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best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 11 The Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts For 2023

The Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts For 2023

As we inch closer towards the holiday season of 2022, cannabis has become more and more accepted in mainstream society. Those who use it can now find a chic way to show their enthusiasm for this vice without compromising on style or having to detract from the beauty of their home. To make everyone involved satisfied with your purchases during this special time of year, here’s a list that’ll bring joy!

A Weed Is a Flower

The incredibly striking difference between raw cannabis and a jar of flowers is really astonishing – and Broccoli magazine encapsulates this magnificence in their recent photo book, with exquisite marijuana photography captured on the pages of an elegant hardcover. Published towards the end of last year, it’s one not to miss! Invigorate any coffee table with images of slender stalks, graceful palmate leaves and serrated leaflets. Titled as an ode to Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s 1911 poem (“A weed is but an unloved flower”), this book unveils its 168 pages of astonishing photographs that highlight the impressive beauty of weeds. Fusing Japanese ikebana art with cannabis, the collection showcases delicate arrangements alongside tansy, chamomile and bird of paradise plants. As well as X-Ray cyanotypes and close-ups depicting pollinator insects on bowed leaves for a stunning visual experience!

But the pièce de résistance? The creative photographs of smoking joints and funny mother nature scenes showing off lady slippers alongside pitcher plants – can you imagine Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors as an honorary stoner?

Køl 2.0 pipe

In 2021, Høj debuted their all-minimalist Danish design and revolutionary blend of technology and innovation. Their signature product – the Køl 2.0 pipe – is a 6 inch aerodynamic piece crafted from two matte black aluminum chunks connected by rare earth magnets to provide users with one-of-a kind vaping experiences! This sleek Scandinavian creation offers exclusive performance that will have you outshining others in no time.

By splitting this pipe in two, you can witness the awe-inspiring vortex shape and textured surface inspired by mako sharks up close. Together, these elements effectively cool down smoke whilst trapping any impurities from combusting cannabis more proficiently than screens would alone.

Constructed from titanium-coated stainless steel, the Køl Mini 2.0 pipe provides an optimal smoking experience with its two extra screens. For a sleeker version of this fantastic design, check out Klip’s grinder – equipped with sharpened blades made of stainless steel to carefully cut through your cannabis flower rather than just shred it apart!

best cannabis holiday gifts for 2022 31 The Best Cannabis Holiday Gifts For 2023

Substance mini joints

Sharoz Makarechi presents Substance—a revolutionary cannabis brand based in Venice, California that advocates for social justice. Their motto? “Reparations through Cannabis.” Within their boxes you will find twelve mini pre-rolled joints (.28 gram) which provide the ideal one smoke experience. Given its unique offerings and dedication to a noble cause, it is no surprise that Substance is becoming increasingly popular within the cannabis industry. To make this collection even more stylish, Sinclair Chase Korte graced each box with her stunning watercolor art. You can find a variety of designs from powerful clenched fists to peaceful peace signs or even the iconic Vulcan salute as an ode to ‘live long and prosper!’

Furthermore, to represent the 8 minutes and 46 seconds George Floyd spent fighting for his life beneath a policeman’s knee, an astounding $8.46 of each purchase will be donated towards Impact/Justice in order to create meaningful change throughout the world by eliminating mass incarceration.

Cannabis botanical illustration art print

Goldleaf, a Cincinnati-based design company that specializes in cannabis journals and reference cards, has released this exclusive print expertly illustrated by Nathan Maggard. Combining modern flair with the classic hand drawn botanical illustrations of days past, this artwork is printed on premium archival paper right here in America! Available in two sizes – 18×24 inches or 24×36 inches – don’t miss out on your chance to own one today!

Concentrate storage case

Whitney Beatty, founder and CEO of Josephine & Billie’s dispensary in Los Angeles, dreamed up Apothecarry with the mission to abolish cannabis concealment. Her exceptional humidor-like lock boxes were crafted to showcase marijuana products elegantly yet store them securely and remain fresh at all times. Apothecarry has revolutionized the marijuana industry with its sophisticated interiors and meticulous craftsmanship, waving goodbye to old shoeboxes! The Dabney product by Beatty is additionally taking users’ dabbing experiences to a whole new level. This classy wooden case comes in an arresting design and contains 24 crystal clear jars made from food-safe materials – ideal for all kinds of waxes, shatters, crumbles and oils that adoring concentrate aficionados desire.This powerful box packs all the necessary tools you need to create a captivating concentrate experience. To add extra flare, it also features an LED light board embedded into the lid – powered by a 9V battery that will last for as long as needed – guaranteed!

