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Big Boy Pink is a one-of-a-kind indica-dominant hybrid strain developed through crossbreeding the notorious Big Bud with the delectable Scout Cookie variety. Like its Big Bud parent, Big Boy Pink has big jumbo nuggets. Each nug is speckled with pale golden hairs and covered in a thick coat of fragrant sticky resin. When these sticky little nuggets are split open, delicate notes of fresh earth and kush emerge.

Although it contains the same ingredients as the original, the flavor is somewhat skunky in taste and has a skunk aftertaste that lingers for some time after you’ve finished your last puff. The Big Boy Pink high isn’t all that big; it combines well-balanced highs with a THC level of between 10 and 15 percent to accompany them. A pleasant lifting sensation begins to take affect, raising your mood and putting you in a state of blissful euphoria. The fifth sensation is a tickling body high that washes over you and leaves you pain-free and calm. A little case of the munchies might strike you at this time, although you won’t be hungry. Big Boy Pink is typically used to relieve morning sickness, sadness, hunger loss, and chronic stress due to its modest side effects.

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