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best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 2 Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

With cannabis culture increasingly embraced in social circles, those unfamiliar with the world of weed may experience unease. Similar to fashion trends, sports teams, and politics; there are intricate details to comprehend and proper etiquette one should abide by. It’s important for beginners to be knowledgeable about the marijuana scene but it also helps if they have quality smoking accessories that add some confidence and elevate their indulgence experience. That’s why we put together an exclusive list of products tailored specifically for you and your peers so that you can take away any guesswork from smoking – let us help make things more chill!

Infinity Airtight Storage Jars

If your friend is no longer living in a restrictive household, give him the gift of modernity and upgrade his weed-storage system. Instead of baggies tucked away in a shoebox, he can enjoy neat little jars that keep strains fresh, secure behind airtight seals without looking unsightly or garish. He’ll be sure to thank you!

Hammertone Serving/Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are more than just a place to help streamline your joint-rolling process. If you know someone who’s always spilling weed or has nowhere else to properly store it, gifting them this elegant one from Tetra will be like granting them a wish! Not only is it robust enough for everyday use but its beautiful design will create an even lovelier patina with each passing year.

Bloom Farms Highlighter

For your Californian friends (although their influence is growing exponentially), Bloom Farms manufactures some of the best cannabis oil that we’ve ever sampled. Their Highlighter vapor pen, complete with USB charger and 500mg cartridge of Sativa, Indica or Hybrid oil, is an uncomplicated device to use. Furthermore, its luxurious design and packaging stands out from other products in this field; on top of all that goodness – for every product sold they donate a meal to a family in need!

best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts for 2022

The Peak Smart Dab Rig

Trying to navigate the world of dab rigs can be a daunting task. From high temperatures, to concentrated extracts and the same problems that come with traditional water pipes – there’s so much uncertainty! Fortunately for you, investing in an intelligent rig is one surefire way to craft your experience into something more reliable. With digitally-controlled heat and plenty of sensors monitoring it all, you don’t have to worry about vaporizing essential terpenes at any unnecessary time; allowing for what will truly become an enjoyable journey each and every time..

G Slim Ground Material Pen

We have long been admirers of the convenience offered by a one-hitter. Yet, as technology continues to advance, so too do our thoughts about it. That’s why we now reach for the G Slim Ground Material – an oil pen rig with a heating coil specifically designed to toast flower without having to ignite anything! Best yet, a starter kit costs $14 and replacement heads cost only $5 (which makes sense since they can be tricky enough to clean multiple times). Isn’t that great?

The Original Stash Bag

This airtight, odor-proof bag with specially designed zippers is perfect for cannabis enthusiasts who are on the go. Its muted colors blend in seamlessly with other items in your backpack or suitcase and keep all the wonderful aromas of freshly acquired bud contained within the bag. This makes it a great choice for transporting as well as storing!

RAW Pre-Rolled Cones

From varying degrees of skill to the hassle that comes with rolling joints, these pre-rolled cones are a great solution! Even if you consider yourself an expert joint roller, it’s still a thoughtful gift for everyone around you who constantly has to ask. Save time and effort by gifting pre-rolled cones today!

Balance Pipe

Introducing the Balance Pipe: a stylish, high-performance smoking device for your friends who appreciate architecture and weed. This pipe is carefully engineered to achieve perfect weight distribution without tipping or spilling; it’s also made with premium materials that won’t overheat! Plus, its beautiful design looks great when left out on any coffee table.

Aura Waterpipe

Aura is a revolutionary water pipe crafted by the greatest stoner-engineers. It boasts an impressive array of features such as being easy to clean, simply designed and incredibly durable. Whether it’s for your friend who’s broken pieces laying around, someone with complex glassware that’s unnecessarily hard to maintain or just a casual smoker intimidated by intricate pipes – Aura is perfect!

Vessel Ash

If you’re a tech-savvy weed lover, Vessel’s selection of smokeware is an absolute must! For instance, this three-piece ashtray seamlessly blends in with any interior design scheme. No matter the style of your home or office space – from modern to classic – it will be sure to look great and provide a convenient place for all your smoking needs. Don’t miss out on its chic look combined with top quality craftsmanship – check it out today!