The Billie bubbler

As soon as we laid eyes on the Billie (a marvelous combination of bong, bubbler and bud vase), we immediately turned into fans. That’s why it made sense for us to include this item in our cannabis gift guide. Crafted with love by five incredibly skilled women based at their Kansas City studio, these one-of-a-kind earthenware pipes, chillums, and bongs are all the rage right now! It’s no surprise that CEO Riley Brain is so fond of her creation – its unique features speak volumes about its quality! Jump ahead of the holiday rush and shop for your loved ones this season with our 7-inch glazed smoking device! It comes in exciting colors like moss, lilac, pearl and canyon shades – equipped with a concealed downstem and side carb that makes it nearly impossible to tell what it is. With only four tiny holes as clues to its true purpose, you can rest assured knowing your presents will be discreetly delivered right on time – order before December 15th for standard shipping or until the 21st if you need expedited delivery!

Houseplant Ashtray Set by Seth

If you’re looking for something special to spice up your home decor, then check out this exclusive three-piece set crafted by the talented Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Cannabis connoisseur Rogen has created an exquisite glazed earthenware ashtray that can accommodate all kinds of ashes – it’s even twice as tall as a sake cup! This unique design will surely draw attention in any setting. Elevate the sophistication of your living room with this remarkable trio today! This superbly designed ashtray is equipped with a gracefully curved notch in its lip, perfectly suited for holding your joint while rolling it. The accompanying saucer can serve as extra storage area or another trinket – and if that wasn’t enough, this magnificent set also includes an exquisite bud vase to give the ultimate wow factor! This ornate piece deserves nothing less than being showcased front-and-centre in any home decor setup.

Marley Natural walnut and glass bubbler

Marley Natural is a distinguished name in the world of smoking accessories for its curated selection of top-grade, aesthetically pleasing products. Standing out among them all is their Bob Marley tribute bubbler – an artfully crafted combination of handblown borosilicate glass and sustainably sourced black walnut wood that pays homage to reggae great, Bob Marley! Established back in 2016 as part of the family legacy from the legendary musician, this brand continues to be a mark for quality and fashionable lifestyle today. The amalgamation of science and comfort yields a top-notch lighter or writing implement that’s both reliable and luxurious. Best yet, it disassembles easily for quick cleaning so you can savor its beauty with each use.

Puffco Proxy

Puffco, the Los Angeles-based business that revolutionized dabbing with their one of a kind Peak vaporizer are back with an even more incredible product! Introducing a modular cannabis consumption system in an exceedingly stylish device inspired by Steampunk. It’s about the same size and shape as a film canister and allows for easy transition between multiple mouthpieces that resemble glass pipes from long ago -an awesome amalgamation of antiquated yet modern design! The Puffco team has crafted something remarkable – prepare for your dabbing experience to be elevated like never before! They have revolutionized the cannabis game and everyone is ecstatic. The company decided to join in on all of the excitement around after-market glass for their Peak, so they created a distinct 3D heating chamber that distributes heat evenly throughout concentrates from all sides as well as bottom – giving you an unparalleled smoothness with each draw. Not only that, but you can quickly replace the flower bowl (sold separately) onto its base so you can savor your flowers just like Sherlock Holmes! The Puffco experience is one of a kind – once you try it, there’s no going back!

Rose Los Angeles X Nünchi CDB edibles

Rose Los Angeles, a celebrated THC-infused Turkish delight brand, has recently partnered with Lexie Park and her company Nünchi. Her jelly cakes have been featured at the high-end restaurant Chifa as well as on projects for Nike, Skims and The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show. This partnership brings two limited edition seasonal flavors infused with CBD to life in eye catching boxes overflowing with bubbles. In tribute to bubble tea, Nünchi Boba Mixed Citrus Oolong marries the flavors of oranges, grapefruits and lemons from Bernard Ranch with bergamot and Ruby Oolong Tea from Song Tea in San Francisco. Topping off this remarkable blend is Elli-Hou Farms’ Silver Haze flower rosin. Indulge your senses with Nünchi Strawberry Jasmine Boba, comprised of Sour Lifter flower rosin from a reliable farm, Song Tea’s Snow Jasmine green tea and Chino Farms’ Albion and Mara De Bois strawberries. These THC-free ingredients can be conveniently shipped to most states in the US for rapid delivery!

