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Chocolate Mints is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by the Humboldt Seed Organization, a cannabis collective made up of hundreds of cannabis growers in Humboldt County, California (also known as “The Emerald Triangle”). Chocolate Mints is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Emerald OG, one of their most popular strains.

Chocolate Mints is a well-known strain, and while it may be found in a variety of recreational and medical dispensaries, only a few farmers grow it for its pleasant smell and high yields. Chocolate Mints is at its most potent during the early afternoon and late night hours, since its powerful effects and average THC concentration of 24 percent should not be overlooked.

This strain has medium green nuggets with a popcorn-shaped appearance. Chocolate Mints plant is ready in 55-65 days after sowing and creates bright green popcorn. The GDP parent of this variety sported deep purple undertones, which you see in the color of orange hairs on the flower’s surface. The flowers are bedecked with numerous orange strands and a thick covering of milky white and translucent trichomes, further enhancing their spectacular appearance.

The redwoods in which they were first cultivated have an earthy, woodsy scent. The flavor is a delicious combination of chocolate, coffee, mint, pine, and spice. Chocolate Mints is a strain that may be grown both indoors and outside. Depending on the plant, you can anticipate 400-600 grams per square meter inside. An outdoor grow outdoors should produce between 1000-2000 grams per 3m-tall plant.

Chocolate Mints is a indica-dominant hybrid strain that grows in green and purple hues. Its euphoric high, on the other hand, comes on fast and powerfully. As soon as you’ve finished your hit and given it to the guy sitting next to you, the effects of this strain will strike you like a train. Your mind will be blank and calm as the extremely uplifting and euphoric sensation takes hold. Negative ideas, anxieties, and insecurities will go away as you look up at Chocolate Mints’ brilliant, magnificent star.

As a result of the potent indica effects of this strain, which will be felt simultaneously, your body will be relaxed. The majority of individuals reported that their pain vanished and did not return for hours. Because the effects of this plant are comparable to nearly-sedative, we recommend consuming it in the afternoon or evening when taking a nap or an early bedtime would not be the worst thing in the world.

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