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The NY Kush strain is a relatively new variety of cannabis that has attracted a lot of attention since it was originally released in 2015. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with an unknown THC count and parentage, although it does have some Afghani heritage. It’s not the easiest marijuana to come by, but people who’ve tried it say that the high is tremendous. THC levels are anticipated to be 16-20 percent, although there are no lab tests available.

NY Kush is a lovely-looking strain, with bright green leaves and thick orange hairs. It has a strong sweet fragrance and is known to be a soft smoke with a pleasant flavor. The high is clearheaded, so this isn’t an Indica strain that will put you to sleep. However, it is considered to be a creeper, so take care when dealing with it. NY Kush offers an alert, energetic, and largely cerebral high due to its Indica dominance. Its odor is distinctive rather than unpleasant; nevertheless , it’s quite powerful and distinct

NY Kush is a potent Indica dominant strain that’s great for treating aches and pains, sleeplessness, anxiety, and eating issues. It’s also claimed to help with certain back problems based on personal experience. This strain isn’t often found in medical dispensaries. In modest doses, this stuff may be energizing, making it an excellent choice for daytime usage. When consumed in larger amounts, though, it will most certainly induce sleepiness.

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