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best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 11 The Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts For 2023

The Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts For 2023

As we inch closer towards the holiday season of 2022, cannabis has become more and more accepted in mainstream society. Those who use it can now find a chic way to show their enthusiasm for this vice without compromising on style or having to detract from the beauty of their home. To make everyone involved […]

does eating mango get you higher 32 Does Eating Mango Get You Higher?

Does Eating Mango Get You Higher?

Could something as savory and simple as a mango truly amplify the effects of marijuana? Even though it may seem unbelievable, this phenomenon has been experienced by many cannabis users – confirming that sometimes reality can be even more peculiar than fiction! So how exactly do mangoes influence your high? And what’s the easiest way […]

how to make homemade bong 12 How to Make Homemade Bong

How to Make Homemade Bong

Did you forget your bong at a friend’s place? Are you in the mood to get inventive? Either way, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to craft an incredible homemade water bottle bong – it’s something every die-hard stoner ought to try out sooner or later! Understanding the Basics: Parts of a Bong Ready to […]

diy edible recipes 9 tasty cannabis edibles to make at home 33 DIY Edible Recipes: Guide To Cooking With Cannabis

DIY Edible Recipes: Guide To Cooking With Cannabis

As marijuana legalization becomes more widespread, cannabis edibles have become increasingly accepted in the mainstream. Think beyond traditional pot brownies and cookies – nut butter, guacamole, barbecue sauce, cheese…the possibilities are endless! While you can easily purchase pre-made products from your local dispensary, why not try making your own delicious homemade marijuana edibles? With so […]

Drug Tests 5 Panel vs. 10 Panel vs. 15 Panel Drug Tests

5 Panel vs. 10 Panel vs. 15 Panel Drug Tests

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that 18 percent of people in the United States, totaling around 48 million individuals, use cannabis at least once a year. Additionally, many states now have medical marijuana programs in place as well as allowing legal adult-use of cannabis. In concept, this is fantastic since […]

greater sudbury weed 01 About Smoking Moldy Weed

About Smoking Moldy Weed

Don’t expose yourself to the horror of finding your beloved cannabis garden decimated by mold and having to kneel before it screaming, “Damn you! Damn you, you filthy mold!” Weed mold is a serious problem that many stoners face; read this article now so that one day it may save your life. Spending months of […]

best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 2 Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

With cannabis culture increasingly embraced in social circles, those unfamiliar with the world of weed may experience unease. Similar to fashion trends, sports teams, and politics; there are intricate details to comprehend and proper etiquette one should abide by. It’s important for beginners to be knowledgeable about the marijuana scene but it also helps if […]

Cannabis And Instagram 31 Cannabis And Instagram Guide

Cannabis And Instagram Guide

It’s no great secret that Americans spend a ton of time each day on social media apps. And social media can be a huge marketing asset for dispensary owners. Reaching your current clientele and potential customers through apps that they’re already using is a great way to expand sales, and make your dispensary stand out. […]

jack herer lemon cake 33 Jack Herer Lemon Cake

Jack Herer Lemon Cake

Jack Herer is a lemon strain that will tantalize your taste buds. This cake has the same delicious flavor, made with hazelnut, Terpinolene, and of course lemon flavoring. The addition of semolina flour to this dessert gives it a hearty texture, like that of a cornmeal cake. The cannabis-infused glaze and fresh fruit topping provide […]

Vegan Cannabis Edibles 3 Top Vegan Cannabis Edibles to Make at Home

Top Vegan Cannabis Edibles to Make at Home

Veganism is a type of diet where people do not consume any animal products. This includes milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, poultry, eggs, fish and honey. Oftentimes vegans have trouble finding good-tasting pre-made food at dispensaries or recreational pot shops that fit their dietary restrictions. Did you know that you can infuse cannabis into almost any […]

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