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A cannabis concentrate produced with ice water would be the short, simple answer to the question “what is bubble hash?” It’s considered one of the best forms of solventless marijuana on the market today, with a THC concentration of up to 60 percent. While it isn’t as potent as wax and shatter, which have THC contents of 90%, it is cleaner and purer than any concentrate manufactured by using solvents like butane. You can buy Bubble Hash at our online store.

The name “bubble hash” derives from two factors. For one thing, when heated, the concentrate bubbles. Second, to separate the marijuana plant material from the cleaned trichomes it contains, you must use bubble bags. As you are no doubt aware, trichomes are tiny and resemble hazy mushrooms to signal that the cannabis is ready for harvest.

Bubble hash is a type of cannabis concentrate that comes from the trichomes on the plant’s buds. You can smoke bubble hash in a pipe, use a bowl, or have it in a joint. One-third of a gram is enough for most people to achieve their desired result.


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