Tuna RS *Indica* – Flower


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Tuna RS Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid

The Green Organic Dutchman’s newest product is Tuna RS, a high-quality cannabis brand. This much-loved indica bud has earned a following due to its powerful strength, exquisite buds, and unique flavor profile that combines herbal undertones with the fragrance of sweet grapes and spicy herbs.

Tuna RS is a cross between two incredibly popular indica dominant strains, Tuna Kush and Rockstar. Its fragrance is reminiscent of its Tuna Kush parent, but with the great indica effects of both parents combined. Despite having illustrious parents, this indica-dominant strain has earned a reputation for delivering strong indica effects and sticky buds. If you enjoyed its parents, you’ll enjoy this one as well.


Tuna RS is a common strain among marijuana users. Users who smoke marijuana claim that after they take it, they get an initial head rush followed by a cerebral buzz that lifts their spirits. When you’re in a bad mood, this uplift in spirits can completely change things around. Your brain will be in a much better state of mind, and you’ll be happier as a result of it. Users who have the body buzz describe a sensation of euphoria washing over their entire bodies once it has fully entrenched. Users will be drowsy and want to stay seated at this time. If you’re looking for something to do, consider taking a seat and relaxing with some snacks nearby. Perhaps now is the moment to start watching a new film. This strain is best used at night.


It’s been a long wait, but Rockstar Tuna has arrived. It enters the area with beautiful, euphoric sentiments in line with kush. The high continues to settle in after a few minutes, soothing tension while relieving anxiety. It’s a mystical high that’s full and pleasing. When the high begins to fade and the burnout sets in, Tuna RS stands out significantly. Unlike other big names, the burnout isn’t harsh; it’s delicate, pleasant, and unlikely to keep you locked in your chair for too long.

Tuna RS is a potent medicinal cannabis strain that may be used to combat pain, nausea, and other physical conditions. Its powerful high can help to alleviate anxiety and discomfort while the mild burnout preserves cognitive and motor functions intact.

Taste and Smell

The flowers are bright and beautiful, with long leaves and a combination of light green and dark forest hues. The scent of the bud is lovely – fresh, fragrant, and with skunky undertones. It’s evident right away that Rockstar Tuna has been cultivated with great attention and expertise from the appearance as well as the fragrance.

This strain has a distinct flavor that is quite memorable. The smoke is thick and heavy, yet it’s easy to smoke due to its unique flavor. The skunky, earthy aroma tells you it’s a kush, but the clean, spicy aftertaste scares it away. This one combines indica and sativa characteristics into a unique flavor profile that is both familiar and striking at the same time.

Tuna RS Medical

This strain has been shown to assist with stress, anxiety, and pain in patients who use it for medicinal purposes. Users report feeling calm and relaxed almost immediately after smoking. This can assist with stress and any worry you’ve had up until now. Rockstar Tuna users claim to feel happier as a result of its euphoric and mood-lifting qualities. As a sedative, it may help with chronic pain because to its tranquility-inducing properties.

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