Pink Gas *Indica*


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Pink Gas Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Finger-clamping sticky, the Pink Gas Marijuana strain is a necessity for each Indica fanatic. It’s not only because of its amazing gassy fragrance but also its high is substantial to the body.

A potent strain, even little tikes, can be overpowering for experienced smokers. It has a sweet, flowery bouquet that has a gaseous Kush finish. This strain is an excellent medical cure for people suffering from chronic pain because it’s known to relieve pain and aids in sleep. It’s perfect for night-time usage.

The Pink Gas strain is an Indica-prevailing hybrid weed with a somewhat shy demeanor. It produces super-powerful body effects and a saccharine and delicate flavour. No one is sure about the lineage of the Pink Gas strain, but it’s commonly believed to be related to OG Kush. It has a beautiful coloration and an intense high. This Marijuana is popular in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

This strain aims at satisfying you when it comes to THC, with an average of 29%. The strain has green nugs covered in pink pistils and sugary trichomes coating. This Strain’s taste and the smell have sweet berries, vanilla, and floral notes that stay satisfying.


The Pink Gas strain enables you to relax with a twist of happy giggles when it comes to getting high. When you use it, you’ll find that you’re immediately taken into a euphoric headspace because even the possibility of negative thinking is far away from your mind. You’ll feel as light as a feather and ponder how many hours your high will last as it gets deeper and deeper. The truth is that the high will last for a while. Remember that the Strain is known to produce munchies that won’t quit. Therefore, ensure that your kitchen is full of food or your local pizza supply chain is on speed dial.


Medical patients are usually interested in Pink Gas strain because of its overpowering body effects that work to fight nausea, physical pain, and migraines. It’s ideal for overcoming severe nervousness, stress, and anxiety. It’s an excellent way of calming yourself down and relishing a carefree day. If you smoke a suitable amount of the Pink Gas strain later in the evening, it’ll soothe you into a deep sleep. Besides, the relaxation effects of this strain help treat depression, insomnia and lack of appetite. They are also a remedy for Acute and chronic pain, inflammation, epileptic disorders, and muscle spasms.

Side Effects

Make sure you don’t take high doses as they can lead to psychotic disorders. Users can also have side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth. Novices should begin gradually because the overwhelming effects may lead to nervousness or dizziness.

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