These delicious truffles are jam-packed with a punch. Each box contains delectable goodies that taste exactly like your childhood favorites, but one difference. They’re doped with 600 milligrams of THC. When indulging in these delightful chocolates, pace yourself. You can buy Drolos – Edibles at our online store.

  • Contents: 600mg THC per bag | 20 candies per bag
  • Each Drolo Mini contains 30mg of THC

Krispy THC sweets, which are filled with 600mg of THC, are composed of high-quality cannabis and infused. This therapeutic treat delivers a strong, long-lasting buzz. It’s just like any other delicious dessert, only you’re stoned!

Always start with a tiny amount to determine your tolerance threshold.

Everything is thoroughly researched and tested in order to ensure safety and quality.


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