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It’s a wonderful blend of sweet orange-flavored Californian strains with skunky hash-derived indica. It’s a classic from the era when ‘skunk’ strains became popular in California in the 1990s. Break into these dense, yet fluffy forest green nuggets, which are covered in bright orange trichome hairs and a healthy sprinkling of crystal resin A citrus flavor that is both hot and earthy mingle as you smoke it, with an Orange taste that is just as delicious.

After dosage, you’ll feel a tingly high spread throughout your body, accompanied by giggling ideas. Keep some of your favorite food on hand since Cali Skunk is known for producing a lot of munchies. People with anorexia, depression, muscular spasms, and general tension would benefit the most from this 60/40 percent indica to sativa hybrid. Overall, if you’re searching for a cannabis plant that works in any type of climate, Cali Skunk is the strain to choose.

You’ll feel euphoric and happy after smoking California Skunk cannabis. It also makes you feel happier, making it ideal for starting a day that appears to be hectic or even energizing following a long day at work. If you’re not a seasoned smoker, your mind will be up-beaten, so your hit should only be taken in moderation when you aren’t feeling anything.

What to expect from this strain?

The ratio of Indica and Sativa in this strain is 60 percent to 40 percent. Its trichomes are vibrant and characterized by extensive branches. This strain is one of the most potent on Earth thanks to its parents’ genetics and a perfect balance of Sativa and Indica.

The Cali Skunk strain is also resistant to pests and illnesses, as well as strong winds. You may rest assured that your Cali Skunk will be maintained at the right humidity level, just like any other Californian strain.

The long-lasting flower is dark red, fragrant, and veined in white. It has five petals that are not visible on the outside of the bloom itself. The blooming period lasts between 8 and 10 weeks. If you want to grow your own outdoors, you should expect to harvest your plants in October.

With a maximum height of 60cm and 190cm, respectively, the indoor and outdoor heights are really doable. Because to this you have total control over how well it develops.

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