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Afghan Habibi Afghan Habibi Review

Afghan Habibi Review

Learning how to smoke hash is a skill every cannabis enthusiast should know. You may not use it regularly, but it’s good to have the option in case you need or want to Smoke hash Knowing how to use cannabis in different forms is always useful, you never know when the scenario might present itself. […]

Cannabis microdosing 1 Cannabis Microdosing Guide

Cannabis Microdosing Guide

Microdosing cannabis allows you to reap the benefits of weed without hindering your productivity. You won’t get high (or maybe you will, but only a little bit), which means you can enjoy everything else the plant has to offer while remaining clearheaded and responsible. Microdosing cannabis can refer to taking small doses of THC and/or […]

understanding cannabis tolerance breaks 13 Understanding Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

Understanding Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

Tolerance breaks are when you give your body a hiatus from using cannabis. Although there is no scientific evidence to define how long this break should last, it has been shown that taking some time off can be beneficial in resetting cannabinoid receptors. Keep reading for tips on tolerance breaks from a doctor. Although “tolerance […]

rolling papers guide 14 Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Guide

Rolling Papers: The Ultimate Guide

indulging in some marijuana is more than just a way to pass the time; it’s an art form. Whether you joint, spliff, or blunt, taking your ganja is THE way to chill. Perfecting your joint rolling skills takes practice and precision.Make sure you have the best supplies, including high-quality weed and rolling papers that suit […]

weed and relationship does smoking weed affect relationships Weed and Relationship: How does Marijuana affect your Relationship?

Weed and Relationship: How does Marijuana affect your Relationship?

The effects of marijuana on relationships is often a very touchy subject. Some people believe that the two should never mix, while others swear by it. This article captures both sides of the story so that you can make an informed decision. For a relationship to be successful, it takes more than just love–trust and […]

cannabis in argentina 11 Cannabis in Argentina

Cannabis in Argentina

Argentines seeking to grow, carry, and consume cannabis can do so lawfully by registering for an exception. The law additionally permits locals to purchase certain kinds of cannabis seeds within the country’s updated framework. Continue reading to learn more. Argentina is a country with a rich history and culture. It is known for its steaks, […]

top 5 indoor strains 7 Find Top 5 Indoor Strains For You

Find Top 5 Indoor Strains For You

If you’re interested in growing marijuana for either personal or commercial use, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. Your climate and region can play a role in the type of strains that will grow best, as well as how you should go about planting them. Like anything else worth […]

legalisation in usa 14 Cannabis Legalisation in USA: Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

Cannabis Legalisation in USA: Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

In 1937, the United States government made cannabis illegal under federal law. The legislation was created by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) with help from its commissioner, Harry Anslinger. The FBN’s initial focus was to stop opium and heroin smuggling, but it also played a role in criminalizing weed through the Marijuana Tax Act […]

what is trichoderma What Is Trichoderma

What Is Trichoderma

Trichoderma is a type of fungi that often resides in soil cultures, but its true functions are still largely unknown. In this article we explore the potential benefits of Trichoderma for plants and living soil, as well as how it might form symbiotic relationships with the root zone and surrounding ecosystem. What Is Trichoderma? beneficial […]

How To Burp Weed 12 How to Burp Weed

How to Burp Weed

If you’re like me, you may not have heard of burping before. It’s a relatively new technique being used during the curing process that can apparently increase flavor and potency. I’ve only heard good things about it, so I think it would be beneficial to investigate what burping is, how it works, and how it […]

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