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Black Diamond, also known as Black Diamond OG and Black Diamond Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing a combination of Blackberry and Diamond OG, two well-known strains for their strong flavor and smell. The concentration of THC in Black Diamond is its most significant feature, as well as the various sensations it causes.

The Black Diamond strain‘s high is surprisingly modest, taking hold swiftly but without much fanfare. Expect to feel an unusual lack of weight in your limbs, as well as a pleasant sensation, and an overpowering sense of peace and seclusion.

There’s a sense that you’re being drawn to sit somewhere warm – if you try Black Diamond when traveling, you’ll be home as quickly as possible. The calming sensation will have you making tracks home in order to become as comfortable as possible. Nothing can keep you from unwinding.

Black Diamond Specifications

  • Bud Size: Medium
  • Effects: Euphoria, Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing
  • Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings, Nausea, Stress
  • Flavors: Berry, Grape, Herbal, Pine, Sweet, Woody
  • Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Pungent, Sweet
  • THC Content: 18%-24%
  • CBD Level: 1%
  • Genetics: Blackberry & Diamond OG
  • Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Dry mouth, Paranoid, Dizzy, Dry eyes

Black Diamond Effects

Some people claim it’s because of the daily aggravations that drove them to smoke marijuana. Others want to unwind and relax. Regardless of the cause (or justification), Black Diamond is ideal consumed immediately after work.

Black Diamond, when used moderately, gives a mild yet noticeable mental high that lifts your spirits. It has the ability to make some people laugh and chuckle as it makes them feel cheerful and jubilant. Black Diamond users are advised to be more productive while using the drug.

Meanwhile, the uplifting feeling travels throughout the body. Users become deeply relaxed as physical symptoms increase in strength. It seldom produces a couch-lock. However, if one uses too much, everything is gone. Because of its high concentration of THC (up to 26 percent), it will have no trouble knocking out even seasoned users due to its high potency.

Black Diamond Aroma

The Black Diamond strain has a dark berry scent, similar to that of its Blackberry parentage. Rather than the harsh acidity and tartness of Blackberry, however, Black Diamond has an underlying earthiness that smells robust, vibrant, and potent.

When breaking up the buds, the same flavor assaults the nose, but it is more profound and defined than before, similar to browned sugar or nuts. This is the strain that smells almost rich and mahogany-like, although it isn’t really woody – instead, it’s one of the nearest cannabis strains to a top Cuban cigar.

It has a distinct odor that is difficult to describe without having smelled it, and other experienced marijuana smokers are fooled into thinking you aren’t smoking actual cannabis.

Black Diamond Flavor

The Black Diamond strain’s smoke begins with a toasted, smoky undertone that undercuts the rich berry flavor on your tongue. However, while the smoke is significantly smoother and softer than one would anticipate, it has such distinct tastes that they are quite comparable to a fine, very costly cigar.

The aftertaste is similar to the scent, with more prominent notes of mahogany and excellent hardwood. In reality, despite its name, the Diamond OG has significantly less flavor from the OG variety than it does from its Blackberry parent. However, it’s not solely about taste and fragrance when it comes to this strain’s separation from the crowd; it also has an unusual appearance.

Black Diamond Appearance

The flowers of the Black Diamond strain are unusual in that they resemble flattened circles rather than normal marijuana plants. This gives buds that appear to be their form, with a very solid structure and difficult to break down.

The distinctive purple gashes that appear on Black Diamond’s leaves only appear when the plant is cultivated in extremely cold weather. Finally, like every other powerful marijuana strain, Black Diamond is coated in a thick layer of white trichomes that are sticky and long-lasting, making it tough to open the buds.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Diamond is a strong strain that has been acknowledged for its power, since it was created to create one of the greatest possible marijuana strains. Black Diamond was designed with the goal of producing a great strain with an average THC concentration of around 21 percent and a maximum reported level of about 24%.

Black Diamond is a potent strain that, if incorrectly used, can cause powerful hallucinations. Make careful how much Black Diamond you’re consuming since, like many other cannabis strains, it has the potential to get you high quickly if not utilized correctly.

With so many distinct cannabinoids and THC concentrations, you might anticipate it to include few CBD compounds as well.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, you’d be correct; Black Diamond has virtually no CBD because of its high THC level. Although a few people have reported amounts as high as 1% or somewhat more, there is essentially no CBD in Black Diamond. Only so much room is available for cannabinoid development in a typical marijuana plant, thus CBD is frequently what suffers due to this limited area.

However, the Black Diamond’s lack of CBD does not negate its other therapeutic benefits.

Black Diamond Medical Use and Benefits

By producing uplifting and soothing physical effects, Diamond White may assist in the reduction of stress. When tension is dispersed, a feeling of pleasure enters the mind. As a result, it is an extremely vital weapon against depression.

Black Diamond can be used to alleviate muscular pains and nausea when physical symptoms emerge. It may help people who have muscular spasms by relaxing and soothing muscles.

During the comedown, most people feel drowsy. As a result, it may be useful for insomniacs.

Black Diamond Possible Side Effects

The most notable and anticipated adverse effects of ‘Black Diamond’ are the typical dry mouth and dry eyes that accompany almost every marijuana strain. The severity, on the other hand, is far more severe with Black Diamond, necessitating you to keep a glass of water and perhaps even a moist dish towel on hand to assist alleviate the unpleasant driedness.

The most typical negative side effect is paranoia, which is especially likely if you are paranoid or a heavy smoker.

It’s worth noting that any paranoid sentiments you may experience after overdosing on Black Diamond are the result of poisoning yourself, so the most effective technique to avoid this is to keep track of how much Black Diamond you consume.

It is not known whether cannabis use while pregnant impacts the fetus. However, as long as you smoke adequate to Get High or cure your medical problem, you should be fine.

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