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cannabis effects how weed affects your mind and body 22 Cannabis Effects Guide

Cannabis Effects Guide

With cannabis becoming more popular, you may feel pressure to try it. However, we understand if you’re apprehensive about being high. If you are considering trying weed though, it’s important to know how THC affects your mind and body so that you can have a pleasant experience. We’ll break down how it feels to get […]

mixing cannabis and tobacco 26 Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco Guide

Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco Guide

Have you noticed the word “moke” being used lately, in the media and among young people? If so, you might have wondered, what is a moke? Moke is a term for a mix of marijuana and tobacco, typically smoked with a bong, or water pipe. Mixing weed with tobacco is more common in Europe, Australia, […]

cannabis cultivation beginners guide 4 Cannabis Cultivation Beginner’s Guide

Cannabis Cultivation Beginner’s Guide

Growing weed is super easy—it’s called “weed” for a reason—so don’t worry if you haven’t grown anything before. Our clear, easy-to-digest guide will help growers of all kinds, especially first-time ones. Whether indoors or outdoors, growing marijuana is fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and takes a certain amount of patience, time, […]

crossfaded 7 Crossfaded: Drunk and High at the Same Time

Crossfaded: Drunk and High at the Same Time

Whether you enjoy alcohol or prefer nature’s greatest bud, you’ve undoubtedly overindulged in your preferred stuff at least once in your life. While it is acceptable to exceed guidelines from time to time, doing so almost always leads to some unpleasant side effects, and in the worst cases, deadly outcomes. The combination of alcohol and […]

rolling tray 12 About Rolling Trays and Ways to Use Them

About Rolling Trays and Ways to Use Them

Having a place to store all your joint rolling accessories is great, but having a space that is also neat, organized and offers a clean surface to work on is even better. If you have been using a plate or magazine as your work surface in the past, then this product is for you. Although […]

Dry Sift Hash 5 Dry Sift Hash Guide

Dry Sift Hash Guide

Making dry sift hash at home is quite simple if you have the proper tools. Dry sift hash, like kief, requires a mesh filter to obtain the highest-quality material that may be dabbed, smoked, or used to make edibles. The easiest and safest concentrates to make at home are dry sift hash and kief. The […]

whats the difference between dabbing and vaping 13 Cannabis Basics: Dabbing and Vaping

Cannabis Basics: Dabbing and Vaping

Dabbing and vaping are two popular methods of consuming cannabis in today’s environment. Both techniques have their own set of advantages, making them among the most common means to consume cannabis nowadays. Though the classic joint has been around for decades, there are now much better ways to consume cannabis that are stealthier, healthier and […]

best hybrid strains Best Hybrid Strains

Best Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are made by crossing sativa kinds with indica kinds. In reality, the majority of cannabis plants are hybrids because there are only a few pure sativa and indica strains available. The word “strains” can be confusing, as a single type of cannabis from one part of the world might grow in both sativa-like […]

how to smoke weed 10 How to Smoke Weed

How to Smoke Weed

Yes, believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to smoke weed. To make sure you’re doing it the correct way and to avoid any awkward situations, we’ve gone ahead and put together some tips on proper smoking etiquette. We’ll also teach you how to avoid coughing after taking a big hit […]

bhang 9 Bhang Health Benefits

Bhang Health Benefits

The leaves, buds, and flowers of the female cannabis or marijuana plant are combined to form bhang. It has been used in India as a religious sacrament and medical therapy for centuries. In India, it is a component of Hindu religious traditions, rituals, and holidays, including the well-known spring celebration Holi. It has been used […]

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