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Dark Matter is a unique, evenly balanced hybrid strain created by crossing the legendary Cherry Thunderfuck and Rusty Haze strains. Dark Matter is a fantastic option for hybrid lovers since it has a powerful high and delicious taste. The tingling, sickly sweet effect of the Dark Matter high begins with a buzzing sensation that rips through your head, making you buzzy and unbalanced yet still euphoric about it.

The flow of golden light will wash over you, washing away all stress and tension from your body. Dark matter is often used to cure people with insomnia, sadness, chronic stress or anxiety, and chronic pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

The THC concentration of Silver Stem is 21-22%, with a range as high as 25% in exceptional circumstances. The CBD concentration is extremely low, seldom exceeding 0.2 percent. All of our strains may be viewed by going to the Flower section and examining the current THC and CBD averages for each of them to discover how much THC and CBD are contained in each one. Because the average content may vary from time to time, check the packaging on your cannabis for exact amounts.

When you smoke Dark Matter, the name “diesel” comes to mind! The flavor is rounded out with a sugar fruit and berry undertone. The scent of the plant is lemony and light. This bud has a beautiful sweet cherry aroma that becomes spicier on the finish. Rich woody notes with a sugary berry undertone that get spicer as chunks are broken down and burned

Dark Matter buds have dark, compact leaves that are hard and super sticky, with grape-shaped forest green nuggets covered in numerous tiny orange hairs and a thick layer of deep amber crystal trichomes that almost appear black under certain conditions.

Dark Matter Terpene Profile

When it comes to terpene profile variety, the flavor palette and effects of Dark Matter are most varied, making it the greatest strain in terms of that.

The cannabis strain known as Dark Matter has a high content of Nerolidol, a terpene with relaxing and sedative effects and floral, citrusy undertones. Limonene and Caryophylenes are the next two ingredients. The strain’s key components include myrcene, a “king of terpenes,” at #4. The strain has a large number of terpenes, including Pinene, Bisabolol, and Nerolidol.

Type of High

The great thing about Dark Matter is that it has a relaxing sativa-like high from the start without the negative effects of powerful sativas like racing and anxiety. The excitement fades away after a while, allowing you to float in pleasure and joy.

Hydration is, as with every strain, essential. The more powerful types and/or larger doses may also induce couch lock. Dark Matter might be a fantastic way to go from milder strains to stronger ones. It’s ideal for nightime usage, unless you have other plans during the day.

What Are the Effects and Benefits of Dark Matter?

The indica strain in this product may cause muscular spasms and cramps. Because Dark Matter is a strong indica variety, it can help with these issues. It’s been said to aid with sleeplessness, chronic pain, and sadness, among other things. You should keep an eye on how much you take since too much might cause negative side effects.

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