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does eating mango get you higher 32 Does Eating Mango Get You Higher?

Does Eating Mango Get You Higher?

Could something as savory and simple as a mango truly amplify the effects of marijuana? Even though it may seem unbelievable, this phenomenon has been experienced by many cannabis users – confirming that sometimes reality can be even more peculiar than fiction! So how exactly do mangoes influence your high? And what’s the easiest way to use them to enhance your cannabis experience? To answer all these questions (and more!), we are exploring everything you need to know about combining marijuana with mangos. Get ready for an extraordinary ride!

How Does the Mango and Marijuana Combination Work?

Many individuals note that eating mango prior to using cannabis amplifies the effects, making them feel more rapidly and intensely, while also prolonging the duration of these sensations. Such anecdotal reports repeatedly state this same experience among consumers of marijuana. Thus it’s worth considering trying this hack out yourself!

The reason why so many people claim that mangoes increase the effects of marijuana is still not backed by hard evidence since no clinical studies have been conducted to verify it. Nevertheless, there’s a popular theory among cannabis users which stipulates that this effect occurs because mangoes contain large amounts of myrcene – a terpene present in marijuana too. While we don’t yet know definitively if or how it works, more research may soon uncover its influence on experience with cannabis.

Have you ever heard of terpenes? If not, these are essential aromatic compounds that can be observed in a wide array of plants, including cannabis. It is their presence that gives the different strains of weed their distinctive aromas and flavors. Not only do they contribute to the sensory experience but it’s believed they could also have healing properties as well! Each strain has its own particular blend and ratio of terpenes; thus creating varied fragrances profiles which further differentiate them from one another.

Myrcene, the most prevalent cannabis terpene and abundant in mangoes, is likely to possess health-promoting properties. Unfortunately, research on cannabis terpenes still lags behind; however, myrcene has been extensively examined out of all its counterparts.

Numerous studies indicate myrcene has various health benefits and potential uses. One animal study uncovered that myrcene can act as a muscle relaxant, while another discovered it might be able to hinder the cancer-causing properties of certain molds found in food. A multitude of tests on animals additionally suggest anti-inflammatory effects from this compound. Moreover, research suggests that sedative qualities attributed to hops and lemon grass are due in part to their high levels of myrcene.

Have researchers conducted studies affirming that myrcene terpenes boost the effects of cannabis? Not precisely. Generally, when individuals suggest that this is valid, they’re making an inference based on numerous other investigations regarding different things which myrcene may achieve.

does eating mango get you higher 31 Does Eating Mango Get You Higher?

When discussing the potential benefits of myrcene-enhanced cannabis, two topics consistently arise – its effects on the blood-brain barrier and cannabinoid receptors.

Some believe that myrcene increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), thus allowing for faster THC absorption into our bodies. This theory may be derived from a 2009 study showing how myrcene can increase transdermal absorption; however, there have been no studies yet to demonstrate its effect on the BBB specifically.

Myrcene is said to amplify the effects of THC on CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, giving some credence to this statement. In 2014, a study concluded that terpenes have an effect on CB1 activation; however, further research needs conducted before we can fully understand how this happens.

Recent studies exploring the relationship between myrcene and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) have generated much interest. It is possible that myrcene could affect cannabis, but further research is needed to fully understand its interaction with cannabis components such as THC and CBD, along with the ECS.

Though science has yet to explain the link between mangoes and cannabis effects, many users are convinced that this connection exists. This notion is something that’s commonly accepted in the cannabis community. To clarify how they interact with each other, we must wait for researchers to further investigate; however, if you wish to test it out on your own time, why not give it a go? Perhaps then you can discover what others have already experienced!

How To Use a Mango to Boost Your Cannabis High

If you want to use a mango as an enhancer for your marijuana high, here is what other users have found works the best.

If you want to achieve the best results when combining marijuana and mangoes, then experts generally recommend eating one or two of them roughly an hour before using cannabis. However, it’s worth noting that if your metabolism is slower than average, it may be better to wait closer to two hours before indulging in both activities.

When it comes to selecting the right mango, fresh is always better than dried since it contains more essential nutrients and myrcene. Unsure of how to best enjoy this tropical fruit? Scoop out its juicy flesh with a spoon, cut into cubes for snacks or salads, or even blend them into an invigorating smoothie!

Additional Benefits of Eating Mango Before Using Cannabis

Beyond potentially augmenting the effects of cannabis, Mango is a highly beneficial food. It’s full of water, dietary fiber, and digestive enzymes; all perfect for improving your gut health and serving as an optimal companion to cannabis edibles. Similarly noteworthy is its abundance in essential vitamins such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6 and A – making it a valuable addition to any meal!

You can’t go wrong with mangos! Not only do they taste delicious and are a great addition to your cannabis-infused routine, but these tropical fruits are also full of antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and may even support immune health, heart health, eye health and hair & skin health. It’s truly one of those situations where you get the best of both worlds – enhanced effects from cannabis plus amazing nutritional benefits from mangoes.

Have you ever felt like your cannabis use is making it a little too easy to reach for snacks? You’re not alone! Mango could offer relief. These juicy treats contain high levels of water and fiber, which makes them both low in calories and filling, so even though they are nutrient-rich, they don’t contribute many extra calories. A lot of people who have tried using mango to enhance their high also report that the fruit helps control cravings while suppressing overeating – sounds pretty perfect!

Should You Try Mangoes and Weed Together?

Cannabis consumers regularly attest that mangoes can amplify the effects of marijuana, so why not give it a go? If you love cannabis and mangoes on their own, blending them together carries no risk. In fact, many people say eating mango prior to using marijuana helps intensify its effects while making the whole experience more exciting due to introducing something new into their routine. So if that sounds interesting to you, consider adding some juicy sweetness with a mango and observe how your body responds!

Final Thoughts

To conclude our exploration of marijuana and mangoes, we invite you to contact us if there are any queries. We take pride in assisting our customers by responding promptly to their questions and supplying them with the cannabis product that is perfect for their requirements, experience level, as well as desired outcomes.

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