Walts Cactus Breath Five Star Organic LSO Exotic *Hybrid*


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Cactus Breath is a cross between the popular Cactus and Mendo Breaths (50% indica/50%) developed through a strong mating of the classic Cactus and Mendo varieties. Cactus Breath has a THC level of 17-21%, making it ideal for any patient looking to relax and unwind. You’ll feel extremely calm throughout, with a lifted sense of euphoria filling your thoughts while leaving your body light as air from start to end. You can buy Walts Cactus Breath Five Star Organic LSO Exotic *Hybrid* at our online store.

The second type of bliss is an uplifting experience that leaves you feeling fuzzy and high. Even though your limbs are light, you will be dragged to the sofa and lifeless before you realize it. You won’t fall asleep in this condition; instead, you’ll be totally relaxed and out of it without any mental or bodily pains or aches. Cactus Breath’s effects help relieve chronic stress, sadness, tiredness, and migraines or headaches caused by tension.

The scent of this bud is pungent and earthy, much like the flavor. The green nuggets of Cactus Breath buds are big heart-shaped units with fuzzy amber hairs and a sprinkling of tiny white crystal trichomes.


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