most distinctive feature. Its fruity flavor profile combines the tastes of berries, bananas, and grapes with some flowery undertones. The scent is comparable to the taste – mostly fruity with some flowery nuances. Banana Milk is a coveted strain among cannabis connoisseurs since it incorporates such a delicious taste and fragrance combination.

Effects of the Strain

This hybrid has a well-balanced high that produces euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. After smoking this marijuana, users become giggly. Following some time, the body enters into a relaxing mode, at which point individuals begin to feel drowsy.

This hybrid strain contains anti-inflammatory, sedative, and psychedelic properties that make it useful in the treatment of chronic pain and depression. It may also help people who suffer from insomnia. If Banana Milk is consumed in excess, as with many other hybrid strains, it might induce migraines and paranoia.

Medical Benefits

The Banana Milk strain, medically speaking, has been shown to aid with severe sleeping difficulties. Banana Milk is also recognized for treating depression. Depression is a lot more prevalent than most people realize, and most individuals will never discover they have it. As a result, only medical experts can confirm this Banana Milk strain. banana milk cannabis is also well-known for its capacity to cure cancer and other illnesses in Australia.

Growing Information

The seeds of cannabis may be used to create marijuana. The flowering period is between 75 and 83 days, and it’s possible to grow it both indoors and out. If you have room, sow the seeds outdoors since the yield outside is greater than indoors.

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