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The name implies what the strain is: it’s an indica that works quickly. This Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana has a descriptive name, Chapo R LSO, which is appropriate. Although some individuals consider this plant to be a cross between Face Off OG x SFV OG x OG Kush, others claim that its genetics are unknown. Nobody knows who the first person was to create this wonderful strain, either. Regardless, Chapo is a potent powerhouse flower that is sure to kick your ass on even the best of days. The legacy of power is maintained as the Indica-dominant strain consistently measures for THC levels above 19%, adding to its name.

The Chapo R LSO chalices are great since they all grow in the same dense, circular form that is easy to identify. These lush, mint green nuggets are encased in a thick layer of glittering trichomes and covered with a luxurious covering of orange hairs. If the beauty of these lovely blooms doesn’t entice you, the fragrance will. Chapo R’s aroma is unique and unmistakable. Many users have described a potent combination of sweet lemon, fresh pine, pungent skunk, musty earth, and flowery kush as the scent profile. Furthermore, the flavor and quality of smoke produced by Chapo R LSO are outstanding. You should anticipate to encounter a range of tastes including sweetness from lemons and pungent kush.

Chapo R LSO is not for the faint of heart, as its fast-acting effects are quick to knock you on your ass if you’re not careful. Immediately after ripping on a bit of this flower, an incredible cerebral high will take root in your head, relaxing your mind and uplifting your mood. When your creative energy reaches its zenith, you will become quickly drowsy in your body and mind. Users have described this sensation of total and profound stupor as a really soothing experience that helps to relax your muscles.

If you can stay awake, you might end up eating a smorgasbord of all unhealthy foods. If self-control isn’t one of your strengths, Chapo R LSO has been reported to give strong munchies that can make you feel excessively full. This strain is excellent for afternoon and nighttime usage when you’ve finished with your day’s work and want to unwind for a while. Because this strain’s effectiveness as a medical cannabis treatment for chronic pain, sleeplessness, and stress, it has become very popular among people suffering from these issues.

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