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marijuana tea 14 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

5 Reasons to Start Drinking Marijuana Tea

Cannabis use has become more acceptable in recent years. In the past, talking about cannabis openly would have been taboo and could have attracted unwanted attention from the police. But now that we know more about the drug and its potential health benefits, it’s not seen as so controversial anymore. Many people use cannabis for […]

Colorful Cannabis 8 How to Grow Colorful Cannabis

How to Grow Colorful Cannabis

Many people are under the false impression that marijuana is mostly green. You may hear of a strain with purple tints now and then, but on the whole, you might believe it looks rather “boring.” In fact, cannabis can be cultivated in a variety of hues as long as the genes are correct. Strains and […]

breaking down the marijuana buds structure Breaking Down the Marijuana Buds Structure

Breaking Down the Marijuana Buds Structure

The cannabis plant is one of our most precious crops. Not many other plants yielded such bountiful rewards to their grower, providing both joy and satisfaction. The more knowledgeable thegrower is about their own cannabis plant, they will be able to better optimize its growth potential. Read our comprehensive guide below to learn how you […]

medical marijuana for anxiety in teens 2 Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

Medical Marijuana for Anxiety in Teens

“Anxiety” is the most common answer given by teenagers in today’s world when you ask them what their biggest worries are in life. Anxiety is typically described as a catch-all phrase for any kind of worried thoughts, although Anxiety as a medical condition is extremely serious, causing severe anxiety and stress at common occurrences, making […]

growing weed 17 Growing Weed: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Growing Weed: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

As cannabis prohibition is being repealed across the world, many people are considering whether or not to cultivate their own plants at home. It’s critical to have the room, the correct climate, and adequate understanding of cultivation before attempting home growing. We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of indoor marijuana cultivation in this article. Benefits […]

why is weed sticky 11 Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?

Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?

We’re not a fan of sticky things (sticky fingers, hands, floors, counters…). But give us some sticky marijuana and we’ll be as content as a clam at high tide (no scrubbing required). Sticky weed is a type of concentrate that has been extracted from the cannabis plant. It resembles hash in appearance, but it’s not […]

Trichomes 5 Trichomes: What Are They Used For?

Trichomes: What Are They Used For?

Marijuana is finally receiving the attention it has long deserved. Marijuana is now permitted in two-thirds of the United States for medical reasons. It’s also legal to use marijuana recreationally in Canada. As a result, cannabis usage has changed in certain areas. Since marijuana is a plant that has been used for centuries and continues […]

bubble hash 005 Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash

There are numerous types of concentrated cannabis on the market. What they all have in common is an extremely high THC concentration. These are not toys for beginners, and you should not overindulge. Water hash, also known as bubble hash, is a relatively new type of hashish. It’s believed to be cleaner and purer than […]

cbd waters CBD Water

CBD Water

There are several various forms of cannabidiol (CBD), and you’ve undoubtedly heard of CBD oil or edibles like gummies before. You may be aware that CBD is available in beverage form, but you might not know it was possible until now. CBD tea and water contain CBD. Read on to learn more about what CBD […]

live resin the complete guide 6 Live Resin: The Complete Guide

Live Resin: The Complete Guide

The legalization of marijuana, whether medicinal or recreational, has brought a new practice into the light that was formerly hidden from curious eyes. What is this unusual behavior? You’re right: it’s called development. For a long time, marijuana science was relegated to basements, backrooms, and other gloomy corners. Now, though, it has been brought into […]

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