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Bubba Monster is a 60% indica/40% sativa hybrid strain developed by crossing the original Pre-98 Bubba Kush X (Girl Scout Cookies X Yeti OG) strains. Thanks to its 23-25% average THC concentration, this famous descendant has a strong high that can knock even the most seasoned patients unconscious with just a few puffs.

The cerebral lift is the first stage in a three-step procedure: the first and most important step is to fill your mental atmosphere with incredible euphoria, displacing any dark thoughts with pure, dreamlike pleasure. You’ll soon discover yourself laughing uncontrollably as a cerebral stone settles in, leaving you cackling at everything around you.

The THC in Monster Bubba relaxes your muscles and helps you unwind. As your thoughts grow hazy, your body will begin to loosen up, and it will settle into a lightly relaxing state that keeps you connected to the world around you without making you drowsy. Because of its high THC concentration and these effects, Monster Bubba is said to be helpful for reducing hunger loss or nausea, sadness, chronic pain, migraines or headaches, and stress.

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