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This strain is a fantastic cerebral smoke that combines fragrant and delicious characteristics, preparing you for a guaranteed taste experience. Even with just 18% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this powerful cross can dampen your good mood and give you a burst of energy throughout the night.

Sweet and salty, Green Candy has a delicious blend of sweet and savory characteristics, which is why it should be named as such. This plant is the product of the crossing of ultra-seductive candy Kush with Green Crack, a hybrid.

The origins of this hybrid variety are unknown, as are the origins of many other hybrid strains. However, you can have both Green Candy and dessert by going with the latter. This blossom has attracted a devoted following in a variety of ways, and there’s been a lot of buzz around it.


The Green Candy is likely to provide a pleasurable experience owing to its upbeat and uplifting nature. Its fans like it for making them feel happier and more energetic, as well as being a well-balanced combination with distinct sativa effects.

The name “Green Candy” comes from the vivid green color that is characteristic of this strain. The general euphoria and energy that it provides can rejuvenate many people. It may make you feel energized and alert, even inspired, in many cases. If you have a creative side, you may want to be creative; otherwise, you could quickly become involved in an enthusiastic discussion with others about your stories.

Its sedative effects are brought on by the large quantity of alcohol and THC, causing users to feel as if they were floating or flying. Its high is euphoric, with the blood rushing through it. You will experience a mental relaxation as your thoughts slow down and you will benefit from the energy boost that


The scent of Green Candy will catch your attention. This strain has a strong smell that makes your nose tingle with pleasure. The aroma of this plant is earthy and fresh, making everything around it seem clean and delicious fruits.


The Green Candy strain, as the name implies, offers a wider range of delicious sensations to discover. This stuff is powerful and buttery on the inhale with a distinct earthy taste. On the exhale, you’ll notice additional island and fruit-scented undertones that linger on your tongue with an herbal aftertaste.

Adverse Reaction

Green Candy, on the other hand, has a number of negative side effects. They are typically minor and temporary. In order to avoid feeling somewhat unwell, it is important to stay hydrated since this well-balanced hybrid may make your mouth feel dry and parched as well as your eyes itch with dehydration.

Green Candy has several disadvantages, the most significant of which is its limited duration. The following are some additional side effects that you might notice from smoking Green Candy: a little dizziness, as well as a mild headache throughout the entire high. Green Candy may make you feel paranoid and uneasy at times, especially if you’re a beginner and have had one puff too many.


Chronic stress is often treated with hybrid strains, such as Sweet Lea. This hybrid strain was designed to manage symptoms of anxiety and negativity in chronic stress sufferers by making them feel better about themselves. n

The medical uses of this strain include the ability to alleviate most patients’ symptoms of depression, which leads to them feeling less depressed about their circumstances. Green Candy may also help cancer patients who suffer from nausea by allowing them to eat more frequently.

Green Candy can help with persistent pain and other muscular or joint troubles that people who suffer from chronic pain may experience. Back discomfort, headaches, and muscular twitching might all be considerably relieved by this well-rounded and delicious plant.

‘Electric Green Tea’ may help to alleviate pain for medical cannabis patients. The strain’s long-lasting sense of focus might assist people with attention deficit disorders in remaining focused. During modest to moderate stress or sadness, this bud has the potential to temporarily boost people’s spirits. Anti-inflammatory compounds, for example as ginger or peppermint, may make everyday irritations such as headaches and nausea more tolerable physiologically. Green Candy is not suggested for people who are susceptible to panic or have a low THC tolerance since its recursive logic patterns are prone to induce paranoia.

Green Candy is an indica strain that is not available for purchase on the web. Because Green Candy has not been bred on a commercial scale, its seeds are unavailable for sale online. To produce genetically identical clones, potential growers must collect clippings from healthy plants of the strain. This strain may be cultivated both inside and outside, although its sativa features suggest that it shines brightest in an outdoor setting with a semi-dry Mediterranean climate. Green Candy’s sativa qualities also indicate that its plants will grow to be very tall and must be pruned early in the vegetative stage to fit into cramped spaces.

Green Candy is a potent and delicious cross between Green Crack and another popular strain, Blueberry. Green Candy is perfect for sativa users since it’s both energizing and expansive. Take it camping; because of its active, all-embracing qualities, it can really embrace the outdoors.

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