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Platinum Cake, aka Platinum Cheesecake and”Platinum Cheese Cake, is a Platinum OG and Wedding Cake hybrid marijuana strain that creates powerful physical effects. This strain has a strong body high that makes you feel very calm and euphoric. Consumers have claimed that the impacts of this strain arrive swiftly and can at times be hazy. The effects of Platinum Cake become sedative over time, making it ideal for nighttime usage.

The scent of Platinum Cake is earthy and delectable, with undertones of dried fruit. Patients who use medical marijuana love this strain to help relieve chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and inflammation symptoms. This variety’s beautiful buds are glistening with trichomes and have a purple tint that runs through them. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or eaten Platinum Cake, leave a review telling us about your experience.

The Platinum Cake strain is a Sativa strain with an earthy, woody flavor. It’s perfect for people searching for an Indica variety that avoids the flower’s typical sweet and berry characteristics.

Platinum Cake Strain Appearance

The name Platinum Cake accurately describes the plant. When you open a bag of the Platinum Cake strain, its brilliant purple trichomes pique your attention right away. Breaking these thick buds apart crackles and exposes lovely lime and green leaves with golden pistils. This strain’s beautiful appearance will urge your body to smoke as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that Platinum Cake’s glossy resin will stick to your fingertips while working with it. If you have a kief collector on hand, Moon Rocks is a hard-hitting smoking experience.

Platinum Cake Strain Genetics

Platinum Cake is the result of House Genetics’ potent Indica qualities of Wedding Cake combined with Platinum’s pungent and earthy terpene profile, resulting in a powerful terpene profile with subtle undertones of vanilla and dirt.

Wedding Cake has grown in popularity for its ability to alleviate pain, sleeplessness, and hunger loss among parents due to their sedative effects. Platinum OG is also excellent for resin extraction since it has a thick trichome layer and a high THC concentration. It’s also helpful when it comes to anxiety, discomfort, and stress problems.

THC Content

The 20-23 percent THC level in the Platinum Cake strain is high when it comes to relaxation and hazy feelings. Experienced smokers have difficulties forming words while indulging in this unusual delicacy, so novice users should make sure they’re ready for the big high of Platinum Cake.

Platinum Cake Strain Effects

After a long day, curl up on the sofa with your Platinum Cake buds and unwind. After the first puff, you’ll feel high beginning to overcome your mind, with a hazy sensation gradually taking over to offer you pleasure.

The higher you smoke, the more your body will receive from this strain. Your limbs will become calm, and the stress of the day will go away, to be replaced with pleasant waves that might feel numb. Furthermore, performing this medication may lead to being immobile on the couch, making it perfect for watching TV or just lounging about.

The Platinum Cake strain’s sedative and high THC concentration may help with headaches, anxiety, inflammation, and pain in medical marijuana patients.

Platinum Cake Strain Reported Flavors

We appreciate cannabis for its positive qualities, but there’s no doubting that each strain has a distinct terpene profile. Linalool, myrcene, and limonene were combined to develop the Platinum Cake strain’s unique scent profile and taste variations from other Indica strains.

The first hit is earthy and woody, with notes of pine and Kush. The vanilla, cake-like taste, and traces of pepper wrap around your mouth as you exhale, providing you comfort after a long day.

Platinum Cake Strain Growing Information

Resin-coated buds are highly appreciated by growers. However, growing this marijuana strain isn’t simple, and seasoned farmers may be the only ones to succeed with it.

The Platinum Cake strain buds mature in 7-8 weeks and grow tall plants with flowers on both the inside and outside of the plant. You may notice kief-coated buds with brilliant color hues of purple, green, or lime when the plant is healthy.

At any rate, sweets at the end of the day have been proven to improve mood. If you can’t try the Platinum Cake strain, you may still enjoy nature with other strains.

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