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Jungle Runtz is a 50/50 hybrid strain ( indica/sativa) created by combining the legendary White Fire #43 X Wedding Cake strains. Jungle Runtz is one hybrid that should not be taken lightly, thanks to its heavy high and long-lasting effects. The high begins gradually and lifts your mental state into pure euphoria and calmness. At times, you’ll be blissfully happy and completely oblivious to everything around you in this condition, prone to fits of giggles.

As your mind grows higher, your body will settle into a state of total relaxation and ease that won’t induce couch lock or sedation. The urge to eat follows soon after, prompting you to reach for anything edible in sight. Jungle Runtz is frequently used to alleviate problems such as hunger loss or nausea, chronic stress and mood swings, and depression due to these effects and its exceptionally high 30-33% average THC content.

The flavor of Jungle Runtz buds is sweet and sugary with undertones of marshmallow and nuttiness. The scent is extremely earthy and nutty, with a sugary fruity overtone that’s both sweet and spicy. Jungle Runtz buds have tight grape-shaped forest green nuggets covered in frosty thick white crystal trichomes with rounded soft yellow hairs.

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