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Astroboy is a unique strain that sets it apart from the competition. It elevates individuals to new heights that are reminiscent of heavenly bodies in only a few puffs. Not only that, with its invigorating undertones of tropical fruit, it revs up the senses and awakens one’s sense of smell.

The hybrid‘s tale is fascinating. After one of TGA Subcool Seeds’ tests, dubbed “Taco,” a cross between Cinderella 99 and Ortega, pollinated a few of their female Apollo-13s, they found the plant. It is reportedly quite rare; just 500 seeds were produced for the latter.

The breeder explains, “I picked random plants from a group of seeds I previously grew to create spectacular buds with unusual shapes and incredible yields. ” As a result, an equally fantastic yet unrivaled bud was produced. According to the breeder, many enthusiasts have replaced certain of their favorite strains with Astro Boy , which is highly sought after.


The fast onset of the Sativa dominant Astro Boy is hardly a surprise, given its high levels of THC. It provides a surge of energy almost immediately after the initial puff. Its primary impacts, on the other hand, are mostly focused in the head, where an uplifting buzz completely cleanses your ideas.The shift in behavior is immediately obvious. People are smiling for no reason, and many of them appear to be sparkling with delight that has to come from the inside out. For others, time appears to pass more pleasantly.

Astro Boy is an excellent wake-and-bake show, so it’s ideal for casual viewers during the day. Its strong mental clarity and happy demeanor turn a dreary workday into enjoyable hours of creation. Staying focused and driven isn’t hard at all with a profound interest in each and every assignment.

Despite their similar strength, the Indica effects are not sedating in any way. Rather, it relieves tight muscles to enhance the surge of energy that comes with the initial onset. Users may move around with ease because to the fluidity and vitality of their bodies’ capacity to move freely.


The scent of Astro Boy is both sweet and sour, with a pleasant balance of wet dirt undertones. It has the appearance of a freshly picked citrus fruit, broken down. Hazelnuts in the forefront give it a tropical feel.


Astro Boy is a well-known flavor for its blueberries, grapes, and grapefruits. It’s then completed with a creamy butter as sweetness. On the exhale, the thick smoke isn’t harsh at all. Rather, it leaves a pine-scented aftertaste that is refreshing.

Adverse Reaction

Marijuana has an expense, even if it’s only the little hassle of dryness in the eyes and mouth. It generally takes the form of eye and mouth dryness. They are frequently a low-cost alternative since, while they are unavoidable, they can be readily addressed by drinking a few glasses of water to rehydrate. For a short time, some people may experience some dizziness.

On the one hand, Astro Boy’s incredibly powerful Sativa high may be rather pricey when abused. It might overstimulate the senses and cause worry. The sharp attention can also induce paranoia, which is unusual. As a result, the plant must be paced and handled with care since this might lead to anxiety.


Subcool Seeds is a well-known figure in the marijuana community. Since 2005, it has created 37 distinct strains to meet the demands of patients suffering from a variety of ailments, including nerve discomfort, tremor treatment, nausea management, pain relief, anxiety alleviation, and even social disorders.

Astro Boy, as a psychogenic hybrid that targets those with severe mental illnesses, is ideal for those suffering from severe mental disorders. Its mood-stabilizing effects assist to alleviate the symptoms of brain malfunctions such as depression and post-traumatic stress by shutting off self-deprecating thoughts and boosting the morale. Meanwhile, its anxiolytic qualities help to relieve anxiety caused by constant exposure to stress.

The same activating THC chemicals also help to relieve muscular spasms’ sharp sting and headaches’ pain. It also revitalizes the body while simultaneously restoring energy.

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