Sophie Lou Jacobsen for Tetra Valet Stand

Sophie Lou Jacobsen and Tetra have crafted an utterly remarkable vape stand that you simply must add to your wishlist! This piece is designed at the perfect angle for oil cartridges, but even nonsmokers will appreciate its versatility as a phone holder, pen/pencil organizer or hands-free iPad shelf. Allow this incredible item from Sophie Lou Jacobsen and Tetra to be the highlight of any room in your home!

Buddy One-Hitter $30

This portable and discreet one-hitter is the perfect accessory for anyone. It has an eye-catching matte black finish with a sleek anodized aluminum body, and it even comes with an odorless Mylar bag and childproof plastic carrying case. But that’s not all – you can also customize your little friend in up to 30 characters for only $5 extra! Kassia Graham, director of national projects at Cannaclusive says this device is “a much needed update” so why not upgrade today?

Elevate Jane Mimi

The Mimi from Elevate Jane is the epitome of sophistication, making a bold statement without too much effort. According to Graham, you’ll love displaying it even when not in use! Meeks further commends its modern design and two percolators, resulting in flavorful hits with no harshness. If water pipes are your giftee’s preference of choice – then look no further than The Mimi!

Bubble Bowl Ashtray

Don’t let your weed experience be overshadowed by an inferior ashtray – upgrade to these spectacular 3D-printed bowls from Tetra! Not only do they provide a brilliant splash of color, but their deep design allows for easy collection and simple cleaning. You don’t have to settle for the average anymore; treat yourself with something that will elevate your smoking sessions every time.

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics

Warren Bobrow’s Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics is a revolutionary book that offers an introduction to the edible cannabis culture. It provides clear instructions on how to create balanced drinks crafted with cannabis. Whether your loved one needs it for medicinal or recreational use, they will find this volume life-changing if they are fond of having a good drink!

Cali Crusher Grinder

Forget about cards and pill bottles, the Cali Crusher’s four-piece system is here to save the day! With this grinder, crushing tons of material becomes effortless. Not only do its pieces lock together perfectly but it also features well-designed screws that never get clogged by excess material. Moreover, we can vouch for how amazing it performs as we’ve tested several grinders in our lifetime – none was stronger than this one! All those seeking an ideal item to crush up weed should consider getting the Cali Crusher without a doubt.

Green Jay Single Tube

Your cannabis-loving friend will definitely be grateful for this awesome gift. Better than a stocking stuffer during the holidays, the Green Jay Single Tube is an effective child-lock style tube that guards your perfectly rolled joint from outside elements and prevents any strong odors from escaping. Not to mention it’s available in multiple colors so you can add some extra flair!

Equilibria Pineapple Dragonfruit Daily Gummies

If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence, try Equilibria’s organic gummies. Infused with a delightful 10 milligrams of hand-harvested full-spectrum CBD, each bite is bursting with tropical pineapple and dragonfruit flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack

When we inquired AD’s editorial team on their go-to product for the holiday season, commerce editor Rachel Fletcher revealed that Dad Grass’ organic blends are her favorite. Not only does it provide a clearheaded mellow feel but they also recently released the Dad Grass x George Harrison collection as an ode to late singer with its unique blend of CBD and CBG hemp flower in joint form.

Weed: The User’s Guide

David Schmader, the recent speaker of a TEDx talk discussing how to move past the stoner stereotype, has written an entertaining and comprehensive guide on cannabis. In this book he covers everything from weed’s history to its legality while also educating his readers in topics like making homemade bongs and understanding THC metabolism. Plus, you can find advice for what steps are necessary if your marijuana experience isn’t as pleasant as expected! With all these informative pieces in one resourceful place – it is no wonder why ‘Consider This The Modern Man’s Instruction Manual For Marijuana’ is such a popular choice among users around the world!

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