Pink Jet Fuel AAAA+ *Indica*


Regular menu item. This strain is a indica-dominant and produces a diesel smell.*$20 delivery fee on orders under $60* *$10 delivery fee on orders under $80*

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The Pink Jet Fuel is a stunner and stinky hybrid produced by combining the well-known diesel strain Aspen OG and the skunky High Country Diesel is known. You will undoubtedly sense its effects. Because it contains 27 to 30 percent (THC) of THC, you’ll feel it! Uplifting, energizing moods are followed by a very relaxing state of mind. She’s stuffed to the brim with snowy trichromes, and she’s gorgeous! Expect a strong diesel scent with an earthy undertone. You can buy Pink Jet Fuel AAAA+ Indica at our online store.


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