Floral-print vaporizer battery

As the age-old adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. That’s certainly true for Los Angeles’ House of Tyne – a cannabis brand created by entrepreneur Ralina Shaw when she was unable to find stylish vaping accessories. Instead of going down an entirely new path with her signature product – rechargeable vaporizer batteries fitting 510-thread vape cartridges – Shaw has blended eye-catching aesthetics into this already existing solution.Introducing two chic and unique designs – Flora, with its striking tropical wallpaper-inspired pattern, and Posh Pink in a soothing dusty rose hue. Both styles are sure to make quite an impression!

You can make a lasting positive difference in our community by contributing to the Los Angeles Times Community Fund! Your tax-deductible contribution could help support literacy programs and local charities, benefiting both The Times as well as Greater L.A. Imagine all the good you can do with your generosity – together we have the power to create real change!

Monogram OG Handroll

Don’t dismiss the idea of shelling out $50 for a 1.5 gram pre-rolled joint as a gift for that special cannabis lover in your life! This isn’t just any old joint; it’s from Jay-Z’s luxury cannabis brand Monogram, designed with cigar smoking experience in mind. The superior OG handroll is housed within an exquisite matte black tube with a screw cap lid and stands apart from anything else you can find on the market today! Monogram’s signature approach to joint rolling is second-to-none. Their experienced roller, DeAndre Watson has perfected a technique that ensures each cannabis flower they use will be broken down with precision before being individually rolled into an exceptionally slow burning joint – similar to the luxurious experience of smoking a premium cigar! By taking this extra step in their methodology, you’ll have access to joints that can last for multiple sessions and create an unforgettable experience every time.

Session Goods pipe

This refined and elegant pipe is truly one-of-a-kind! Its black tinted borosilicate glass cone shape, complete with strategic dimples to create an ash catcher near the mouthpiece, carburetor, and bowl makes it a masterpiece. And its silicone carrying sleeve ensures your packed bowl won’t suffer any mess or spillage during transport. Plus you can attach the included bent metal loop through the narrower end of the sleeve for added convenience; transforming it into a discreet looking keychain in moments! With this incredible piece at your side weed smoking has never been easier.

Vessel ashtray

Carlsbad’s Vessel presents a three-piece ashtray and storage caddy, combining the ultimate essence of Midcentury Modern design with timelessness. Its solid white concrete square, weighing four pounds and featuring a spherical indentation in its center as well as two notched corners for convenience, is paired with an effortlessly sliding walnut wood slab – enabling this piece to remain stylish despite modern trends! This beautiful walnut accessory, designed to coordinate with the company’s other smoking supplies yet also ideal for matches, lighters, and pre-rolled joints or herbs is divided into three sections. Its customized fit fits perfectly in an ashtray base allowing you to have a fashionable sesh without taking up too much space on your coffee table.

Flora Nero hash globe

Eli and Anna Peer’s design house, Flora Nero (which translates to “black flower”, paying homage to Eli’s love of hashish), has released its first collection this year. The highly anticipated debut line is Other_Worldly, designed by renowned creative director Marc Thorpe. Built with aluminum, glass, and wood to evoke the Space Race era aesthetics, this series of pieces is guaranteed to astound you. Especially noteworthy among them is the Hash Globe – a unique hash-under-glass smoking method that will surely leave your breathless! Treat yourself to the ultra luxurious designs of Flora Nero’s cannabis accessories and you won’t regret it! This unique set includes a handblown smoky grey glass globe with an easily removable anodized aluminum mouthpiece that radiates a futuristic Sputnik-like vibe. The open bottom limit of the sphere, meanwhile, sits on top of an additional alluring aluminum base containing a tapered spike in its center. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a kind device! If you want your upcoming party to be one for the books, incorporate this unique hash set! All that’s needed is a dry-sift hash and a small flame – once lit, simply replace the glass chamber with its cleverly included tiny stopper. What results? A mesmerizing smoke show sure to leave all of your guests talking about it long after they’ve left. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable night by not having this must-have item at your next soiree!

Rogue Paq Personal-Petal Poppy ashtray

This impressive, Hollywood Regency design-inspired brass flower is more than just beautiful. In addition to being an eye-catching centerpiece for a coffee table, the five removable poppy petals can be taken out to serve as personal ashtrays – perfect for those solo smoking sessions. Plus, the five brass stamens perform double duty as tampers, bowl cleaners and pokers! With all of these features combined into one piece of decorum it’s no wonder why this flower has become such a popular choice.

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